George Hutchence (Jupiter's Legacy)
Real Name
George Hutchence
Current Alias
Hutch (son); Jason (grandson);
Base Of Operations
New York City

Marital Status
Millionaire Socialite
College degree in Engineering
Mutated Human


George Hutchence was the son of a very wealthy father and also suffers from alcoholism, a trait he feels he inherited from his father, along with his mother's mental illness. George was one of the six founding members of the Union of Justice, who fought crime under the name of Skyfox. George also became the financial backer for the Union of Justice and then later for their junior group, the Teen Scene.

Also George was at one time the one-time best friend of Sheldon Sampson, but after they suffered a falling out their friendship ended.

George Hutchence Walter Sampson Rrunning.jpg

His relationship with his teammates is characterized by certain eccentricities, such as engaging Blue Bolt in a physical altercation over the latter's preference for Ernest Hemingway over James Joyce, and challenging Brainwave in a fencing match that sees the loser, Walter, run naked through Central Park, only for a nude George to then join Walter himself on the run.

Walter Sampson Penthouse.jpg

On another occasion, he has sidekicks telekinetically rip Walter's penthouse apartment out of its building and place it in Africa, an example of the "needling" Walter felt George had inflicted upon him since they were children.

The public sees Skyfox as the sex symbol of the team, and he famously has liaisons with a thousand women, though in 1960 he begins a relationship with a 26-year-old model named Sunny. When George proposes to Sunny, Sunny, who sees George as a fragile child at heart, declines, telling him that she cannot start a family with someone so immature. After she begins a relationship with Walter, George leaves his estate to Sheldon, cuts all ties with the team, ends his superhero career, and moves to Kentucky, where he lives incognito.

By 1965, George, has joined the Beatnik culture, and comes to believe that as a superhero, he was a pawn of the establishment, to the detriment of the underclass. During the Watts riots, George intervenes on behalf of rioters, dispatching police officers, and encouraging looters. He subsequently takes Vice President Hubert Humphrey hostage, refusing to release him until President Lyndon Johnson ends the Vietnam War. When Walter reveals to George that he, Walter, used his telepathy to make Sunny fall in love with him, George attacks Walter, after which he is subdued by the Union, and imprisoned, for which he bears a vendetta against Walter thereafter.

George has a son, Hutch, who does not have superhuman abilities, so George built a power rod for Hutch that would simulate George's own powers. The rod grants the user the ability to project repulsive energy, teleportation, and the ability to remotely control vehicles. By 2013, George is known as the greatest supervillain of all time, one whom Hutch says was thought of as a monster.

Later George was recruited by his son to join the resistance movement to liberate themselves from the superheroes who were running amok. George met Walter in personal combat and was killed by him.

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George Hutchence uses his ability to build weapons that he used when fighting superhuman threats. Among his designs are a special set of ear plugs that he wears that can block Walter's telepathic attacks. Both plugs must be worn to fully block such an attack, though wearing one allows Walter to paralyze the wearer's motor functions.


George lives in a mansion which has an underground cavern filled with various vehicles, devices and other artifacts related to his crime-fighting, at least until he quits the Union in 1962.

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