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Gharta of Daiir
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Gharta was an accomplished and well known eccentric wizardess from the wild savannas of Daiir. Together with her comrade and lover, Affa, she traveled the wold. Gharta came to the realization that magic was in decline and that the Autumnlands world be facing a calamity.

At the Grand Colluoy she presented her proposal to initiate a ritual with the combine power of a groups of wizards to whisk away the Great Champion to restore the power magic back to its prime. She was denied by First-In-Council Tallon, rejecting it as heresy.

Despite Tallon's rejection, several wizards secretly conversed with her and pledged to support her plan.

Gharta's supporters reconvened at Keneil, where they enacted the spell to transport the Great Champion through time.

Ghartas plan worked, however the spell ritual drained many of the floating cities spells, causing it to plummet to the plains below.[1]

The surviving conclave of wizards debated on the course of action and speculation of what they had summoned as their prize was contained in an emerald sphere. Gharta took the initiative to relieve their desolate situation, by directing them to call for assistance from the other neighboring cities. Just as the wizards had pooled what little magic they had into a message spell, the bison tribe of Seven Scars attacked.

After the citizens of Keneil were saved by the timely intervention of the freed human, Gharta instructed the survivors to take Great Champion so he may recuperate, taking position as leader. [2]

After the Steven T. Learoyd (The Autumnlands) awoke she attempted to question him about his role in opening the Gates of Magic. Unfortunately she learned only his name, as the rest of his memories had yet to resurface. After he refused to believe the gentelbings and their crisis was real, Gharta took it upon herself in organizing the survivors in calling for help and scavenging for supplies. Late at night with her dear friend Affa, she began to formulate a plan on defense. Learoyd seeing her efforts acquiesce to help the gentlebeings seeing it as it being his best interests to protect them.[3]

When a savage tribe of bats attacked the encampment Gharta proved instrumental in driving them away using their sense of hearing to the survivors of Keneil's advantage. However there were some deaths, leading Sandorst to publicly criticize her leadership, despite her initial warnings.

When Learyod returned from tracking the bats and locating a suitable defensive position, he and Gharta agreed to have the have the survivors rendezvous there should the bison appear.[4]

While Learyod took Dusty and a few of his friends outside the encampment, Sandorst launched a coup against Gharta, ordering her and Affa be taken into custody. When Sandorst attempted to force Learyod to submit using a Stun Bolt, he was visibly shocked while Gharta was intrigued at the human's immunity toward the spell. She and Affa were imprisoned ; Gharta despaired at their predicament and pleaded to Affa for forgiveness in her fool's quest. However Learyod appear above their cell, and promised to help them, however he did not elaborate frustrating the boar.[5]

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