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Glorianna was orphaned by marauders invaded her poor Norwegian farmhouse when she was only 7 years old. She was found by a man that would become her father figure & mentor named Wulfgar Olafsson. When Glori turned 18 she was informed that it was her destiny to bear the power of the Ember Stone. From that moment on, Glori's was trained in the highest-level academics to the most brutal fighting arts to prepare her for this burden.

In 2008 Glori finally finds and claims the Ember Stone. Upon placeing it around her neck and is immediately drawn to New York where the Trinity (Angelus, Darkness, Witchblade(s) are currently located). After the Curator bestows the Glacier Stone upon Michael Finnegan, The Ember Stone activates and Glorianna transforms herself into a dragon like beast. Her sole mission is to claim the other 12 artifacts and unite them.

During the battle she attempts to wrest the power of the Angelus from Celeste Wright only to find herself banished from the area and transported to the Circumpolar Arctic. She manages to find her way back to her mentor is more determined than ever to unite the remaining 12 Artifacts.

Glorianna commands a multi-million dollar empire given to her by Wulfgar that entail multiple charities and gives her various political contacts.


Glorianna possesses the Ember Stone, a necklace with a red and gold medallion that has a fire stone embedded in it. The wearer is granted great power over fire and allows for shape shifting as well. It is the polar opposite of the Glacier Stone much like the Angel and Darkness.

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Flame Manipulation, Creation & Shape Shifting

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