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Synopsis for the 1st Story

This issue consists of pin-ups of Glory and other Extreme Studios characters wearing swimsuits:

  • Glory by Sam Liu, Danny Miki, and Drew Posada;
  • Glory by Mike Deodato, Jr. and Brenda Donnelly;
  • Glory by Cedric Nocon and Danny Miki;
  • Glory by Daniel Horn, Jaime Mendoza, and Bill Simpson;
  • Vogue from Youngblood by Roger Cruz, Danny Miki, and Aron Lusen;
  • Glory by Pat Lee, Danny Miki, and Alex Posada;
  • Glory by Emir Ribeiro and Andy Troy;
  • The Experts from Bloodstrike by Karl Altstaetter, Danny Miki, and Brett Evans;
  • Darlene and Troll from Brigade by Ed Benes, Jonathan Sibal, and Bill Simpson;
  • Glory by John Stinsman, Marlo Alquiza, and Dan Kemp;
  • Judas from Prophet by Stephen Platt and Jonathan Sibal;
  • a centerfold swimsuit photo of model Denise Franzen as Glory;
  • Athena from Bloodstrike by John Fang, Danny Miki, and Tanya Horie;
  • Glory by Andy Park, Jonathan Sibal, and Jeff Voeltner;
  • the New Men by Todd Nauck and Marlo Alquiza;
  • Glory by Fabio Laguna, Danny Miki, and Dan Kemp;
  • Psilence from Bloodpool by Andy Park and Marlo Alquiza;
  • Glory by Mark Pajarillo, Danny Miki, and Alex Posada;
  • Glory by Marat Mychaels and Danny Miki;
  • Masada from Youngblood by Andy Park, Jonathan Sibal, and Jeff Voeltner;
  • Dash and Byrd from New Men by Brian Denham.


  • Both photo covers of this issue feature model Denise Franzen role playing as Glory posing in a bikini.

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