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Appearing in "Who Wrote the Book of Love? part 2"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Croglin

Other Characters:

  • Sandor Terry (corpse) (flashback only)



  • Book of Love


Synopsis for "Who Wrote the Book of Love? part 2"

The demon Croglin attacks Glory, but Rumble and Vandal see him and run to help.  She fends him off, wounding him with one of her high-heeled shoes.  Vandal and Rumble arrive, and Croglin boasts that he killed Vandal’s father but flees rather than fight.  He vanishes through a transdimensional portal in a fountain before Glory can catch him. Mr. Factors and his entourage exit the building, and he starts hitting on Glory again.  Vandal steals his coat and wraps it around her while Rumble puts his bodyguards up in a tree.  Rumble and Vandal want to retire for the evening, but Glory insists the three of them get dinner.  Once they leave, Croglin emerges from the fountain and attacks Factors’ men.  At a pizza restaurant, Rumble shows Glory and Vandal the book he found.  His university wanted to dispose of it because it came from the estate of a celebrity who died in a murder-suicide.  Glory sneezes into a handkerchief from Factors’ coat, exposing an amulet it had been wrapped around.  The amulet bears the same symbol as the book.  Suddenly, their waiter drops to his knees and begins worshipping Glory.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Glory: Who Wrote the Book of Love? trade paperback published in 1995.

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