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Appearing in "Who Wrote the Book of Love? part 3"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Croglin
  • Lord Silverfall
  • Lady Tabitha
  • unnamed demon genie (First Appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Amazonians
  • MPDC
    • Morgan Friday (First Appearance)
    • Billie Webb (First Appearance)
    • Gannon (First Appearance)



  • Book of Love


Synopsis for "Who Wrote the Book of Love? part 3"

Glory, Rumble, and Vandal go to her apartment and find one of Factors’ men dead in her bed. Her shoe heel is sticking out of his chest and the symbol from Factors’ amulet and Rumble’s book is painted in his blood on the wall.  The police arrive with a warrant, and Glory realizes she is being framed.  She demolishes her bedroom wall to cover the corpse with debris and leaves with Rumble and Vandal.  The police see them fleeing and call for backup.  Through another spying bird, Silverfall monitors the situation with Tabitha, Vandal’s mother.  In Glory’s apartment, Croglin watches from the shadows as the police connect the symbol on the wall to the murdered celebrity from whose estate Rumble’s book came. In the street, Glory, Rumble, and Vandal hold off the cops long enough to get away.  They go to Rumble and Vandal’s college dorm room where Rumble begins translating the ancient language in the book.  Glory realizes the book has caused people to behave bizarrely, including Factors.  Her mother, the Amazonian Lady Demeter, magically contacts her and reveals that the symbol on the book is how Silverfall won her love ages ago.  Suddenly, the symbol appears on Rumble’s computer screen which then explodes.  A portal opens, and a gigantic demon genie emerges and reaches for Glory.


  • This issue is reprinted in the Glory: Who Wrote the Book of Love? trade paperback published in 1995.

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