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The Lord of Heaven, Jehovah, Yahweh, Creator of Mankind, the Father
Jake Fitzgerald
Mother of Existence (mother), Satan (twin brother)
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Quote1 In the beginning was the word. And the word was God. And the Earth was without form and void; and darkness was over the surface of the deep. In the beginning I created. I gave the universe form. And in creating it, I determined exactly what would happen and when it would end. And when I looked at everything I'd created, it was perfect. So perfect and predetermined that it no longer had meaning. It had become a complete waste of my time. So I changed things. I created humanity. Because I needed something that was flawed.

Oh... that's right. You know everything. You have it all figured out. That's why you blew your brains out, because you've got all the answers. So, I'm going to talk. You don't have to listen if you don't want. Humanity is a unique part of my creation. All those centuries ago, realized I'd made a mistake. If everything I'd created was perfect and it was all decided, then it was pointless. I could't accept that. I decided I didn't want to know how it all ends for your race. There was only one way to do that, I had to make myself forget. I hid the end of humanity's story, even from myself. That's the point of mankind. That's the truth.
-- God explaining the creation of Earth.


God is the twin brother of Satan and one of the many children of the Mother of Existence. He and Satan were both given the Earth to decorate to their wishes. As the result of a different point of view, God and Satan constantly bickered to a point where they declared war on one another. God became ruler of the Firmament, while Satan became master of the lowest depths of the Earth, namely Hell.

In all his creations, God created something unique, creatures known as mankind, who would serve as his lapdogs. In death they are raised to join the armies of Heaven and Hell, as randomly selected puppets in a war that will reach its climax in Armageddon. However, Satan gave humanity the gift of free will, which only increased their bickering hatred towards each other. The Mother, regarding her children as disappointments, stripped both God and Satan of their kingdoms and locked them away in a forgotten corner of the universe.

God 003

The original God.

However, despite their endless hatred, God and Satan still remain her children so she decided to give them a second chance. She brought back her children in the human bodies of Jake and Katie Fitzgerald in order to give them an appreciation for humanity and change their ways. This plan failed while the twins began to wreak further chaos on Earth. Knowing that Hell could break through the gates of Heaven at any moment, Zera went out to find God to return him to his throne. Once she found him, God regained his memories and returned to his rightful kingdom of Heaven, bolstering his armies for the final push towards Armageddon. Later Man of Miracles rights was lost and the arcs were later retconned thanks to Resurrection.

Spawn Resurrection

God 002

God appears as Albert Simmons' dog pet when he was 9.

While Spawn lived in Limbo for many years, he was approached by God in dog form. God explained to Spawn that she created Earth and it was perfect and without flaw. As a result, Earth had no meaning. She created man as they are today so that it could provide meaning to her creation. She took away her omniscience on how man's story would end. Effectively blinding her to mankind's fate and granting free-will to humans.

God informed Spawn about the Devil and how they had attacked his wife, Wanda Blake and her unborn child. God then sent Spawn back to Earth and asked that he make the right decision and use his free-will intelligently. Before departing, she gave the Sword of the Spirit to him, a heavenly forged weapon to battle the demons.[1]

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  • God's gender has flipped several times through the Spawn series. It was heavily implied that she was the angel Mary in the beginning Todd McFarlane's writing era.[2] Later, in "Armageddon" it was stated that God was a male and twin-brother of Satan. In the recent "Resurrection" arc, God has once again been established as a female and appears in various forms depending on who she is meeting with. As when Al meets Mike for the first time, he refers to God as a "she". [3]


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