Granny Blake

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Granny Blake
Wanda Blake (granddaughter),
Jackson Everett Blake (husband, deceased)
Cyan Fitzgerald (great-granddaughter)
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Former waitresses, retired
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Rosemary Blake is the highly religious, blind grandmother of Wanda Blake. She acts as a spiritual guide and has even seen paranormal creatures such as Billy Kincaid despite her blindness.[1]


Rosemary met Jackson Blake during the war. While they fell head-over-heels in love, he soon left to join the Tuskegee Airmen. She selfishly didn't want him to go and was afraid to lose him. The night before he left he proposed to Rosemary. He told her that if they had to get married there was no way he couldn't come back.

Later, Jack returned safely from the war. He began working to receive his law degree. He continued his fighting and began taking tough cases no one else would. Against the Mafia, the Government etc. One day, he went out to start the car and it exploded due to a bomb sabotage.[2]

Granny the Guide

Through both of her marriages, Granny urged Wanda to take on the last name of the man she was marrying.

Albert Simmons visited her after his death and Granny recognized his voice instantly. She spoke with Al about Heaven and Hell and was happy to hear that Al thought she'd end up in Heaven.[3]

Over time, Al continually found himself returning to Granny for advice and comfort. When she talked to Al after Terry Fitzgerald was diagnosed for cancer, she asked for Al's help in seeing his safe recovery.[4]

Spiritual Reuniting

Later, Granny meets with Al at a graveyard. She tells him she never got the chance to say goodbye to Jack. She said she moved on and was happy to have her family with Wanda form around her but just wishes she had closure. Al takes his hand and teleports her to the Dead Zone. Inside, she transforms to appear young once more. She also has her vision restored. She suddenly sees her husband once again and cries in happiness. They dance together like when they were young.

Upon leaving, Granny returns to her old age and becomes blind once more. She reminds Spawn to love Wanda, but let her live her life. She'll be with him in heaven once more once this life ends as they are soulmates.[2]

Spawn no Longer Believes

Granny and Spawn agree to stop seeing each other when they have a difference in what God and Satan are. Granny feels she needed it to keep believing that Jackson was taken care of in the afterlife.[5]

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  • The inspiration behind this character was Mary Kolomyjec.[6]


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