Quote1 My team comes from every corner of this globe, and together, we will be expanding our efforts to guard it and its citizens. We couldn't stop this tradegy from occuring, but in the future we will be prepared for attacks on such a scale. That is our message today, that we are here. We stand before you, assembled, as a show of our strenght, to tell the world, we are here for you, we will always be here for matter how great the challenge, the Guardians of the Globe are here to stay. Quote2
-- Brit

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  • Yeti's parents


Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Set (Invincible) 001

Set after having his mask removed.

Set looks on at the destruction of Paris caused by The Order with happiness. Mister Liu asks if this is where they will lay their empire. Set rebuffs and says that they will go to Washington, D.C. to destroy the Pentagon. The Guardians of the Globe arrive and started fighting. Brit attacks Octoboss. Black Samson and Japandroid starting fighting Slaying Mantis, with her revealing that millions died from the incident. Kaboomerang starts fighting Paul Cha’s duplicates and uses his Telekinesis to kill most of them. Le Brusier rushes in anger across War Woman II’s stone men.

Rudolph Connors (Invincible) 003

Rex and Amanda finally emerge from the Flaxan dimension.

Zandale notices his anger and Pegasus reveals that Paris is his home town. Black Samson starts fighting Titan and asks what his reasons for destroying Paris are for. Titan states that there’s no turning back and says “I’m sorry, old friend”, suggesting that him and Titan were close before. Kid Thor asks for assistance from Knockout with Insomniac. Knockout attacks Kid Thor under Embrace’s possession. Best Tiger shoots Walking Dread, though the bullets have no effect on him. Outrun attempts to maneuver Red Eye’s eye beams, but is unable to, showing that his beams work similarly to Darkseid's Omega Beams

Guarding the Globe Vol 1 6 001

Yeti's parent look in happiness after Yeti allowed to rejoin the team.

Darkseid Omega Beams. Brit starts fighting Face, but Face’s beams have no effect. Shapesmith starts fighting Liu’s soul dragon while Japandroid fights Slaying Mantis. Brit knocks out Machine Head. Set easily defeats Pegasus and goes to crush Brit, but his Invulnerability. Brit manages to remove Set’s mask, much to his dismay. He reveals that the mask inhibited his influence powers. He talks about how years of planning was for nothing. He apologizes to his father for breaking the rules.

He knocks the Guardians and Order members unconscious with Japandroid the only one being conscious, revealing that his powers don’t work on synthetic life. She calculates her odds of success as very low, but her chance of surrender at 0. Set becomes angry and easily destroys Japandroid. Set goes on to say that he has tried for decades and puts on his helmet, stating that he will begin anew.

Brit wakes up and sees the destruction. He reports to the Cecil and Donald that the Order members escaped and that he was unconscious for a while. They are interrupted by the arrival of Amanda and Rex emerging from the Flaxan dimension, much older than when they had entered. Brit goes to Nepal to Yeti about Amanda and Rex coming back. Brit argues that though he is young, he can still join since Le Brusier is younger than Yeti. He hugs Brit in happiness, and his parents look in happiness. Brit would give a speech at a press conference and though Paris had been destroyed, the Guardians will never give up.


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