Quote1 Armpit. When you run, wind whistles under arm, past whisker. You shave up, against grain. Outrun shave down. No whistle. Quote2
-- Best Tiger

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Outrun, Amanda, and Francisco Vasquez look in shock of Japandroid being possessed. She attempts to override her system, but the parasite refuses. A possessed Japandroid attacks Wolf-Man. He dodges and she cuts Amanda, attempting to kill her. Outrun saves her in time. The parasite grows more parts on Japandroid. Outrun suggest they leave, but the team refuses. Francisco argues that it could take over Zandale or Ms. Popper and overrun the planet. Japandroid manages to regain control and she asks that they stand clear. She overloads her nuclear core to kill the parasite to prevent it from breeding with it. The group watches in horror as she melts down, killing her and the parasite with her.

Meanwhile in Alexandria, Virginia, Donald and his ex-wife, Beatrice Ferguson, watch their son run competitive track. Beatrice talks about how worried Jessica is worried about Brit Jr.’s autism. A frustrated Donald yells through his skin, making a cybernetic microphone and telling his son not to get passed by the “fat kid.” Beatrice leaves in anger.

Under the Pentagon, Rex’s drone looks at Japandroid’s remains. He reveals that the parasite is dead and that Japandroid’s sacrifice wasn’t `in vain. Pegasus contemplates being there, but the nuclear radiation could potentially kill her. Yeti begins to cry. Francisco regrets his actions and begins to cry. Brit tells him that he would have made the same call. Francisco leaves in sorrow and Brit asks Samson to accompany him, as he may drink again. Rex goes on to say that they’ll never know anything about her. Shapesmith and Kaboomerang look as a coffin is built around her to contain the radiation. Rex reveals her appearing a few years ago and fighting for Japan and he goes on say that she made herself a hero. Outrun leaves in horror.

Best Tiger follows her and asks her how long has she taken over Outrun, much to her confusion. He goes on to say that call Outrun an imposter, stating that she fears speed. She starts running and he avoids her, catching her, revealing his Genius Level Intellect of studying her patterns. She attempts to run away, but Best Tiger fires a bullet into water, causing her to sleep. She asks how did he knows and he replies “armpit.”

Guarding the Globe Vol 2 4 001

Embrace is being ripped in half by an unknown assilsant.

He goes on to say that since she shaves upward against her skin, the whistle from her armpits produce sounds, making her easier to detect. Embrace leaves her body in anger. He tries to shoot, but she phases through it. Outrun thanks him for saving her. She goes to Mumbai, India, to report to Set, revealing that the Guardians know about her. Set is launched into her while citizens there run. She looks in horror at Set being attacked. She asks who could have done this to him. An alien grabs her in ghost form and begins to rip her in half, questioning whether’s Set’s Earth or his.


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  • Though it would appear that Embrace is being killed, Rudolph Conners mentions in a Invincible issue that came in 2014. He mentions that she is captured, meaning likely that Embrace is alive [1]

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  1. Invincible #114
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