After silver was struck near the town of Bane, so-called businessmen like Ed Kemper moved in and started throwing their muscle around. Kemper headed a gang of thieves that bought up most of the land in the area through intimidation and murder.

When they murdered the family of Jeremy Winston, however, it was a fatal mistake. Winston (or Ol' Job as he was known) was not a violent man - in fact he used to be a preacher before he met his wife. But after her death, Ol' Job had a desperate need for vengeance and he went after Kemper himself.

He killed two of Kemper's men before being subdued by the Marshal, after which he was thrown in jail to await trial. While incarcerated, Ol' Job was visited by the fallen angel Mammon who offered him a deal.

In exchange for his eternal soul and allegiance to Malebolgia, Ol' Job could have the freedom and power to exact revenge upon the town of Bane for the death of his family. Ol' Job accepted the deal, and the next day he was killed by Kemper's men.

After his death, Ol' Job returned to Bane as a hellspawn where he unleashed his vengeance by killing every man, woman and child in town except for one - a fellow prisoner that Mammon had forbade him from harming named Henry Simmons.

Powers and ablitlies

Being a Hellspawn Jeremy had Superhuman strength,speed,stamina,and durablity,He also can use nercoplasium which gives him magical ablitlies.

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