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Gwendolyn is a Wreath warrior who flunked out of serving in the Narrative.

She was Marko's fiancé when Marko left for war. She received letters from him that expressed concern over whether to continue the fight. She encouraged him to fight the good fight and carry on. However, he soon met his wife, Alana, and married her giving her the ring that was promised to Gwen.[1]

Gwen visited the Freelancer Agent who dispatched several Freelancers to kill Marko and Alana. She learned The Will's location and asked for his help in finding Marko. He agreed once Gwen helped him free Slave Girl from a sex-slave trade industry. Slave Girl detected that Gwen's necklace was lonely and that it's partner was nearby. Realizing this could potentially be the rings that belonged to her, she asked Slave Girl to lead the way to find Marko.[2]

Heroin Planet

When their ship was destroyed by a Timesuck, they were temporarily stranded on a planet with hallucinogenic effects. As a result, The Will attempted to kiss Gwen[3] and Sophie stabbed The Will in the neck believing it was her mother's will. Gwen reacts quickly and ties up Sophie and throws them both aboard The Will's Ship to head to Quietus where she believed Marko could cast a spell to save The Will.[4]

Upon arriving on Queitus, she was moments too late as Prince Robot IV had already arrived and infiltrated D. Oswald Heist's house. Gwen broke in and killed Heist when he held a gun on her.[5] She then ran upstairs after Marko and Alana only to learn that his spells of healing wouldn't work on foreigners. When Alana tried to help, Gwen took out her frustrations and attempted to kill her as well. After a brief scuffle, Gwen was knocked out and Marko and his crew took off for Gardenia.[6]

Saving The Will

Gwendolyn stole a top secret healing elixir with the help of Slave Girl, newly renamed Sophie, and Lying Cat. They soon encountered The Brand who agreed to help them save The Will's life. When they saw the ingredients, the next was dragon semen from Demimonde.[7]

Upon arriving on Demimonde, they were attacked by multiple dragons.[8] Sophie had Gwen use her translation pendant to communicate with the dragons. The dragons informed them there was only one male left and he was in a cave and that he was mean.[9] Upon arriving in the cave, The Brand warned them to stay back and let her retrieve the semen as she was more experience. Sophie didn’t listen and forged forward. When the dragon woke and saw sophie, The Brand jumped in to save her. However, the Dragon bit The Brand in half. Gwen attempted to use electricity to shock the dragon but burned herself in the process.[10]

Gwen and Sophie soon returned to Wreath hospital where they had left The Will. They gave him the antidote and he made a speedy recovery. He became enraged when he learned his sister had died protecting them in retrieving the antidote.[11]

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