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Real Name
Marko (father),
Alana (mother)

Unusual Features
horns, wings
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Quote1 Oh, fart. Quote2
-- Hazel


Hazel is the daughter of the fugitives Marko and Alana. She became sought after as she was a symbol of love as Marko and Alana belonged to opposite warring planets. Hazel would be the target of both Alana and Marko's military.


Hazel was conceived when her parents, Alana and Marko, fell in love during a time of war. The both of them were soldiers from the opposing sides of the war. Alana was a soldier from Landfall and Marko a soldier from Wreath. She was born on the planet Cleave where her mother, Alana, and father, Marko, were taking shelter. While Hazel and her parents were hiding the landlord tipped Baron Robot XXIII and his personal corps off. They were immediately apprehended but at the same time members from Wreath arrived to arrest Marko. During the confusion the two forces wipe each other out (including the landlord) sparing Marko, Alana and Hazel. Before dying the landlord gave them a map to a Rocket Ship Forest.

As they make their way to the Rocket Ship Forest they were stalled for a moment and decided to take a short rest. Unfortunately, they lost track of time and woke up during the night and realized they are surrounded by the Horrors, monsters that appear during the nights on Cleave. Marko tries to bargain and reason with the Horrors to not kill them and is suddenly approached and attacked by the Stalk. The Stalk has been hired by Wreath forces to kill Marko and Alana and retrieve Hazel but eventually flees in fear of the approaching Horrors. The Horrors turn out be ghosts that have been using illusion to strike fear into the people of Cleave. One of the Horrors, Izabel, offers Alana help with finding the Rocket Ship and finding snow for Marko so he can heal himself. All Izabel wishes in return is to imprint her soul with Hazel because she wishes to leave the planet and the only way is with someone born on the planet like Hazel. Though reluctant at first, Alana eventually complies and Izabel places her soul into Hazel and leads them to the top of a mountain where there is snow. While Marko is healing unconsciously he accidentally reveals has a fiance on Wreath.

Later that morning, Marko wakes up after healing and explains that he and his fiance are no longer together due to different stand points. They are then intercepted by Landfall soldiers and are attacked. Marko, seeing his wife harmed, attacks and subdues the entire platoon single-handed before being stopped by Alana.

After getting off the mountain they finally reach the Rocket Ship Forest where one must give something up for the ship. Marko breaks his family's sword heirloom as a sign of giving up his violent ways and the family leave Cleave.


Wanting the best for Hazel, Alana wishes to meet the "smartest person in the universe," the author of her favorite book, D. Oswald Heist. So the family set their destination towards the planet Quietus. Shortly after leaving Cleave they are intercepted by Wreath soldiers who banish Izabel, but then Marko stops them and it is revealed the soldiers are his parents. His parents were able to locate them when Marko destroyed the family's heirloom. After short introductions Marko and his mother, Klara, use magical items to teleport to the planet that Izabel was banished to. Marko's father, Barr, is left with Alana and the both of them do not start their relationship very well. Alana has the ship restrain Barr from doing anything but he uses a magic spell to get out of it. However, the spell needs a secret as an ingredient and Barr revealed the secret that he has only a month left to live. Barr then puts Alana to sleep and remarks to how beautiful Hazel's name is.

After Alana wakes up she and Barr start to trust each other more and Marko and Klara return with Izabel. They are then intercepted by The Will and are attacked which causes the planet, which was revealed to be an egg, attacks both vessels. Marko and Klara use the magical items to boost the Rocket Ship's speed to outrun the planet however the Ship was not built to withstand such speed and is breaking apart. Left with little options Barr uses all of his magic to hold the Ship together. The Ship manages to get away but unfortunately Barr dies after exhausting himself.

The crew arrived on Gardenia. They spent several weeks with D. Oswald Heist where he taught Hazel how to play local games. For the first time in months, the crew was happy and carefree as they laughed their troubles away.[1] However, a week later Prince Robot IV arrived and Hazel and the others scurried to the attic to hide from him.[2] After gunfire erupts between Heist and the Prince, the crew escape. Alana became interested in the Open Circuit and they headed to Gardenia.[3]


Hazel Saga 001

Hazel has grown up while on Gardenia.

Hazel spent months on Gardenia and grew up as a small toddler. She became friends with Ginny, a local ballet teacher who offered to teach her ballet.[4] However, Marko and Alana's relationship became strained when Alana began using drugs around Hazel.[5]

At the same time, Dengo arrived on the planet and learned about Hazel and her value as a cross-species child. He abducts the crew while Marko is out and takes them to Outcome where he plans to sell the child to Wreath High Command.[6]

However, Marko arrived and saved Alana. However, two Last Revolution members made off with Klara and Hazel.[7]


Hazel and Klara were being taken by the Last Revolution to be sold to Vez and the Wreath High Command. However, they were suddenly boarded by the Royal Guard. Klara made up a story that they were sex slave refugees. The guard then sold them to a detention center run by the Landfall Coalition.[8]

When Klara and Hazel arrived for a cleansing and debrief, before being introduced into general population, a doctor stuck up for them when they were being picked on. This was strange behavior for a landfall troop to stick up for a 'wing'. However, once they were alone, the doctor transformed to reveal it was Izabel and she was going to attempt to help them escape.[8]

Saga Vol 1 31 002

Hazel reveals her wings.

However, years went by and on Hazel's fourth birthday she was still on the planet still hiding her identity from everyone. Hazel grew close with her teach Noreen. Noreen appreciate that most of the other prisoners had horror and death memories from the war yet, Hazel seemed to have a cheery disposition if not lewd. Eventually, Hazel had enough with hiding her hybrid nature and revealed her wings to her school teacher when her teacher told her she could tell her anything. Noreen passed out from the surprising news and bashed her head on a table, bleeding out on the floor.[8] Petrichor soon walked by and saw what had happened. She took pity on Hazel thinking she had been the product of a rape since she was cross-species. She told Hazel to cover up and helped fake that Noreen had fallen and hit her head. Later, Hazel visited Noreen and gave her a book to feel better. Noreen smiled at Hazel's generosity. Later, Noreen approached Hazel and told her she'd help her escape as she would be in big trouble if her secret about her wings got out.[9]

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