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"The Island, Part 1 of 4"

Cover for Head Lopper #1 (2015)

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Appearing in "The Island, Part 1 of 4"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Squire


  • Agatha (First Appearance)
  • Sea Creature (Only appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Clergymen
  • Wolves




Plot Synopsis for "The Island, Part 1 of 4"

In Castlebay, Norgal the Head Lopper sails a ship. A large sea creature emerges from the sea. Norgal uses his sword but is suddenly eaten. He lops off the creatures head from the inside.

Head Lopper Vol 1 1 001

Norgal earns his name as he lops off the head of a sea creature.

He returns to shore where he meets several clergy men who hired him. They ask if he would consider doing the chore as a donation as they are poor men of the cloth. He spots their gold chain dangling from the leaders neck and grabs it from him as payment. The clergymen damn him as he leaves.

Norgal Head Lopper 001

Norgal the powerful.

He finds a small boy who agreed to hold his bag for him as he had left. He returns the bag and is told to stay behind as he can't join Norgal on his journeys despite his desire to be his squire.

As Norgal walks down a path, Agatha the Witch complains from inside the bag on Norgal's shoulders. Norgal opens the bag to scold her beheaded head. When she bites his fingers, he kicks her down the path.

Elsewhere, several wolves watch over him and gather together.

Solicit Synopsis

Action. Adventure. Fantasy. Decapitation! ApocalyptiGirl creator ANDREW MACLEAN brings this critically acclaimed indie hit to Image Comics! The dark humored quarterly adventure begins with a double-sized first issue, with eighty pages of story and a premium pin-up gallery for the regular price of just $5.99! “HEAD LOPPER is what you’d get if Mike Mignola wrote an issue of Brian Wood’s Northlanders by way of James Stokoe’s ORC STAIN.”– Multiversity Comics.


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