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Gengis Khan, Hannibal, King John, Josef Stalin

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Hightower is a Daemonite, an alien with the ability to possess other creatures. Hightower was part of the crew of a Daemonite spaceship crashlanding on Earth.

On Earth, Hightower named himself a Daemonite lord. At some point, Hightower tried to kill Lord Emp, but he only managed to leave Emp amnesiac.

Working alongside the Coda Artemis, Hightower captured Grifter as a bait for the WildC.A.T.s. Hightower possessed Voodoo, but she freed herself.

Soon after his defeat by the Wildcats, Hightower along with his rival Daemonites Lords, Defile and Helspont, attempted to reactivate the Daemonite vessel, which was found during an archeological dig. Since unlike Defile and Helspont, Hightower wasn't a genuine Daemonite Lord, he didn't have any of the vessel keys, but he found a Daemonite hand holding half a key at the Smithsonian. Hightower made an alliance with the WildC.A.T.s, showing himself as the lesser evil compared to Defile and Helspont, but Grifter, who had not forgotten the torture he suffered as Hightower's prisoner, left the team. The vessel turned out to be the Kherubim vessel instead, so Hightower tried to follow Spartan and betray him after finding how did the ship work. Hightower was stopped by Grifter, who then shot Hightower in the head, killing him.

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Hightower has the ability to change his shape, appearing like a normal human. He can take forms not vulnerable to Earth atmosphere, so he has no need for a human host to survive. Hightower's combat form tends to be that of a clawed human. Like all Daemonites he can possess host bodies at will.

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