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Information-silk.png Name
Information-silk.png Aliases
Homo Sapiens, Earthmen, Earthlings, Human Race, Humanity, Mortal
Information-silk.png Identity
Information-silk.png Base Of Operations
Varies from faction
Information-silk.png Body Type
Information-silk.png Average Height
5'9" (male), 5'4" (female)
Information-silk.png Average Weight
172 lbs (78 kg) (male), 137 lbs (62kg) (female)
Information-silk.png Number of Limbs
Information-silk.png Number of Fingers
Information-silk.png Number of Toes
Information-silk.png Number of Eyes
Information-silk.png Unusual Features
Varies from diseases, genetic deformities, or mutations
Information-silk.png Origin
Evolution through natural selection.
Information-silk.png Star System Of Origin
Information-silk.png Home Planet
Information-silk.png Place of Birth
Varies on story, but speculated to be Central Africa.
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Human beings, humans or man are the predominant lifeform on Earth.

Humans are widespread in every continent except Antarctica, with a total population of 7 billion as of March 2012.

Humans are a race that evolved on the planet Earth. Although generally considered a backward and unintelligent species, certain humans began to play a prominent role in galactic affairs.


Superhumans can be Humans that have an ability or gift that is abnormal to general populace of the Human race. These "powers" can include superhuman strength, durability, senses, stamina. It can achieved through an genetic experiment, inheritance, or through interspecies breeding.

Inter-species Compatibility

Humans have shown to be compatible with other races with similar biological structure. For example, Viltrumite and Human DNA are near 100 percent identical and thus the two can produce offspring[1]

Powers and Abilities


None known.



Human Physiology (via by biological evolution):

  • Adaptation: Adaptation has three different meanings in biology, pertains to humans (among other Earth's species). To begin with, it is the dynamic evolutionary process that adapts organisms to their surroundings and improves their evolutionary fitness. Second, it is the state in which the population finds itself during that process. Third, it is a phenotypic trait or adaptive trait that has evolved through natural selection and has a functional role in each particular organism. [2]
    • Acclimatization: Acclimatization, also known as acclimation or acclimatization, is the process by which humans, like other individual organisms on Earth, adjust to changes in their environment (such as changes in altitude, temperature, humidity, photoperiod, or pH), allowing them to maintain fitness across a range of environmental conditions. Acclimatization takes proceed over a short period of time (hours to weeks) and during the lifetime of the organism (compared to adaptation, which is evolution, taking place over many generations).[3]
  • Intelligence: One of humanity's defining characteristic traits. Most humans are of average intelligence. In uncommon or rare cases, some may fall within the far ends on the bell curve-- from slow/impaired to gifted, genius, or even super-genius. Whereas those who possesses the latter are capable of, to name a few crafting highly advance technology, manipulating/outwitting beings far more powerful than they are or even beings with comparable intellect.

Indomitable Will: Evident in some humans and highly depends and vary among individuals.

Average Strength level

Various. Range from average human strength (~50-80 kg) to peak human strength (~227-545.2 kg; occasional ~1000 kg, rarely ever higher. [4][5] Higher (via by Hysterical strength, a psychophysiological response; fight-or-flight response).[6][7]


Human vulnerabilities: Humans, in comparison to some primates and even supernatural entities, are mentally and/or physiologically weak, and can be killed and gravely injured by many means.


Habitat: Various, 71% ocean
Gravity: 1 g
Atmosphere: 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen
Population: 7 billion [8]


Type of Government: Various (dictatorship, democracy, monarchy)
Level of Technology: Various, but some highly advanced
Cultural Traits: Varies from highly compassionate and intelligent to extremely belligerent and illogical
Representatives: Government leaders of countries around Earth.

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