Cover to Hunter Killer #2 by Marc Silvestri

Hunter-Killer is a comic book series from Top Cow Productions, written by Mark Waid and penciled by Marc Silvestri for the first story arc.

The main hero of the story is a young man named Ellis. Other main characters are Wolf and Samantha Argent, one of the hunter-killers the title refers to.


During the Cold War, in response to the concern that a nuclear war would destroy the world, the United States government began a project to create living super-weapons. These beings were referred to as "Ultra Sapiens". However, there was a breakout, and most of the Ultra Sapiens went underground, hiding their gifts. Some went back to work for the government, tracking their rogue brethren and dealing with "situations" – they are the eponymoys hunter-killers of the story.

However, something else was also created by the project, capable of tracking and neutralising any Ultra Sapiens, anywhere. No one knows what it is, what it looks like, or where it is. However, a married couple in rural Wyoming might have some ideas, and their strangely gifted twenty-year-old son would be very surprised at the answer...

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