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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Happy finds the key and prepares to put it in the door and leave Fairyland. Queen Cloudia and the rest of Fairyland watch in excitement to see the loophole completed.

However, a dragon and newly empowered Gertrude arrive. She informs them that Darketh Deaddeath has imbued her with his power after she ruthlessly killed everyone in his dungeon and insulted him. She has the earth swallow Happy and takes her key.

I Hate Fairyland Vol 1 5 001

Gertrude becomes the new ruler of Fairyland.

As she's about to put the key in the door and leave, the Queen regrets there is not more death involved in her leaving. Gertrude smiles and turns and kills Cloudia. Suddenly, the key disappears. Larry informs her that whomever kills the queen, shall become the new ruler of Fairyland and be stuck there forever.

Solicit Synopsis

END OF STORY ARC Gertrude finds herself some super dark evil powers just in time to face-off against Happy and battle it out for the Key back to their world.


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