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Outcast Vol 1 1 textless cover.jpg

Kyle Barnes finds himself haunted by demons, bent on possessing those closest to him. His touch hurts them, yet he gives them energy to survive. The comic book Outcast is a breath of fresh air from writer Robert Kirkman, best known for The Walking Dead and Invincible. Follow Kyle as he uses his skills along with Reverend Anderson to solve why demons plague his life.

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Cibopathic 001.jpg

Anthony Chu is an FDA agent, who appears in the comic book Chew, which is published by Image Comics. He is one of the few cibopaths in the world, meaning he can taste anything and know everything about its past. For vegetables he knows where they were grown, and what pesticides where used, and for animals even how they died. He uses his skills to solve-food related crimes and frequently finds himself at the tail-end of the joke.

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Stel Caine Low 001.jpg

Stel Caine, an eternal optimist, finds herself stuck in a world with no hope. The sun has gone supernova and will soon destroy all of humanity. Her family fights for survival as the dredges of society attempt to pull them down and give up on their hope of finding a new world.

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Coach Boss Southern Bastards 001.jpg

What happens when a small backwater town that cares nothing about football gives too much power to one man? What if that one man was the local town football coach? Coach Boss grew up from a ragtag background of being too small to compete in football. He ross to power by any means, and at times deadly methods, to reach the coaching position he is in.

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Charlie Parish The Fade Out 001.jpg

In the 1940s, Charlie Parish was a struggling screenwriter who can't seem to come up with anything new since World War II. When he wakes up one morning after a wild party he finds a movie start strangled in his apartment. He sneaks out only to find a news story written that she had committed suicide. How deep does this corruption go and will Charlie get out of it?

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