Image Comics Database

The Image Comics Database is a collaborative effort by Image Comics fans to create a reference source for the world that the writers have created. This could include

  • Information about specific Image titles from the comics, books, movies, games, and other media
  • Bios for the various characters
  • Descriptions of the many unique locations in the Image Universe
  • Info about the history and events surrounding the characters
  • Information on the various writers, artists, editors, and other people that help create the comics
  • Anything else that helps to expand the knowledge about the Image Universe: from alternate realities, to descriptions of special technologies, to info about alien races; any articles that are interesting and relevant can be included.

Anyone can create and edit pages in this ultimate fan community. We encourage you to help build the community so that this information may not only help current fans to look up valuable facts, but also may help new readers who want to explore the world created by Image Comics.