Height and Weight:

These are not to be estimations or comparisons to other characters. Is the information is published in canon material, or in a guidebook, that information can be added to the character page.

History Text:

There are many pages that don't follow the current strategy. Feel free to update them and not look back.

The first paragraph should be written in present tense and should be a super condensed 3-8 sentences max. It should describe a brief overview of what that character's main purpose in the universe. It can describe relationships or personality points if they are important. Generally the first sentence addresses their name and places ''' around their name. This effetivelly bolds their name, such as '''Unatratnag''' look like Unatratnag.

The rest of the HistoryText should be written in past tense. If their background is revealed, a paragraph or two should highlight that information.

After this, this section should then describe in chronological order the events that happened to the character. It does not need to be in incredible detail. Every punch, every kick, or fight that occurred to this character doesn't make sense. This belongs in the actual comic issues. The character page should describe their purpose in that battle. So a bad exmaple is saying, "Thragg threatened Rex. Mark Grayson then punched Thragg and Thragg broke free. He flew into the air and cursed Mark. Mark then flew at Thragg and knocked him back down." This only illustrates a battle (which is great for the comic issue), but for someone looking to understand the character, this does nothing. Instead, a description such as, "Thragg attempted to gather information from Rex, but when Mark returned and engaged him in a brief battle, Thragg retreated having gathered the necessary war information."

Out of Universe:

Also you'll notice these examples were written "in-universe". This means the point of view is written as if you are a historian in the actual Image Comic universe. This is important to us to keep the feeling of the wiki consistent. It also helps people get into the mood and mindset of the characters.

In-universe vs Out-of-universe
In-universe (good) Albert Simmons is a former CIA operative turned Hellspawn slayer by Malebolgia. Spawn is powered by a limited resource of Necroplasm that allows him to perform magic limited only by his own imagination and willpower.
Out-of-universe (bad) Albert Simmons is the main protagonist in the comic series, Spawn. He was created by Todd McFarlane.


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