Comics & Characters

We believe if it's published, it's not exactly a spoiler. We have our comic template automatically warn people that a comic contains spoilers when a comic is less than several months old on the Image Comics Database. Below is a list of available templates, with some guidelines on how to use them.

Leaked Movies and Pictures

You're more than welcome to blog and link to posts of these leaks. However, please mentions that it is pre or unofficial release material. We don't want to host this information so please link to the site or twitter post that leaked it instead of uploading it here.

We also don't take trailer information for canon. Trailer information can mislead and potentially pose drama in places it won't be in the actual source material when released. So don't update character pages or sources based on trailer or pre-release information.

Updates to Articles

Since this is completely controllable by you (exception of categories) please do not list spoilers in your updates for recent comic issues. Other editors in the community may want to read the issue and it is only fair to give them fair chance before spoiling what happens in your edit status.

Available templates


To use, enter {{Spoiler}} into the area you would like to put spoiler information.

This template should be used for general spoilers—any spoiler whose source material does not have a more specific template. More precise guidelines will be determined in the future.