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The Universe attributes are very important to the Image Comics Database.

Since Marvel and DC comics are all connected, they have the concepts of Earths. These organize the characters into which dimension they exist. However, Image Comics is an expression from different comic authors who have freedom. As a result, many Image comics do not share a universe at all. So all the events occurring with the FDA outlawing chicken in Chew, has no impact on anything happening to Invincible or Spawn.

To organize the Image Comics Database, we use the Universe attribute in all of our templates ({{Character Template}}, {{Location Template}}, {{Vehicle Template}}, {{Team Template}}, and {{Race Template}}). As an example, all of Kirkman's Invincible comics share a connected universe (Capes, The Astounding Wolf-Man, Invincible etc). This means the characters, places, and items from Invincible Vol 1 are all the same as those in Astounding Wolf-Man Vol 1. By adding “Invincible” in the Universe attribute you are automatically linking this page to the Invincible character, items, races etc based on what you have selected!

  • |Universe = Invincible

The Invincible wiki can be viewed here: Invincible Wiki. From here, you can click on the Characters link to see all Characters in our Invincible wiki. Once on this Characters page, at the bottom you can further drill down to Villains and Supporting Cast options etc. Have fun exploring the Universe magic of Image Comics Database!!

  • Note, to add a template to multiple Universes, just separate them with a semicolon. So example:
  • |Universe = Invincible; Spawn; Chew
  • Note: Please do not add these universe categories manually to pages. Ask an admin if you have any issues.

Basic Structure:

Each sub-page will link to its parent category with a manual Category link. So Invincible Characters links to Invincible by adding the [[Category:Invincible]] to the Invincible Characters page.

The sub-page Invincible Villains will link to Invincible Characters by adding the [[Category:Invincible Characters]] category to the page. So an example Universe is as follow. Try clicking on subpages to drill down. Click on the category link at the bottom to return to the previous level. Have fun exploring!

Main Universes:

Top Cow
Wildstorm Universe