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Quote1.png Have you tried turning it off and turning it on again? Quote2.png
-- Brigid Roth

Appearing in the 1st Story

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  • Eye-Patch Man (First Appearance)
  • FPI
  • Ministry of Time and Measurement
    • Permanent Parliamentary Secretary




Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Maria Kilbride wakes up at Sawlung Hospital and is brought to speak to Control. She tells Control she knows exactly who she is and is starving. She demands a sandwich. Control tells her they have a missing persons case and Maria tells them to stop poking around in things they don't understand. Control points out that these didn't start happening until her Cross Culture-Contamination Unit group broke up.

Years ago, Maria welcomed Robin Morel to the CCCU group. She tells them they were funded by Lowlands University, FPI, and Ministry of Time. Maria tells them they've been ordered to research using their skills together.

In the present, Maria calls Brigid Roth. She tells her the events are moving closer together and may be due to the Injection. She agrees to help and will get all of the group together.

Meanwhile, Robin Morel strolls down the Ridgeway, and ancient trade path, to head to a small pub in Liddington. THe Permanent Parliamentary Secretary from the Ministry of Time and Measurement asks him if he's interested in a job at the Breaker's Yard. Robin pauses realizing they are now in control, and continues on his journey.

The Injection lives!

Elsewhere, Maria arrives at a facility where they inform her they've discovered a rock. When an archaeologist experimented on it with sound, it activated something and now anyone who enters the lab has gone missing. Maria enters the room and enters an Other World with glowing vegetation. The inside weather storms and lighting strikes the plains.

Brigid arrives in Dublin. She tells them she can't be summoned everytime there is an IT problem. When she enters a room, a man is hooked into a machine and injection symbols are all over the screen.

Solicit Synopsis

Once upon a time, there were five crazy people, and they poisoned the 21st Century. Now they have to deal with the corrosion to try and save us all from a world becoming too weird to support human life. INJECTION is the new ongoing series created by the acclaimed creative team of Moon Knight. It is science fiction, tales of horror, strange crime fiction, techno-thriller, and ghost story all at the same time. A serialized sequence of graphic novels about how loud and strange the world is getting, about the wild future and the haunted past all crashing into the present day at once, and about five eccentric geniuses dealing with the paranormal and numinous as well as the growing weight of what they did to the planet with the Injection.


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