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  • Daech Splinter Cell (Only appearance; dies)

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Maria Kilbride exists the room and tells them to seal off the door forever. She tells them the Other World exists on the other side. She demands to see the stone they tested with sound and how they tested it. She tells them she wants personal information on the people who went missing in the room and then to seal off the entire facility.

In Manhattan, New York, Vivek Headland is brought a sandwich by his butler. He suddenly receives a call from Simeon Winters in Paris. Sim tells him he needs his help as Maria is busy looking for Robin Morel who's dropped off the grid. Viv tells Sim Robin is most likely in Liddington and just finished walking the Ridgeway.

Years ago, Simeon met with Brigid Roth and Vivek in a pub.

Simeon activates gadgetry as he breaks into a building and murders the resident. He's surprised when theres an unknown man in the building he had not accounted for. After a brief battle, he steals a computer from his victim. He then books a flight to Dublin to meet with Brigid.

In Liddington, Robin arrives at an small in and receives a surprising call from Maria. He's at first annoyed that Vivek was keeping tabs on him but agrees to tell her what she wants in terms of what she saw in the research facility.

In Dublin, Brigid lights the corpse on fire and begins to cry and pretend it's the smoke.


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