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Brigid Roth arrives at the Dublin airport to pick up Simeon Winters. He tells her he believes people are attempting to speak with the Injection. He tells her he's brought her a laptop for her to confirm as she needs to hack into it. She responds that she believes the Injection is crossing the airgap as she saw a kid die from it.[1]

At Sawlung Hospital, Dispatch delivers blueprints of possible locations the people could be hiding to Maria Kilbride. Maria looks at it and recommends a factory could be where they are hiding. She wants to tell her that the Injection probably choose this location due to it's sense of history but keeps her mouth shut. Instead, she simply replies to have her taken there. She warns Dispatch that this could be an incursion of deep time or extraterrestrial invasion at best case. She orders the place to be destroyed if she doesn't return.

Years ago at an early Cross Culture-Contamination Unit meeting, they talk about every projection they find of the future implies the future will reach a plateau and level off and become boring. Simeon says it should be enough as that is what they were hired to do, so they should report it and move on with their lives. They discuss how time always seems to speed up. The study of history shows them that the world used to move more slowly and only recently has there been an explosion of events. Maria tells them she's researching Artificial Intelligence. She wants to create artificial life and they all joke they can't as there's no way to break the laws of physics. Robin speaks up and suggests there is a way. He says they could put a consciousness in the machine to break the laws of physics.

In the present, Dispatch speaks with Control on the computer. She updates her that the rock could have sonic properties that cause hallucinations according to Maria. She says it sound preposterous but is shown several media files by Control. It shows Maria Kilbride killing gigantic and strange monsters that were allegedly visions. Control tells her she's been working in this fashion for them for some time. Control tells her they don't understand what the Cross Culture-Contamination Unit did to create this reality, but she knows Maria feels responsible for the results.


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