Quote1 What am I supposed to do if he's stark bollock naked? Quote2
-- Maria Kilbride

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Years ago, Brigid Roth showed a drawing she made to Maria Kilbride. She tells her its a representation of the Injection, the artificial conscious machine they are making.

Cross Culture-Contamination Unit Injection 001

The CCCU all get matching Injection tattoos.

In the present at the hospital, Maria heads in to where she believes the Injection has the archaeologists held with his two assistants. She brings her Electric Asthame and lights the way to spot the two archaeologist's assistants. They have green-glowing plants growing out of their eyes and mouths.

Years ago, Robin Morel stopped by Brigid's home. He showed her the plans she needed to complete the creation of the Injection. He tells her it's right at the point where science becomes myth and she needs to translate it. He tells her if she completes the translation, the Injection will be able to bend the futures a bit so the future won't be so boring.

In the present, Maria uses her sword to command them to take of their coats per Robin's recommendations.[1] As they do, they become free of the Injection's control. She tells them to leave and asks them where the archaeologist is located. They tell her to keep moving down the tunnel. As she does, she finds he's not wearing a coat and has no idea how to stop him now. She stabs him with the sword and suddenly can hear the Injection speak to her. It tells her it was just making a more interesting world and soon they won't be able to stop it.

Elsewhere, Brigid tells Simeon Winters about how the Injection killed a man just to say, 'hi' to her.[2] Simeon flips her perspective and tells her that they've always been slaves to the Injection. Their whole lives have been spent building out the infrastructure for it.

Maria leaves the building and tells Dispatch to head in to help the archaeologist and that the threat has been neutralized. She tells her things are about to get worse.

Elsewhere, Robin summons the Wayland Smith, a ghost of a famous blacksmith. The spirit tells him he summoned the other world to create the injection, but now he shuns the other world. He tells Robin that he was happiest when he worked on his own, and now Robin will need to find his own way to happiness.

Solicit Synopsis

Maria Kilbride goes underground to save a man from the sound of the haunted future.


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