The Intimidators is an Image Comics series written by Neil Kleid and illustrated by Miguel Montenegro. The series was created & co-plotted by Jim Valentino

The series is about the Intimidators and Astroman. A silver age battle in Cold War Cuba knocks Astroman, a goody-two-shoes sixties superhero, forty three years into the future where he decides to try and turn the Intimidators into a group of heroes. Prior to Astroman's arrival, the Intimidators were America's Domestic Strike Unit, but were seldom sent into action because of their calous attitude and bloody disregard for human life. Aside from Astroman the team features Crash, Byrn, Limit, Fetish and Firepower.

Intimidators # 1 was published December 2005. Its original cover price $3.50.

Intimidators # 2 was published Published January 2006. Its original cover price $3.50.

Intimidators # 3 was published Published February 2006. Its original cover price $3.50.

Intimidators # 4 was published Published March 2006. Its original cover price $3.50.

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