Quote1 It is time, son. You are needed. The time for war is upon us Quote2
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The Viltrumite War is an eight-issue event that takes place in the Invincible universe.


The Road to Viltrumite War

Core Issues



Mark and the Guardians of the Globe are fighting off a Flaxan invasion. Mark gets a call from Eve for their Invincible Inc. business. Eve tells Mark that she needs him in a mall, but Mark says that he occupied and asks that she send Oliver.

Meanwhile, Nolan Grayson and Allen attempt to find Tech Jacket (Zack Thompson). Nolan tells Allen that he doesn’t wish to see his wife because it would bring up to many bad memories. Allen and Nolan fly to the space station and greet the surprised Zack and his father.

Mark arrives home and tells Oliver that he cannot go with him and Nolan to Talescria, much to his frustration. He argues that the Viltrumites tried to kill him and his mother. Mark argues that he needs him to defend Earth while he’s gone. Mark mentions that he won’t know how to tell his Deborah Grayson about Nolan. She asks who’s not going to see her and Nolan arrives, much to her shock and sorrow. Mark and Oliver leave while Nolan attempts to make up for what he said previously. Nolan goes on say that he forced himself to fight Mark and after leaving realized that he really loved his family. Debbie refuses to believe him and Nolan apologizes.

Nolan goes upstairs and asks Mark to leave so that he can talk with Oliver. Nolan tells Oliver that he misses him and would like to know him better. He informs him that he has changed his mind and decided to let Oliver go with them.

Mark arrives to Eve’s house to inform her that he has to go. They have sex one more time and Mark apologizes for having to leave her. Eve refuses to listen as she doesn’t want to think about him dying. Eve asks him to hold her until he go and she cries as she is unable to tell him about her pregnancy.

The ship is torn they were transported in was torn half while the ship crew is evacuated by escape pods. Mark, Oliver, and Tech Jacket move to the airlock. Mark looks in horror as he sees that Conquest is alive and is accompanied by Lucan, and unnamed Viltrumite.[1]

Invincible Vol. 1 72 001

Mark successfully kills Conquest despite have nearly died.

Conquest rallies in joy of having a second chance to fight Mark again, much to his anger. Conquest goes on to say that he will save Mark for last. Oliver charges for Conquest, but he is easily smacked away. The Viltrumite easily destroys part of Zack's Tech Jacket armor. While he recovers, Mark and Conquest battle. He demands to know why Conquest is still alive. Conquest reveals that he was kept in encased in a prison.[2] Nolan worries as Mark fights Conquest. However, Mark assures him that he has beaten him before. Allen notices that there are only three Viltrumites and they are outnumbered.

The enslaved alien race starts fighting for them and Oliver is hit by one of their shots. He starts losing his breath and heads to the habitable planet to catch his breathe. Conquest knocks Mark back and charges for Oliver. Mark follow suit and attempts to suffocate Conquest. He would fly around the planet all in attempt to get Mark to let him go. He impales Mark, breaking his spine and disemboweling him. Mark however refuses to let go and he finally kills Conquest. Mark asks for the help of a worried Nolan and Oliver.[3]

Thaedus becomes angry after the ship captian that was transporting Nolan, Mark, Oliver, Allen the Alien, and Zack was destroyed. The ship captain apologizes for what happened to who he calls “Great Thaedus”. Thaedus apologizes asks him to leave him. His attendant calls to call upon an assembly.

Meanwhile on the Viltrumite Warship, Lucan and an unnamed Viltrumite are unable to find Conquest, Mark, and Oliver. They decide to cut losses and return to the main fleet. However, Zach and Allen have attached the Tech Jacket to the Viltrumite Warship, hiding inside the Tech Jacket.

On the planet they are stranded on, Nolan had finished burying Conquest, much to Oliver’s digust. Oliver argues that he had done horrorfic things and Nolan says that Conquest was one of the Viltrum Empire’s greatest warriors, mentioning it deserves a certain amount respect. Nolan and Oliver go to check on Mark, who had been disemboweled injured previously. Nolan had torn off his cape to keep Mark's intestines in tract while he heals. Nolan reveals that Mark’s injuries will take him months to heal and Nolan reveals that it will give him time to get to know Oliver.

Meanwhile, a Coalition ship is sent to retrieve Battle Beast, who had survived months in the frozen depths of space without food or water. It is revealed that he killed his Viltrumite opponent. While Thaedus checks on the Scourge Virus before he is called. The alien duo reveal to Thaedus that the Klaxus plants extract are effective against Viltrumites. Thadeus gives the order to begin their assault, officially starting the Viltrumite War.

Nolan kills an animal so that Oliver and him have something to eat, having not eaten for two weeks. Oliver initially refuses, but comes to enjoy it. The duo eat their food raw, showing that Viltrumites can eat raw food without suffering the same effects as Humans.

Meanwhile on the hidden Tech Jacket, Zack gloats about his facial hair growing, much to Allen’s annoyance. Zack reveals that the Tech Jacket cleans him and was most likely shaving him too. Their conversation is interrupted when the Coalition of Planets found the tracking signal is Allen’s equipment. The duo leave and see Space Racer arrive with Coalition troops. Nolan asks Oliver to keep Mark hydrated while he heals.

Oliver asks if Nolan loves Debbie. Nolan says that he is sure and that he explains that Viltrumites are capable of affection, but says that their millennia lifespan makes them distant towards themselves. He goes on to say that he didn’t believe that he could care for her, but over the time raising Mark made him love them both. He says that when he chose to carry his mission, he beat Mark and he knew that he made a mistake. Thaedus tells Allen and Zach that they will be going to the planet, Oola, in a few hours and they need them battle ready.

Meanwhile, Oliver tells Nolan about his time on Earth. He says Nolan’s that his affection towards his mother was odd to his mother’s people. Nolan reveals that he will live for centuries if not thousands of years. Oliver goes on to say that the Viltrumites believe him to be weak, much to his anger.

They arrive to the nest of the creature they had ate previously. Oliver eats the creature, much to his enjoyment. Allen and Zach attempts mission such as capturing planets and attempt to catch the Ragnar. Nolan feels Mark’s spine and says that now his spine has healed from being impaled. Now that Mark’s bone is done rebuilding bone, he will heal much faster.Thaedus reports the progress to Allen and Zach about the Ragnar.

Oliver and Nolan spare so that Oliver can become stronger, such as fighting and have Oliver carry heavy objects. Thaedus tells the duo that Battle Beast has agreed to join the Coalition and that they lost of the planet Oola.

Thaedus reveals that they are getting planets but are losing planets since they Nolan and his son aren't there. Mark mumbles the words “kill you.”, revealing that he is regaining consciousness. One alien is talking to his information partner who reveals that Battle Beast is fighting constantly and refuses a leave of assistance.

Thragg addresses the larger one and says that they will be attacking Talescria, asking it to take down the planetary barrier. The larger alien responds it will be done, revealing who the double agent is in the Coalition.[4]

Invincible Vol 1 74 003

Thaedus meets with the various leaders of the Coalition council

In the secret headquarters of the Coalition of Planets, Thaedus calls upon the assembly and talks with the several alien leaders that are part of the Coalition of Planets. He reveals that Nolan was a Viltrumite that had betrayed the Viltrum Empire. He also reveals that the weapons they receive have been known to hurt Viltrumites. Before he can finish, Anissa charges herself through their headquarters with Kregg standing watch and other Viltrumite Warships deploying enslaved soldiers.

Invincible Vol 1 74 001

Anissa destroys the Coalition headquarters

Oliver talks about how his attraction to Humans and how their attractions are narrow. He talks about how he ate a lobster and he thought it was beautiful. Nolan talks about how he knows a woman with a similar appearance. Nolan is shocked when he sees [[Mark Grayson|Mark]] wakes up from his coma. A fearful Mark asks if Nolan killed Conquest and he corrects him by saying that he did.

Allen walks in on Zack having sex with another alien, much to his shock. Allen brings up that he is with Lin. Zack says that he is and says that they agreed to see other people, citing that their sexual organs aren’t compatible, much to his annoyance. Allen tells him to get ready to come to Talescria as they got a distress signal.

Mark is relieved that he killed Conquest doesn’t know he is did it, citing that Conquest was stronger than him. Nolan argues that Mark is stronger than he thinks and was more invested. Mark becomes aggravated that because he promised he wouldn’t kill. Nolan tells him that it’s war and that it’s time for the trio to get back into the fight.

Invincible Vol 1 74 001

Nolan and his sons arrive to Talescria to rejoin the fight.

While the Viltrumite Warships lay waste to Talescria, Thragg talks with to the skull of Argall, the Emperor of the Viltrum Empire. He tells the skull that Thaedus had killed him and that it started with Thaedus that Viltrumites started rebelling. Thaedus lifts the building that he was crushed upon. He rushes to who he believed is the traitor. The alien points to the traitor and he charges toward him, ready to kill him. Kregg stops him, much to his happiness. Kregg grabs Thaedus’s leg and pulls him back. Allen and Zach arrive to the planet and attack Kregg.

While Allen fights Kregg, Zach attempts to rescue Thaedus. Anissa grabs Zach and bearhugs him, attempting to suffocate him. Thaedus attacks her and frees Zach. Kregg calls Allen foolish while Allen argue that their empire is on the ropes. Thaedus tells Zach to regroup and the duo are shocked by the appearance of Nolan and his sons arriving.

Anissa grabs the duo, but Nolan frees them. While Mark and Oliver destroy the enslaved aliens, weapons so they can’t fight. The duo charge into the Viltrumite Warship and split it in two. Thragg notices Argall’s skull jumping and rushes to catch it. Thaedus and Zach see them destroy the ship and catch the other half of the ship.

The four of them throw the ship into space. An enraged Thragg goes to fight them, but decides that he can’t risk it, much to the enslaved solider’s confusion. Anissa and Kregg punch their oppoents are head with Thragg to escape. The enslaved aliens surrender and Nolan notices the information aliens arguing. One is enraged by the other’s betrayal, citing that they shared brain together for their first six months of their lives. He fires a laser into the betrayer’s head and demands to know where the Viltrumite are. Thadeus intervenes and says that he will pay for his crime. The betrayer reveals to them that they will be on their home planet to stage a counter attack [5]

Invincible Vol 1 75 001

The Coalition of Planets readies themselves to fight at Viltrum

While Talescria is being reconstructed, Thaedus gives a speech to his allies, stating that the Viltrum Empire worlds have turn to the Coalition of Planets. He asks if the group consisting of Mark, Nolan, Zack, Space Racer, Allen, Battle Beast, and Oliver are ready to take the fight to Viltrum. Oliver responds with excitement with a “hell yeah.” Seven of them head on to a spaceship to ready to battle. Nolan discusses that he will likely stay on Talescria.

Mark sees the amazement of how they were able to replicate his costume. Nolan talks about how their cities are almost done when it’s only been three days. Oliver arrives and asks Space Racer where he was. Nolan reveals that he went to pick something up. The seven leave the ship, much to Mark’s confusion. Thaedus explains that the ship would make them easier to detect.

Thaedus also reveals that Viltrum is a tomb which is why the bodies circulate around the planets. The seven rush in, neither to they know that a Viltrumite is hiding among the bodies. Thaedus is ambushed by a woman, demanding to know why Thaedus came back to Viltrum. Battle Beast smacks her with his mace, stating that she’s talking too much. The woman is identified as Thula and Thaedus believes that their arrival was most likely reported. Nolan, Mark, and Thaedus witness Thragg lead the charge. Thaedus tells them to move from opponent to opponent.

Space Racer arrives with the Ragnar who are under mind control devices, which is why he wasn’t on the ship. Space Racer fires his gun, easily killing a Viltrumite and releases the Ragnar. One manages to kill two of them and Thragg recommends that they let the vastness of space kill them Anissa rushes to Nolan and says that Nolan revealing their weakness won’t stop them. A Viltrumite attempts to suffocate Zach and Thaedus is fighting Kregg.

Allen easily decapicates Zach’s captor and saves him. Another rushes towards Allen and he easily impales his arm through his stomach, with his fist popping out his mouth. Mark and Oliver fight off Viltrumites. Oliver lands a blow on a Viltrumite’s testicles, though the latter has no effect on him. Thragg punches Space Racer off his hover cycle and states that the Viltrum Empire will win.

Thaedus Invincible 004

Thaedus, Mark, and Nolan successfully destroy Viltrum

Mark rushes to Thragg, much to Thaedus’s fear. Mark attacks him, though the latter has no effect on him. Thragg smacks him away and Oliver rushes to him. Oliver mocks him and Thragg catches his punch. Thragg tears off his arm and breaks his jaw effortlessly, much to Nolan’s horror. Anissa grabs Nolan and Mark rushes to Thragg while he tosses his arm aside.

Mark attacks Thragg and pummels him, though the latter only suffers a nose bleed. Thragg mocks Mark, stating that he is in over his head and that Conquest fears him. Mark reveals that he killed Conquest and now will attempt to kill Thragg, much to the Anissa and Kregg’s surprise. Nolan punches Anissa and Thaedus uses the time to think of a plan. He tells Space Racer to come to him and takes Mark with him. Battle Beast uses Thula as a weapon and swings her around, enjoying the battle. Thaedus tells him to fire his gun at Viltrum. Allen and Tech Jacket fend off the assault while Mark, Nolan, and Thaedus move at a fast speed. Thaedus tells the duo that they must move fast or the core will stabilize and kill them. Mark attempts to keep with the duo, but Nolan pulls him so they move faster.

Space Racer’s gun opens the planet’s core so that the trio can fly through it, showing that his gun can pierce through planets. They move in and successfully destroy the planet. The trio are grabbed by Viltrumites and pummeled. The planet’s destruction causes a shockwave that knocks the combatants unconscious. Mark rushes to catch Oliver and Thaedus regains consciousness and tells the Viltrumites that they have nowhere to no run. An enraged Thragg, who suffered no injuries from the shockwave, begins to cry.

Thaedus Invincible 005

Thragg decapitates Thaedus, avenging Argall's death.

Thragg goes to say that Thaedus brought about this and they won’t stand for it. Thaedus argues that he is prepared for him, but says that the Viltrum Empire has nothing left to surrender. Thragg rushes in and decapitates him, knocking back Nolan and Allen. Thragg holds Thaedus’s head to weaken Coalition morale, much to Nolan and Allen’s horror. He declares Argall, deceased Emperor of Viltrum, avenged and crushes Thaedus’s head, gushing brain matter. Mark begins to cry of the thought of Oliver dying. Allen and Nolan ready themselves and Thragg tells them to grieve, revealing that they are all next.[6]

Thragg rushes in to Mark and fights him. Mark fights and says that Thragg killed Oliver. Mark punches him and the latter has no effect on him. He continues to pummel Mark about how he destroyed their home. He smashes his fist on Mark’s temples, causing him to have blood shot eyes. Nolan rushes in and punches him.

Thragg tells Nolan that Thaedus killed Argall which is why the Viltrumites erased the weak from their planet. Nolan reveals that he knows and says that though it pains him, he feels that the Viltrumites deserve extinction. Thragg headbutts him and Battle Beast rushes towards him. Thragg tosses him aside, calling him a nuisance.

Anissa and Kregg pummel Allen, managing to break his arm. Battle Beast’s body frees him from the barrage for a moment. Anissa punches Allen, but is distracted by Space Racer killing a Viltrumite. Space Racer grabs Allen and tells Allen that they were supposed to wait until he came with the Ragnar before they fought the Viltrumites. Space Racer uses his hover cycle to grab Tech Jacket and the trio leave Mark and Nolan to fend for themselves.

Thragg readies to kill Mark and Nolan. Mark asks how do they beat him and Nolan says that they can’t. Nolan reveals that in order to be named the Grand Regent, he was made trained from birth to be the strongest Viltrumite and trained in all manners of combat. Thragg grabs the duo’s necks and Nolan reveals that he loves Mark, despite what he said during their battle. He believed that it made him weaker, but not says that it made him stronger. Thragg calls him “pathetic” and kicks Thragg’s hand so that Mark can escape.

Nolan Grayson (Invincible) 002

Thragg impales Nolan not much longer after pummeling Mark.

Mark attempts to escape, but Thragg easily catches up to him. He grabs Mark’s hair and smashes his fist on Mark's face. Nolan catches up to them and Thragg impales him at a superhuman speed, disemboweling Nolan. Thragg grabs Mark and Kregg asks why Thragg hestitates. Thragg decides to let them live and tells him to call the ship. Kregg argues that they need Viltrumites loyal to them and attempts to kill them. Thragg catches his punches and tell him that they need them if they are to survive. The Viltrumite take their warship and leave them to die. Captain Pikell arrives with a ship and learns that they are alive.

Two weeks later, Mark wakes up from his coma. Allen goes to visit him and is relieved that Mark is alive. Mark asks him what he’s wearing and he says that his arm was broken in the battle. Allen also reveals that he was made the leader of Coalition of Planets after Thaedus’s death. He also tells him that he supposed to address him as “Great Allen” and tells him that the pay is good.

He asks where his father is and Allen reveals that he woke up a few days earlier, revealing that Nolan heals faster than Mark does. Mark sees his brother in a stasis pod with a new cybernetic arm and jaw.

Nolan reveals the Viltrumite brain can survived an extended period of time without oxygen, hence why they hold their breath in space. He also reveals that his mother’s species can also as well, revealing that Oliver, with training, can hold his breath longer than Mark. Nolan also reveals that the solution he’s in is enhancing his Regeneration and letting his skin grow over his cybernetic parts.

Zack arrives to tell Allen that there is no sign of the Viltrumites. Allen smiles and tells Mark about it. Mark begins to panic. Mark goes on say that Thragg wouldn’t have let him and his father live if he didn’t want to hurt. He reveals the reason that he let them live is because they went to Earth.[7]

Invincible Vol 77 001

Thragg appears before the duo on Earth

Mark begins to think about the possibilites of the Viltrumites being on Earth. He pictures many of Earth's heroes including his girlfriend being killed by them. He also sees Cecil Stedman being killed by Thragg as he refused to agree to coexistence.

Meanwhile at the Coalition of Planets headquarters, Allen is having all of his things moved into his new home. Telia attempts to comforts him and he tells her about how he worries about the Viltrumites. He also reveals that he misses Zack, who is befriended during the Viltrumite War. Zach enters and sees the quiet atmosphere between Mark and Nolan. He tells them that he will help in whatever way he can, but leaves after the depressed duo linger.

Nolan begins to discuss how much he cares about Oliver and how leaving him there was right. Mark hallicunates that Thragg had killed his mother and her boyfriend. Mark pulls the door aside and decides to fly to Earth himself. Nolan follows him and Thragg reveals himself to the duo. Mark attacks him and the attack has no effect on Thragg. Thragg grabs Mark’s throat and slings him aside. He also tells them that he wants to talk as if they fight, the Viltrumites could lay waste to the planet. Thragg reveals that there are only 37 Viltrumites alive and that he wants to propose a truce. Thragg goes on to say that they will surrender but take over Earth, much to Mark’s anger. He tells Mark what they will do.

He tells them that the Viltrumites will hide among humans and interbreed with them, replenishing their ranks. While Thragg explains, Lucan is disguised in business attire while Anissa is aggravated by the two men flirting with her. He also goes to say that they will not help the Humans or fight them. Thragg explains since that Human DNA is almost 100 percent compitable with Viltrumite DNA, it is the closest be pure-blooded. He goes to say that the children of the Viltrumites will join the Viltrum Empire and their generations will join their ranks. He asks that they allow thousands of years for this to occur.

Kregg disguises himself as a biker and uses an eyepatch to cover his cybernetic eye. Mark refuse to let him. Thragg argues that he can kill the Humans off and asks that Mark reconsider. Mark initially says no, but reluctantly agrees to the terms [8]

Thragg thanks Nolan and his son for saving their species and says that they will not hear from him again. Zac, arrives and Mark tells him that the Viltrumite war is over. The duo leave to go to their house. Debbie talks on the phone to her boyfriend and decides to break up with him. Mark and Nolan arrive and a crying, but happy Debbie hugs Mark after 10 months of being away from him. She notices that Oliver isn’t with them and asks where he is.

Nolan tells her that he’s alive and recovering at Talescria. He asks who Paul is and she tells Mark to go see Eve.Nolan learns who Paul is, much to his disappointment. Debbie becomes angry and tells him that he has reason to be upset. She reveals that with Mark gone, she wasn’t there for him. Cecil emerges from his teleporter and fires his gun at Nolan. He apologizes, citing that Mark told him that he reformed. Cecil then learns that the war is over. Mark arrives to Eve's house and she cries. A crying eve who has noticeably gained weight while Mark is away hugs Mark.

Invincible Vol 1 78 001

Sinclair's reaction after finding out the Viltrumite War is over.

Cecil arrives to the Pentagon and sighs. He tells D.A. Sinclair that the war is over after he had prepared many Reanimen including Invincible Reanimen. Zach arrives and learns from his neighbors that his father is at the space station. The duo look at one another, commenting that they both grew beards. Eve updates Mark on what has happened. She tells him that he has managed to keep the Invincible Inc with the help of Bulletproof. She also reveals that her powers are normal again and she had money saved to buy land. However, she didn’t since Mark was gone. She begins to cry of thought of him dying. She asks if he was in a coma.

Nolan and Debbie talk. Debbie mentions that seeing Nolan again made her feel odd when she with Paul. Nolan tells her that he misses her and she holds his hand. She pulls back and Nolan pushes forward. Nolan argues that his millennia of beliefs to overcome. Debbie becomes angry and cries, wishing that things were they used to. Nolan argues that they won’t because he won’t lie again.

Eve goes to visit William while Rick leaves for work. William talks about it Eve has told Mark something. She tells him that she doesn’t know how to. Mark flies over in sky, stating that the war is over, but they didn’t win.

Meanwhile at the Coalition of Planets headquarters in Talescria, Allen receives an urgent from Thaedus. The message is just in case he had died. The message tells Allen about Scourge Virus and asks if the war effort is lost, ignore his attachment to his Viltrumite allies and erase the Viltrumites from existence.[9]


Items: Thought Receivers: Allows for telepathic communication, usually used for space since they must hold their breath.
Vehicles: Viltrumite Warship

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