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This is Invincible from the comics. For the TV show character, see Mark Grayson (TV).

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Mark Grayson was born to Nolan Grayson, a Viltrumite male, and Deborah Grayson, a human female. When Mark was seven years old, his dad told him that he was an alien from a different planet, and the superhero known as Omni-Man. Mark was told that the Viltrumites are virtually a race of peaceful Supermen. Mark learned that his father had come to Earth to protect it, and that one day Mark would develop superpowers like Nolan.[1] Every single day, he waited for his powers to develop. One day in his senior year of high school, when working at his part time job, he sent a trash bag flying through the sky.
Invincible Vol 1 1 001

Mark finally getting his powers.

Nolan eventually had his friend Art make Mark a superhero costume, but Mark needed to choose a name first. After protecting a classmate from being bullied, he was sent to the principal's office, who commended him, but warned him that he isn't "invincible" or anything. Mark liked the name and used it for his superhero identity.[2]


Two months after Mark received his powers, he met the Teen Team: a group of teenage superheroes consisting of Robot, Dupli-Kate, Rex Splode and Atom Eve. The next day, he discovered that Atom Eve was also a student at his school.[3]

Later, Mark teamed up with his father to battle an alien invasion from a group called the Flaxans.[4] Eve and Mark became friends and fought their teacher when they discovered he had been strapping bombs to students and blowing them up.[5] At one point while Omni-Man was out of town, Mark fought Allen the Alien. Instead of being an evil alien, Allen was revealed to really be testing the champions of planets. Unaware of this job, Omni-Man had previously always thought he was evil. After talking with Mark, Allen realized he had gone to the wrong planet for fifteen years and left.[6]

A few days after, Mark went to an open house at Upstate University with his best friend William Clockwell. While visiting, they were attacked by a robotic zombie. Mark moves out of the area and changes into his costume. The zombie lunges at him and he moves out of the way, only for it to impale itself on a statue. He rushes from the scene and goes back to William. William puts it all the together and discovers that Mark has superpowers. William drives Mark to his house and assures him that his secret is safe with him. [7]

Not long after, Eve flies through Mark's window. She tells Mark her boyfriend, Rex Splode, cheated on her with Dupli-Kate. She then decides that she will quit the Teen Team. He comforts her until Mark's mother interrupts and demands they come downstairs. She lectures the duo, thinking they are in a relationship, until Omni-Man interrupts to tell Mark that the Guardians of the The Globe, the world's premiere superhero team, are all dead. The next day, Mark is at his locker with William and they discuss Mark's secret identity. Their conversation is cut short by the intrusion of a girl giving Mark an envelope. Eve goes to see Mark and she and William both talk to Mark, each not trying to reveal his identity to the other.

Omni-Man and Mark arrive the funeral with many heroes from Image Comics such as Savage Dragon, ShadowHawk, SuperPatriot, and others. The funeral is interrupted by Sanford, Black Samson's butler, wishing for revenge of Samson losing his powers and being kicked out of the Guardians of the Globe. Mark moves Art to safety and Omni-Man defeats Sanford. Mark converses with Savage Dragon for a short time and Omni-Man leaves with Mark. That night, Mark opens up the letter given to him. The girl's name is Amber Bennett, and she leaves her phone number for him.

Perfect Strangers[]

On a Tuesday, William comes over for Mark's birthday. Afterwards, Nolan suggests that Mark and him watch a movie and they relax on the couch. The day after, Eve apologizes for not showing up to Mark's party. Mark and Eve go patrolling and attack the villainous Lizard League. The duo easily defeat them and they talk after. Mark states that they make a good team and their conversation is interrupted by Robot, hoping to get Eve and Mark to try out for the Guardians of the Globe. Eve leaves, angry for some reason, and Mark goes with Robot. He sees Rex Splode and they don't say much to one another. After Mark leaves the bathroom, he looks to the crowd and notices that Rex is fighting with a superhero named Monster Girl. He attacks her and she reverts back to her human form. Rex Splode thanks Mark for saving him, only for him to leave angrily. Robot announces the new Guardians of the Globe line-up, including the former Teen Team minus Eve, Black Samson, and Monster Girl. Robot asks Mark to join as well, but he refuses. He arrives to his house to have dinner with his mom. Mark's mom asks if he has homework and Mark tells her about Amber assisting him in his studies. Debbie, intrigued, asks if they are dating. Mark assures her that nothing is going on. After finishing dinner, Mark goes up to his room with Amber. They study and kiss, not knowing that Eve was watching them.[8]

He would soon meet Doc Seismic, who used wrist bands to create earthquakes and likes fighting famous super heroes. He seemingly sacrifices himself to avoid defeat and Mark heads home. That night, he goes for a drink of milk and Omni-Man asks him to talk. Not in the mood, he goes back upstairs. The next day, Mark talks with William and goes to the comic shop after school. He gets his comics signed by Filip Schaff, the in-comic creator of Science Dog. After the line for the signing disperses, Mark goes to buy comics. He asks the clerk to turn up the news and learns that his father is battling The Immortal, a member of the Guardians of the Globe, who is supposed to be dead. Mark flies to the scene only to see his father impale and tear The Immortal's torso in half. Omni-Man asks that Mark now talk to him.[9]

When Mark learned Nolan was responsible for destroying the Guardians, he confronted him. Omni-Man revealed the Viltrumites weren't really peaceful explorers, but violent conquerors. Omni-Man then tells Mark of his duty and the story of raising Mark. Omni-Man then asks Mark to join him and taking over the planet. Hoping to convince him, Nolan reveals that Mark will live much longer than humans and everyone he loves will pass away. Still not convinced, Mark refuses to join him and the two fight.[10]

Nolan punches Mark into buildings, killing thousands of innocent people. Nolan continues to battle Mark and charges him into a subway. Nolan reveals that he doesn't care about the planet, but Mark states he is wrong. Mark charges into him and Nolan reveals that he will kill Mark if he cares so much about Earth. Mark punches him, only to be smacked away. Nolan continues to pummel on Mark, knocking him to different locations around Earth. Nolan lectures Mark again that the Viltrumites will help Earth. Mark asks what happens if humans resist takeover, with Omni-Man revealing they will die. Nolan grows frustrated at Mark for resisting. Nolan asks Mark after he's lived long enough if what will he have. Mark tells Nolan that he will still have his father. Nolan readies his punch to kill Mark. Hesitant, Nolan decides to spare Mark and flies into space.[11]
Invincible Vol 1 12 001

Omni-Man flies away after battling Mark.

After Omni-Man's betrayal, Mark would be in a coma for almost 2 weeks. Upon recovering, he would encounter a government liason named Cecil Stedman. He gives Mark his job description and asks Mark some questions. Cecil would again visit Mark after he makes a full recovery and explains that he knows that Mark was protecting the planet. He asks Mark to work with him and Mark accepts, marking their new work relationship. After arriving home that night, he goes to talk to his mother only for her to go to bed because of the situation making her depressed. Afterwards, Mark receives a transmission from Cecil and Mark heads into space. He finds Allen, surprised to see him again. Allen tells Mark that he was sent to warn him that a Viltrumite is among them. Mark tells him that he knew and they fly to the Moon. Mark reveals that he is a Viltrumite-hybrid and that his father had left Earth. Allen, shocked and empathic, tells Mark of his own species being killed off by Viltrumites. Mark offers his aid to Allen if he is needed and Allen asks him his next move. Mark says he will finish high school.[12]

Working For the Government[]

Later, Mark would encounter the Flaxans again, the aliens that had fought him and his father earlier. With the Guardians of the Globe and Eve, they defeat them by destroying wrist bands that slow down their aging process.

Invincible Vol 1 14 001

Mark and The Guardians of the Globe stopping a Flaxan invasion.

After the events, Mark flies only to see the Immortal levitating near his house. The Immortal says that he will be watching Mark and that he’ll stop him if he follows in his father’s footsteps. Mark argues that he won’t do so and Immortal flies off. He goes into his room and sees Cecil inside. Cecil tells Mark that him and his father’s conversation was leaked, but tells him not to worry about his identity because he only mentions his first name. Cecil teleports off and Mark heads downstairs to see Art. He checks on his mother to see her watching the news broadcast of Mark and Nolan’s battle. The next day, Mark encounters his friends and they ask him to go to Burger Mart with them. William then reveals that Eve and him are dating. Mark leaves the conversation after William tells him that he thanks Mark and his father for it. Mark would arrive home to see his mother crying on the floor. He comforts her with her causing him to cry. She asks Mark why he had to push Nolan away, much to his sadness. [13]

The next day, Mark talks with his mother about the situation yesterday and Debbie agrees they need to move on. Mark leaves and sees Amber, only to be sent on assignment by Cecil. Cecil reveals that he must marry the queen of Atlantis because the one who kills the husband must become the new husband. Aquarus, the old husband, was also a Guardian and was killed by Omni-Man. Because Omni-Man has left the planet however, the Atlanteans demand his "heir". He goes to Atlantis and goes through a ceremony. Realizing that her servant, Lethan, loves her, Mark devises a plan so Lethan can marry her. Mark leaves Atlantis and flies to his mother. He meets Superpatriot’s wife, Claire, and he leaves with Debbie.[14] Later, Mark stops a new villain named Furnace before he can hurt anybody. [15]

The next day, Mark would assist the Guardians in stopping an Alien invasion. The invasion destroyed his high school. Mark rushes to the scene and is informed that school will be out and graduation will be pushed. Mark and Amber talk about their relationship and they embrace. Mark heads to clear the wreckage with Eve and they discuss her relationship with William. They find a man named Titan, the first supervillain Mark ever fought, moving the rubble. Mark attacks him and Titan offers to help instead.[16] The next day, Mark and Amber go on a date. They head to Mark’s house and enter, seeing Debbie on the couch. They go outside and they kiss. She leaves, stating that it could lead to other things. Later, Mark heads to graduation and heads on stage after Winslow calls his name. He throws his cap in the air, realizing he threw it too hard, but that he is finally ready for college.[17]

Mark heads to the Burger Mart with Amber, William, and Eve. He leaves again for Cecil to send Mark into space. He stops Martians from trying to kill astronauts and returns to Earth.[18]
Invincible Vol 1 18 001

Mark free the astronauts from Martian execution

He arrived to his house and left to go to lunch with Amber. Their lunch date is cut short by Mark being needed on another mission. He rushes to the scene to see Titan again. Titan asks for his assistance in taking down Machine Head, a crime boss, and they fly to Machine’s Headquarters. Machine Head reveals his henchmen. Tether Tyrant attacks Mark but Mark counters him. Furnace attempts to burn Mark for payback when they last fought, but there is no effect on Invincible. However, Battle Beast then attacks Mark and actually defeats him. The Guardians of the Globe, including new member Bulletproof, arrive to handle the rest. Mark later wakes up, recovering from his injuries. Black Samson and Bulletproof, however, didn’t do so well. Mark leaves for his house, only to find Eve in his room.[19]

Eve reveals that she is quitting being a superhero. She tells Mark that her powers are being wasted and she is going to Africa to help out there. Mark, confused at first, accepts. They hug and Eve wants to reveal something to Mark. Hesitant, she leaves. Mark goes to see Art to get his costume fixed. Art suggests making a new one and Mark goes to have dinner with his mother. They discuss Amber and various other topics. Mark then goes to college and meets Rick Sheridan, whom he briefly met at the open house. The class is interrupted by the appearance of a student named D.A. Sinclair. After class, Mark and Amber walk around until another Reaniman attacks. He flies away to change into costume and destroys the Reaniman. He arrives back in civilian apparel to find Amber. Amber, angry at him for leaving for her, yells and leaves. That night, Mark talks with William and he suggests that Mark tell her his identity. Mark says that he shouldn’t. [20]

The next afternoon, Mark receives a call from Cecil to head to Midnight City. He goes to find Darkwing and also notices bodies on the floor. He realizes that this is the original Darkwing's replacement, who was an original Guardians of the Globe member and was therefore killed by Omni-Man. Mark also discovers that Darkwing II is killing people. He fights him and takes him to prison.[21] Mark would later see a movie with William and Rick before going into Amber’s room, much to her shock. He reveals his secret identity to her.[22] Mark would reveal his origin to Amber and the duo would become closer.[23]After finding out, Amber and Mark kiss. Meanwhile, Rick Sheridan is kidnapped by D.A. Sinclair.[24] Mark would go see his mother and reveal to to her that he told Amber about his identity.

Art changes the boots on Mark's costume, marking the debut of the version of his costume Mark would use most often in the future. Mark would next go stop a man named Angstrom Levy, who can travel across dimensions. He made a machine and attempted to find his dimensional counterparts and use their knowledge to "better the human race". Angstrom was being helped by Mark's old foes, the Mauler Twins. Angstrom freed them from prison in exchange to gain their super-intelligence. When Mark attacked the twins and their other-dimensional counterparts that were summoned by Angstrom, Angstrom removed himself from his machine and pleaded for Mark's life. An error occurred in the machine and it exploded. Everyone but Mark, Angstrom, and one of the original Mauler Twins are killed. Afterwards, the Guardians found Mark.[25]

Later, Mark briefly joins a superhero team known as The Pact. The other members are Firebreather, Shadowhawk, and Zephyr Noble. They discover that one of Invincible's old enemies, Doc Seismic, is still alive, and has been living underground with Magmanites. The Pact take Seismic into custody.[26] It is soon revealed that Winslow retired as principal and is now the Dean of Upstate University. He asks Mark if he has seen Rick, who hasn’t. Mark goes to his house and talks with his mother. They are interrupted by what appears to be Science Dog. He fights him at first until they talk peacefully. Science Dog reveals himself to be a mantis-like alien and asks for Mark’s help. He heads back to his house to see his mother drinking again. He leaves and Cecil tries to dissuade him to go to their planet. Mark rebuffs Cecil and goes to see Amber. He tells her that he must leave to go to space and they embrace. He goes with the alien to his space and they arrive to his home planet. They go to the ruler of the planet’s throne, who reveals himself, to be none other than Mark’s father. [27]


Shocked to see his father again, Mark clenches his first, ready to attack him. Nolan readies himself to fight Mark. Instead, Mark cries and hugs his father.
Invincible Vol 1 26 001

Mark hugs his father, happy to see him again.

Nolan embraces Mark as well, stating that he missed Mark. Mark begs his father to come back, but Nolan refuses. Nolan tells Mark about him abandoning his post and him finding the planet. Stating that he went to find a planet, he found Thraxa and was made ruler easily due to his millennia lifespan. They went to discuss things going on and Mark punches Nolan to find out if he isn’t one the Thraxans in disguise. Nolan, aggravated, prepares to attack, but Mark assures him that it was a test. Complimenting his strength, the duo heads to Nolan’s private chambers.

Mark discovered his father had a new alien wife, Andressa. Nolan says that he become a fugitive of the Viltrum Empire for Mark. Nolan also opens a door and says that Mark has a little brother. [28] Nolan reveals to Mark that Nolan’s child aged like his mother but Nolan believed that once his powers come forth he would age slowly like a Viltrumite. He reveals that his child’s purple skin is a deformity and that he would be killed by him if he was in Viltrum. Nolan reveals that the Thraxans chose their own name and that is why he refers to his as Mark’s “little brother.” Nolan asks for Mark’s help because the Viltrumites know Nolan’s here. Mark takes Andressa and her child to the caves of the planet. They are interrupted by a Viltrumite [29]. Andressa distracts him and Mark attacks the Viltrumite.

They escape only for the Viltrumite to catch up to them. Nolan intervenes and Mark gets away, exhausted from flying so hard. Nolan arrives, revealing that he killed the Viltrumite. The duo take Andressa and her child back to the caves. Nolan and Mark goes back to the population to see most of them killed. [30] . Nolan enraged, takes his anger on Mark until two Viltrumites arrive. Nolan rushes to one and attacks him. Nolan loses the upper hand and Mark assist him, only to be knocked away. Nolan and Mark battle the Viltrumite duo and Nolan severely injure one of them.

Their battle appears won until Lucan arrives to attack Nolan, breaking Nolan’s back. Lucan, being disemboweled, succumb to his injuries and passes out. Nolan told Mark to read his books before he was taken away. The Viltrumites then gave Nolan his assignment of taking over Earth and was given a 100 year deadline. Mark goes back to Andressa after healing from his injuries and reveals to her that Nolan was captured. [31] A month later, Mark helps the Thraxans rebuild the civilization from the Viltrumite damage. Andressa then asks Mark to take Oliver because she will die soon. He takes Oliver with him and goes back to Earth.

Other Travels[]

Mark arrives back to Earth to see his mother. He reveals to his mother that he saw his father and reveals to her that Nolan had betrayed the Viltrum Empire. Mark also reveals that he has a little brother, much to her shock. He leaves her with the child and goes to the Pentagon. Cecil lectures Mark on him abandoning his job and Mark retorts by saying that the Thraxans would have died if he didn’t go there. He goes back to his dorm and change, flying to see Amber. Amber yells at Mark and questions whether they should be together. Mark replies that with a simple “yeah”.[32] Mark heads to his mom’s house to visit his mom and his brother. They converse and Cecil sends him on another job.

He throws a rock at Mastermind, a villain with mind control powers and leaves back to his house. Debbie gives Mark Eve’s number and he heads to his dorm. He calls Eve and is invited to Africa. The next morning, he flies with Amber and lands on Eve’s property. She greets the duo and they head inside.[33] Mark heads outside to push himself to fly faster. He lands to see Eve on the roof. Mark catches her up the speed and they head to stop a stampede of animals. They go back and the trio eat lunch and Mark receives a call from who he believed to be Cecil. The caller states that Mark’s mother is in danger and he rushes home. It is revealed that Angstrom Levy is holding Mark’s mother and his brother hostage. He asks Levy to let her go Angstrom reveals his knowledge on Mark and who he is. Mark realizing who he is, angers Levy by calling him “that guy.” Levy punches his mom and Mark charges at him. Levy would send him into a dimension where dinosaurs display anthropomorphic traits. They head to eat Mark, but Mark escapes to face Levy again.

Mark met Spider-Man and the New Avengers. Mark met Spider-man's family and in the process realizes he has a lot in common with him. He teams up with Spider-Man to take down Doctor Octopus. After finally beating him, Invincible found a portal that took him to his home dimension and saw that his mom was beaten up. Angstrom sends Mark to which appears to be The Walking Dead universe. Next, he would go through various other universes including the DC universe. Mark waits until Levy arrives and flies into him. Mark, noticing that his mom’s arm is broken, breaks a hole in the house, clenching Levy. Levy turns it around and punches Mark through as they go through various dimensions. Levy threatens Mark’s family and Mark beats Levy to death apparently.[34] Mark stands in shock and thinks on what he done until a group of Guardians arrived.
Invincible Vol 1 33 001

Mark panics after he killed Angstrom in a fit of rage.

They reveal that they are 15 years from the future and Robot transmits a frequency to get Mark back to his reality. Before he leaves, Eve tells Mark that he has loved him for a long time and that she was devastated when Mark left. He leaves back to his reality and Mark rushes to his house.

Amber embraces Mark and he rushes to the Pentagon to check on his mother and brother. Only having a few bruises and a broken arm, Mark rejoices that his mother is okay.[35] Mark would fight a person named Rampage and flies to see Art. He tells Art about Eve’s love confession with Art suggesting that he make a choice on Amber or Eve. Mark decides on Amber and they discuss Nolan’s betrayal. He asks Art about Nolan’s books and he gives Mark the book. Mark reads the story and the book reveals clues on how the beat Viltrumites. Meanwhile, Robot has transferred his consciousness into a younger, cloned body of Rex Splode, meaning all of his robot shells are merely drones.[36] The next day, Mark heads to his dorm and William discusses a plan to find Rick. William disguises himself as a homeless person and waits to be kidnapped. An hour later, William is kidnapped and Mark attempts to rescue him. He is attacked by Reanimen and knocks one of their visors. That Reanimen is revealed to be Rick Sheridan. Mark pleas with Rick, but to no avail. [37] He finds William and frees him. Rick assists him after recognizing William. Sinclair, the creator of all those Reanimen, attempts to escape and Mark stops him by breaking his jaw. Cecil arrives to the scene and has men take Rick and William to the Pentagon. After learning that Rick will never be the same and be mostly machine, he becomes aggravated. He takes William and flies him out. [38] Mark goes to get rest and heads to Amber’s dorm at Peyton-Noble University. He notices a guy in the dorm and argues with Amber. He leaves to see Cecil and Cecil informs him of Rick’s situation. Mark then leaves after seeing William. Mark goes to Amber’s dorm and goes to see a movie with Amber’s friends.

After, Mark leaves to go to Africa to see Eve. They embrace and converse. Eve and Mark kiss each other,
Invincible Vol 1 38 001

Mark and Eve kiss one other, marking a stepping stone for their intimate relationship.

much to the duo’s surprise. [39] Mark gets a call from Cecil and takes Eve with him. Cecil sends the Guardian to Mars to stop the Martians slave race, the Sequids, who have united under a human host, Rus Livingston, after he was left on Mars and replaced. The Martians destroy their spaceship and Eve forms a bubble for those who can’t breathe in space.[40] The Sequids overwhelm the Guardians but are unable to attach. Robot transmits a pulse and gets the Sequids off. Eve prepares a barrier and Robot prepares to transmit the pulse again. The barrier breaks after is too exhausted to keep it up. [41] New hero and Martian Shapesmith uses his elasticity powers to guard Robot. Mark grabs the device after a brief argument with The Immortal, and activates the device, getting the Sequids off of Livingston. The Martian king states that Shapesmith will be executed and they escape. Mark comes back from destroying a Martian ship and Eve embraces him. They discuss their kissing instance with Mark not being on sure on their relationship. Mark arrives to see Amber, for the same man she was studying with to be there.

From there, Mark decides to break up with Amber because he believe she shouldn’t deal with him being away all the time. She agrees and they cuddle one last time. Mark goes to see Rex after a parade was given to him for saving Earth. Rex meanwhile had witnessed his teammates Dupli-Kate (Kate Cha) and Shrinking Ray sacrifice themselves to kill several members of the Lizard League.[42] Mark would go into space and keeps an eye on the astronauts on a moon base. Mark defeats a Giant with the Guardians of the Globe. Mark would go to his house to see Oliver. They play catch with Oliver surfacing his Viltrumite powers[43]. Shortly after, Mark discusses with his mother about making Oliver his sidekick. Debbie says no and Mark talks about quitting school. Mark states that he isn’t passing and he’s making more money than he would with a college degree. Mark receives a call from Mark to go to space. He sees The Immortal battling Allen and breaks up the fight. They head to Mark’s Upstate dorm and Allen asks Mark to come to Talescria. Mark refuses, but instead gives Allen Nolan’s books to scan.


Allen departs and Mark does homework until he gets an unexpected visit from Eve. Eve comes to ask where Mark stands on her having feeling for him.[44] She stated that she hoped that Mark coming to Africa alone meant he liked her. Mark doesn’t act surprised and stated that a future version of Eve telling him her feelings. Mark, not sure, on what he wants tells Eve he’s not sure. She leaves and William enters. After, Mark goes to class to learn that he failed the course. He has a lunch date with his mother only be interrupted by a Viltrumite Woman. They head to the sky. She attempted to get him on the Viltrumite side, even helping him save people being attacked by a monster. She killed the monster, but Mark still refused to help the Viltrumites. The woman attacks Mark, stating that it wasn't up for discussion,[45] easily overpowering him.
Invincible Vol 1 44 001

After refusing to join the Viltrumites, Mark and Anissa battle

She leaves after reminding that he still has a duty to take over the planet. She also stated that another Viltrumite will check on his progress before flying to space. Mark goes back to his mother and they head home.

Mark goes back to his dorm and gets frustrated. He flies out to get some air. [46] Mark would make attempts to improve his strength and lift a 400 ton weight. Mark and Rex Splode to stop an attempted robbery by two martial artists named Fightmaster and Dropkick. They are interrupted by Multi-Paul (Paul Cha), seeking vengeance on Rex, who blames him for his sister's death. Mark assists Rex, not realizing the burglars had escaped. They all soon learn that Kate isn't dead, as she lived through a "zero" copy. She wanted to stop her brother without taking him to prison, but when she had arrived to help Mark, she found that he had already stopped her brother and was going to send him to prison.[47] Mark notices that William is wearing his costume with Mark jokingly saying William was gay for wearing his costume. Mark would fight Tether Tyrant and Magmaniac again. Oliver would come to assist and the duo defeated him. Oliver discusses him becoming Mark's sidekick and he says they'll "talk more about it later." [48].

Mark, Rick, and William go to the bowling alley and depart with Rick telling a sad story about what D.A. Sinclair done to him. Mark flies over to Africa to see Eve before taking her with him after Cecil sends them to stop Doctor Seismic.[49]. They are overwhelmed and captured until Darkwing II with Reanimen to save them. After the battle cools down, Mark attacks him, calling him a murderer. Cecil intervenes and he leaves to talk with Eve. Mark uses clues and discovers that Cecil had covered up the Darkwing Incident and headed to see him. They argue and Mark discovers that D.A. Sinclair now works for Cecil.

Cecil walks him into the white room and unleashes Reanimen on him. [50] Cecil also reveals that he learned that Mark's equilibrium's is his weakness and transmits a pulse that is deadly to Viltrumites. Mark attempts to fly away from Cecil to get the Guardians of The Globe headquarters. He arrives after and the Guardians assist Mark.
Invincible Vol 1 50 001

Mark attempts to fly away from Cecil after he discovered Mark's weakness.

Rex destroys the transmitter and Robot blocks the frequency and Mark charges to Cecil. Mark says that the money that he has earned is his and threatened to kill Cecil if he recruited Oliver. Rex Splode, Robot, Monster Girl, and Bulletproof quit the Guardians. Mark heads home and talks about it with Eve and mentions that he fears for his life. He also mentions that he thought of Eve before he thought was going to die. Eve grabs his hand and they kiss, symbolizing the start of their relationship. [51] Mark goes flight practicing with Oliver and they head to Art's shop. Mark gets a new darker costume and Oliver becomes Kid-Omni-Man.

Free Agent[]

Mark and Oliver head to fight supervillians from stopping a prison break. Oliver made rookie mistakes but Mark forgave him. When Mark arrived home, he hung out with Eve, and they kissed again, not noticing that they were be watched. [52] The Mauler Twins had a new weapon and appear to have take out the Guardians of the Globe. Mark suits up and flies over there, not so long after Oliver suits up as well and follows him. Invincible begins to fight the Mauler twins, when they become frustrated and launch a nuclear missile. Just then Oliver arrives, and Invincible takes off after the missile. Mark stops the missile and its explodes, leaving Mark unharmed. While Mark is in space, Mark notices that Oliver had killed the Mauler twins and Cecil is comforting him. Mark grabs Cecil and chokes him, explaining that they had a deal, and tells Oliver to get in the sky. Mark explains that they shouldn't kill, but Oliver rebuffs, saying that they can't hurt anyone anymore now that they are dead. Mark tells him human life is precious, and Oliver disagrees. Mark tells him that he sounds too much like his dad. Oliver asks Mark if he ever thought their father was right, Mark replies discreetly... sometimes.[53] The next day, Mark spends time with Eve and Eve recommends that he talk to Oliver. Mark becomes frustrated with Oliver's lack of empathy for humans. He heads to William's room.

William reveals to Mark that he's moving in with Rick, and Mark goes to patrol. He notices Titan and stops him from attempting to break out Multi-Paul. Titan leaves after an astral dragon intervenes. Mark can't stop the dragon and he goes to head to his house. He is stop when Eve was coming to see him. He decides that they go on dates together with no interruption. She agrees and he goes to talk to Oliver. Oliver apologizes and Mark hugs Oliver, much to his annoyance. [54] Mark and Eve would have dinner date in Paris until they are interrupted by Fightmaster and Dropkick. They ask Mark to go to future with them. Reluctant at first, he goes anyway. Mark and the duo allow themselves to be captured and they are taken to a prison. Mark is instead taken to the king. It is revealed that the Immortal rules the world. The Immortal shows states that he wants to die and asks Mark to do it. Mark refuses to at first but when the Immortal starts to reveal events in the future, Mark loses his temper and decapitates The Immortal. He goes back to his current timeline and goes back to Paris. He would arrive to Eve, and they would go to various locations around Earth and space. They kiss after declaring their love for one another
Invincible Vol 1 54 001

Mark and Eve would go to many locations around Earth, showing they love one another.

[55] They arrive back to Mark's room and have sex with each other.[56] The next morning, Mark wakes up and receives a call from Amber.

When he arrived she revealed that her father had died and her new boyfriend Gary has been abusing her physically. Mark asked where he was located. Meanwhile, Oliver was patrolling the city when he came across a giant robot destroying the city. He is being followed by a floating orb. Mark holds Gary by his leg and says that even though he is out of Amber's life he still cares about her. Mark also threatens to kill him if he does it again. Gary promises never to do it again and Mark tosses him across the roof into a pole. Mark finds out where Oliver is and goes to help. Oliver says that the human inside the suit just wants to get out, and Mark says that they'll talk about it later. Mark goes and see's Amber who is happy about what he did and she tells him that she's giving Gary another chance. Mark goes to Eve's house and tells her what happened and they cuddle for a while.

Later, Mark sees Oliver and apologizes to him about not teaching him things, Oliver sees a reflection from the trees and Mark flies to get the orb it blows up in his hand and he says that someone was watching them.[57] Mark goes to Robot to see if he can find out who's spying on him. Mark then goes to Cecil to see if he is the owner of the orb. Cecil tells Mark that it is not him and if he can help track down a fugitive. Though Mark initially refuses, Cecil manages to convince him as he says that the man killed his wife. The fugitive turns out to be the Astounding Wolf-Man. Gary manages to convince Mark that he didn't kill his wife. Mark asks that he come peacefully and he complies. He takes him to Cecil, but Mark has some disagreements with him. Cecil unleashes the Reanimen on the duo, much to Mark's annoyance. [58] Mark and Wolf-Man manage to destroy a few Reanimen until Mark realizes that they will be overwhelmed. Mark flies him out of the Pentagon and they are ambushed by The Immortal, Darkwing II, Dupli-Kate, Shapesmith, and Black Samson, the members of the Guardians that didn't quit. After fighting more, Mark grows tired of holding back on them and he grabs Immortal's head, swinging his body to knock out the Guardians. They manage to escape and he takes Wolf-Man to his estate. Wolf-Man reveals the murderer to be Zechariah. Mark meets Gary's estate manager and friend, Dunford before taking him back to the Elder Brood.[59]

Mark sees Oliver and sees Eve to fight Eve's nemesis, Killcannon. Eve reveals that she started the company Invincible Inc. to make them money. They kiss and cuddle with each other. [60] Mark meets a costumed hero named Powerplex, who seeks venganances on Invincible for his father's battle with him. Mark attempts to capture him, but he escapes. Next, Mark would arrive on staged kidnapping. Powerplex attacks Mark and accidentally uses his power to kill his wife and son. Mark bearhugs him and he loses his power.
Mark Grayson (Invincible) 004

Powerplex attempts to kill Mark only to succeed in killing his family instead.

Mark would visit him with Powerplex stating that he will find a way to kill Mark.[61]

Invincible War[]

Mark would be laying on Eve's bed and be one of the many various Image Comics heroes to respond to the call of his evil alternate dimension counterparts attacking the world. Mark fights one of his counterparts and it appears they are evenly matched. Mark smashes his fist on his temples and is attacked by the Capes, Inc team, mistaking him to be evil. Afterwards, Mark and Eve head assist Cyberforce in killing another of his counterparts. They are successful, but Eve is severely injured. Mark takes her to a hospital to get medical attention. Cecil interrupts and asks for help. Mark refuses, stating that Eve needs him. Cecil pleads, but Mark tells Cecil that he doesn't care and that he has every hero working on this. Mark, Oliver, and Zandale find out that Angstrom Levy is behind the incident. Mark also realizes that it was Angstrom that was spying on him. Mark is knocked back several of his orbs. He crushes one and grabs Angstrom's throat. Oliver insist that Mark kill Angstrom. After a long pause, he decides to go through with it. Angstrom knocks him back again and prepare to escape. Before the portal can close, Mark rips off Angstrom forearm. After four days, Mark looks on at the carnage caused worldwide by his counterparts.
Invincible Vol 1 60 001

Mark looks on to the destruction caused by the alternate versions of himself


The Aftermath[]

Invincible visits Eve in the hospital often while the rest of the super powered community cleans up after the war. Invincible later joins in but blames himself for much of the death and destruction, but he isn't the only one. Many of the human populace view him as the cause of the chaos. Powerplex (who escaped during the chaos, and then chose to help clean up) even attacks him when he goes to the clean up and Badrock has to hold him down and take him back to custody. Later Cecil brings Mark together with Robot, Brit, Black Samson, and Donald Ferguson explaining that Darkwing and Rex are dead, and the Immortal and Kate have quit to have a family. So a new Guardian of the Globe is needed and Mark should be the leader, but Mark is uneasy and still doesn't trust Cecil, so he leaves. After some more self-loathing, a Viltrumite named Conquest shows up to remind Mark of his job of taking over Earth, but Mark is somewhat glad to see him as he needs to hit something. When the duo collided, buildings were shattered and their natural power caused a shockwave.
Invincible Vol

Invincible readies to battle Conquest


The duo charge into each other with Conquest overpowering him. Mark attacks him, and Conquest is amused by his effort. Mark manages to land a few blows, but Conquest gets serious and lands a blow himself, bruising Mark's eye. The duo moves at such fast speeds, Oliver is unable to keep up with them. Mark asks Conquest to listen, but Conquest refuses. Oliver tries to help, but Mark shoves him away, hoping Oliver won't get killed. Mark lands a few blows, but Conquest catches his punch.[64] Conquest slings Mark around, but Oliver intervenes. Mark witnesses Conquest break Oliver's arm and his attempt to rip Oliver in half.

Mark charges into him and Conquest sends him flying across a ship at sea. Eve wakes up and rushes to help Mark. Mark attempts to move Conquest, but he breaks Mark's leg. Eve puts Conquest in an imprisoning bubble, but he breaks out. Conquest easily overwhelms Eve and impales her. Everyone believes she is dead. Conquest then thanks Mark for the battle they are having. In his anger, Mark promises to kill Conquest.[65] They continue to fight despite Mark's body having been broken and his excessive bleeding. His rage allows him to turn the tide as he destroys Conquest's robotic arm, but breaks his in the process.
Invincible Vol 1 64 002

Mark breaks Conquest's cybernetic arm, but breaks his own in the process.

Eve recovers from her injuries and fires a massive energy beam at Conquest that burns all the skin off his body. Mark continues to fight him as the Conquest isn't done yet. In the end, Mark headbutts Conquest over and over again until his skull is crushed, apparently killing him. Invincible then collapses to the ground due to his injuries as the heroes show up to help him. [66]

Mark awakens in the Pentagon hospital with Eve by his side. The two reconcile with Mark noticing that Eve's breasts have gotten larger, leading to an intimate moment between them. He is extremely upset because he thought that he lost her. This moment is quickly interrupted by Debbie Grayson. Later on, Invincible joins the other heroes at the funeral for Rex Splode. Robot takes on Rex's name.
Invincible Vol 1 65 001

Mark, Eve, and other various other superheroes attend Rex Splode's funeral

Afterwards, Mark goes to see Oliver in the hospital. Mark then reveals a shocking revelation he had during his fight with Conquest: in order to truly protect Earth, Mark must kill every villain he encounters from now on.[67]

Invincible, Inc.[]

Invincible and the rest of the superhero committee seem to be finishing reconstructing the cities of the world. Invincible then gets attack by a new villain called Dinosaurus. He then proceeds to rant on how Invincible could be allowing non super-powered people to clean up the damage, which would grant more jobs and help the economy, not to mention the amount of time they would be employed compared to the fast clean-up Mark is doing. After a quick fight Invincible is just about to kill Dinosaurus, but just then the Guardians Of The Globe arrive. Robot then asks Invincible if he was really going to kill Dinosaurus.

Later at Eve's house, Mark explains to Eve what happened the city. Then they have dinner with Eve's parents. After a long and awkward dinner Mark and Eve talk about the prison meeting they have the other day. After the prison meeting, in which Mark agrees to not charge the prison for 3 months, they both meet an older Oliver flying around with a new costume now calling himself "Young Omni-Man". Oliver goes on and tells them that there's no one on the house so they can have some fun.[68]. Mark knocks on the bathroom door and she tells him go away for some reason.

The Sequids commence their attack lead by Rus Livingston in Texas. Mark answers the call first from a nuclear plant and heads off before his mother can tell him what's happening in the city. Mark and Eve face an alien named Universa.

Mark battles an alien named Universa, seeking Earth's energy to save her world.

She tells them that she is on earth for the planet's energy and will not leave until she gets it. After a difficult fight, Invincible manages to get her staff, which is revealed to be the source of her powers. Invincible gets shocked since he can't wield the staff. Atom Eve sucker punches her and rushes to see if Invincible is okay. Right then Cecil enters the room and tells Invincible that the Sequids are back.[69] He then heads off to fight the invasion along with other heroes. The battle seems hopeless, leaving Invincible with only one choice: to kill him.
Mark Grayson (Invincible) 003

Seeing no other to stop the Sequids, Mark kills Rus Livingston, their host, to stop them from spreading

After Invincible kills the possessed he quickly leaves the scene and feels guilt over for what he's done. He returns to his house to tell Eve what he did and how bad he feels and gets cut by Cecil, who ask Mark to come with him to the base. [70]

Cecil tell Mark how he feels about the situation at hand. Cecil tells Mark about how once bad people can be turned good if given a second chance, using D.A. Sinclair as an example. Later on, Mark is helping Titan battle his old master, Mister Liu (who was the same dragon they fought before), but in the process Mark almost kills Titan.

Mark then visits Art and tells him about the things that happened recently in his life, like watching Eve die and him killing. Telling him that the black and blue costume sometimes feels like a curse and that he can't even look at himself anymore. Art tell Mark that he is a good man and tell him that he doesn't have to wear that costume anymore and gives an updated version of his old costume.
Invincible Returns Vol 1 1 001

Mark reverts back to his yellow, blue, and black costume, only changing the gloves and boots.

Mark then meets Eve at his house and asks her if she wants to go to have dinner. Right there Mark's father, Nolan arrives before him. With Allen accompanying him, Nolan tells Mark that he is need and the time of war is upon them.

Mark tells Eve what has happened so far and what he knows about the Viltrumites. He also tells Eve about how he is scared of what the war will make of him.[71]

Viltrumite War: the Beginning[]

In the middle of a Flaxan invasion, Invincible gets a call from Eve, telling him to rush over to a shopping mall. Invincible declines, saying that he is busy and telling her to see if Oliver can take care of that instead. Later on, in Mark's house, him and Oliver are discussing whether they should bring Oliver or not, but Oliver was being persistent and told Mark that he might need his help. Later on their father agrees into bringing Oliver with them. Meanwhile, Nolan reunites with Debbie.

After an emotional goodbye to Eve, Mark, along with his father, his brother Oliver and now the recruited Tech Jacket (Zack Thompson), they all head off to space with Allen to meet the Coalition of Planets. It was on the way to meet up with the coalition that they get attack by the fully recovered and still alive Conquest, Lucan and an unnamed Viltrumite from before.[72] They all fight, and in the middle of the fight Oliver loses his breath and is forced to find the nearest planet to catch some air. Conquest follows him and just about as he is to attack Oliver, Mark cuts him off and the 2 of them continue their fight.

After a tough battle, Mark finally manages to kill Conquest once and for all, but it also left him in the verge of death.
Invincible Vol

Mark kills Conquest by suffocating him, despite being nearly killed in the process.

[73] It is right there where his father and his brother find him. Omni-Man tells Oliver that Mark will recover, but it will take a couple of months before he can be fine again. Meanwhile, The Viltrumite War finally started. After some months, Mark finally regain consciousness and asked his father about what happened and if he was the one to have killed Conquest. Nolan corrects Mark by telling him that it was Mark that have been the one that killed Conquest. They all head off to assist and stop a Viltrumite attack on Talescria.
Invincible Vol 1 74 001

After Mark recovers from his injuries, he, Nolan, and Oliver rejoin the battle on Talescria

It is revealed that there is a traitor among them.

Thaedus gets everyone ready to fight the Viltrumites on their home planet, Viltrum. They all head out to space, finally reaching the Viltrumite planet. Thaedus then gets slashed by a female Viltrumite, Thula, but Battle Beast (who has made a major shift from being Machine Head's bodyguard to a good, anti-Vilturmite warrior) cuts in and begins to fight her. Emperor Thragg arrives with some Viltrumites, and just then Space Racer (another Coalition fighter) arrives with Ragnars, creatures that can battle the Viltrumites. Mark and Oliver fight some Viltrumites, until Mark finally fights Thragg, only to be pushed aside. Oliver insults Thragg and proceeds to punch him. Thragg grabs Oliver's hand and breaks his jaw while ripping his arm off. This angers Invincible and he proceeds to fight Thragg, only to be punched back later. Along with his father and Thaedus, the three of them charge to the center of the Viltrumite planet along with a blast from the Spacer Racer. With the blast from combining with the three charging, the planet explodes. Mark then heads to find Oliver's body, crying.[74]

Viltrumite War: the Future[]

After killing Thaedus, Thragg charges for Mark first. Mark kicks him back and punches him, with no effect on him. Thragg then continues to pummel him while telling him that he had taken away his history, heritage, etc. Nolan intervenes, only to be overpowered as well. Thragg head butts him,only to be stopped by Battle Beast. After Thragg throws Battle Beast away from the battle, Thragg continues his assault on Mark.

Omni-Man kicks Thraggs hand's off Mark so he can get away. Thragg catches up to him and smashes his fist onto Mark face. Thragg grabs Mark by his neck, only for Nolan to try to intervene. Thragg impales Omni-Man and proceeds to talk to Invincible. Kregg, another Viltrumite who is spectating, asks why Thragg hasn't killed Mark and his father yet. Thragg has decided to spare Mark and Nolan. Mark and Nolan are later rescued by a Coalition ship and taken back to Talescria. Mark wakes up in Talescria only to find Allen watching over him.
Mark Grayson (Invincible) 001

Mark wakes up from his coma two weeks after the Battle at Viltrum.

Allen states that he was worried about Mark due to his severe injuries. Mark asks Allen what is he wearing, and Allen says that he is now the leader of the Coalition of Planets since Thaedus has died. Allen tells Mark that he was out for two weeks and shows Mark to his father. He also sees that Oliver is recovering from the injuries (being given a new jaw and arm.) induced by Thragg.

He proceeds to talk to his father about Oliver and finds out that he should be out of a coma in a few days. When Allen gets his report from Tech Jacket on previously Viltrumite occupied planets, he begins to panic. Allen had told Invincible that there was no Viltrumite activity. Mark goes on to say that the Viltrumites wouldn't have let him live if they didn't want to hurt him. He, then, puts the pieces together and realizes they are on Earth. [75] Worried about what's happening on Earth, Mark and Omni-Man head there, and Invincible thinks about what the Viltrumites might do to Earth. Omni-Man tries to comfort his son, only to be awkwardly interrupted by Tech Jacket. Tech Jacket leaves, and then Mark leaves the ship to fly to Earth once the ship gets close enough.

Flying all over the Earth, he doesn't see the Viltrumites. Omni-Man asks Mark to look over and Thragg appears before them. Mark proceeds to attack him, and only for Thragg to grab his neck and throw him. Thragg begins to try and negotiate with Mark. Thragg goes on that he wants a truce due to there only being 37 pure-blooded Viltrumites alive in the universe. He goes on to say that they will occupy the planet, but hide among the humans to interbreed. He states that Earth is the perfect place to replenish their ranks due to Human DNA being similar a Viltrumites'. Mark rebuffs by saying that the Viltrumites will get stronger next time they fight. Thragg reprimands him and saying that fighting today will result in catastrophic losses. Mark isfurious, but agrees to it (thinking back on what could happen if he said no).[76] Thragg commends Mark and tells him how him and Nolan may be the reason the Viltrum Empire prospers again. Tech Jacket arrives to the scene only for him to be told that the war is over.

Mark flies to his house with his father, to surprise his mother. She greets him with a hug. Asking where Oliver is, Omni-Man states that he's injured but alive. Debbie tells Mark to go see Eve. Mark flies to Eve's house and opens her window. Eve, in tears, warns him not to come closer due to her weight gain over the 10 months. Mark embraces her anyway to tell her that he loves her. He lays in her bed to discuss what has been happening while they were gone. She tells Mark that he has been keeping the Invincible Inc. business running by using Bulletproof.

Mark flies off the next day and proclaims that though the war may be over, they didn't win. [77]

Post-Viltrumite War[]

Invincible later goes to visit Art at the Tailor Shoppe. Invincible asks to get his old costume back. He flies back to the Wilkins Residence to talk with Eve.
Invincible Vol 1 79 002

Mark reverts back to his original costume

They begin to converse and they are interrupted by Invincible Inc. calling. Invincible reports and fights several of his past villains. He goes back to his house to see Eve talking with his mom, and wonders what they are talking about. Samantha goes on to say that she thought he was finished with the bank job and popped up to see his mom. Mark, confused by this, wonders why. She states that while he was gone, she bonded with his mother. He leaves to look for his father. Next, Invincible and Atom Eve fly to Dupli-Kate and the Immortal's house, who were married years ago. There they are greeted cheerfully by Kate, the Immortal, and their twins. From there, they have dinner with the group exchanging stories to one another. After dinner is over, Eve goes to help Kate with her twins' baths. Seeing the happy babies, Eve runs out of the house crying. Mark goes after her. He asks why she is crying, and she finally reveals that she had an abortion when he was gone. Mark, shocked at the revelation of her being pregnant before, begins to cry. He embraces her with him apologizing for leaving her alone all that time.
Invincible Vol 1 79 001

Mark hugs Eve, feeling responsible for abandoning her when she revealed she had an abortion


Mark and Eve arrive at his house, only to see his mother and his father about, together. They tell Mark that they are back together after the events of Omni-Man abandoning his post. They also inform him that they are going to Talescria to see Oliver and work on their relationship. As the spaceship leaves, Mark and Eve go outside to talk. After they are finished, they climb into Mark's bed. Mark wakes up and wanted to talk about what happened that night. Eve drops the subject and they go back to bed. Mark goes to visit his old friend, William Clockwell over at Upstate University. Hoping to check up with his old friend, they discuss things. Rick Sheridan, William's roommate comes in, happy to see Mark. He dropped off dinner on the counter and gives William a kiss on the cheek. Mark is shocked and asks William if he is homosexual.

William reveals his sexual orientation to Mark, confused at first, because he assumed that Mark knew. Mark goes on another job and to stop Dinosaurus again. However, he is unsuccessful at stopping Dinosaurus this time, and Las Vegas is turn into glass by several hydrogen bombs. Numerous lives are also lost. He looks into his reflection and wallows in sorrow for not being able to stop him.[79] Later, he would go with Eve and stop a bank robbery. After the event, Powerplex goes to stop Mark but Mark uses his words to calm him down. Powerplex cries after he realizes he killed his wife. Mark comforts him afterwards and he goes home after talking with Cecil. Afterward, he would arrive home to Eve and talk about how things are getting worse.[80] Mark would visit Universa in prison and negotiate with her. He manages to get her released. She gets energy for her planet, and she thanks Mark for being mericful before returning to her planet. Cecil would later reveal that Sinclair has been making Reanimen of the deceased counterparts.[81] Mark stated that this is okay for him to do, surprising Cecil. He leaves the White Room and would go to Monster Girl and Robot's returning party, who were stranded for a time in the Flaxan dimension.

Mark notices that things between Monster Girl and Rex aren't okay. The next day, Mark head to stop Tether Tyrant, but the Guardians have already taken care of it. Magmaniac was killed earlier.[82] Mark would later go to where Las Vegas used to be, and Cecil told him about how Las Vegas is now a large solar panel. Seeing that some good came out of it, Mark realizes that Dinosaurus was right.
Invincible Vol 1 84 001

Upon seeing the solar panels, Mark sees some good came from Las Vegas's destruction

He would next talk to Eve to ask her if he would still love her if he were to do something rash. Eve reassures him, and Mark goes to break Dinosaurus out of the Pentagon. He meets a wave of Reanimen, but easily escape with Dinosaurus. They head to his secret base and begin planning their next move. [83]

Saving the World[]

Omnipotus returns and defeats the Guardians. Mark and Dinosaurus head to the scene and Dinosaurus crushes his head. The Guardians recover and attempt to arrest Dinosaurus and Mark. Mark arrives home and Eve realizes what he had done. Cecil interrupts and asks Mark to talk with him. Cecil begins to talk about how he was impressed with Mark, but he took a step in the wrong direction. Cecil gets a transmission and asks Mark to go to space to see Allen. He notices Oliver with him and asks why they are here. He also notices that his father isn't with him. Allen then tells Mark of his plan to release the Scourge Virus into the atmosphere. Mark becomes angry and asks how similar this is to how the Viltrumites did to the Unopans.

Allen gives his explanation, but Mark isn't convinced. They commence battle until Thragg interrupts to aid Mark, much to his shock.[84] Allen becomes startled and Thragg informs him that he knows about their plan. Allen reaches for the virus dispenser and Thragg notes that he could kill him before the virus could have effect. Thragg offers a truce and Allen reluctantly accepts. Their conversation is interrupted by the Guardians appearing. They attempt to capture Mark again but to no avail. While distracted by the battle, Oliver uses to the time to grab the virus dispenser. Mark notices him flying to Earth and attempts to stop him. They get into a brief scuffle and argument with Oliver arguing that the human loss is lower than a galaxy loss. The duo get into a tug-of-war and Oliver accidentally dispenses the virus into Mark's face. Allen rushes to catch him.

Allen tells Mark not to worry because the virus is meant to pass on from person to person. Mark starts to think that he feels ok. Allen notices that Mark's eyes and nose is bleeding.[85] Mark would be quarantined in the Viltrumite Warship. Mark would be kept there until Thragg attempts to kill him. Dinosaurus intervenes, and is severely injured by Thragg. Dinosaurus grabs Mark and uses an escape pod to leave.

Mark wakes up, noticing Dinosaurus saved him.[86] Dinosaurus reverts to human form and Mark compares him to Oliver. Mark says that he lacks empathy for humans, but unlike Oliver he is "pure intelligence". Mark learns that Thragg attempted to kill him. Bulletproof arrives to save Mark, believing him to have been kidnapped by Dinosaurus. Eve arrives and tells Mark that she sent Bulletproof. Oliver and Allen arrive to the scene and attempt to fight Dinosaurus. Mark attempts to stop their assault and punches Allen. The result of breaks Mark's arm, making him realize that the Scourge Virus has weakened him.
Mark Grayson (Invincible) 002

Mark breaks his arm after punching Allen, realizing that he lost his powers.

[87] Mark is taken The Pentagon and has surgery on his arm. Cecil explains to Mark that the virus has weakened his invulnerability and that he may never get his powers back again. Mark states that this may take some getting used to. Eve has to protect him in a force field while the Guardians take down Octoboss. He goes home, feeling helpless, noting that he may never be Invincible again.[88] A Flaxan invasion of London occurs and Mark asks Eve if he can go. Eve says no, citing that he will be unprotected. After the battle gets intense, Eve decides to go to London herself.[89] Mark watches the news and becomes frustrated, kicking a table.[90] Oliver and Allen arrive to Mark's house, and Mark displaces his frustration onto the duo. Mark apologizes after the duo give their reasons and Oliver asks to speak with Mark in private. Oliver apologizes to Mark for infecting him and they hug. Eve arrives, says goodbye to the duo, and asks Mark if they want to have sex. Mark says yes, though mentioning that not having his powers don't make it the same. Afterwards, Mark begins to feel worthless because his powers desensitize him.[91] Mark would later go to a comic book signing for Science Dog. That night, Mark and Eve begin to have an intimate moment. As they progress, Mark discovers that his powers are back.
Invincible Vol 1 97 001

After an intimate moment with Eve, Mark's power resurface, making him Invincible again.


The Death Of Everyone[]

After discovering that his powers are back, Mark and Bulletproof have a conversation about Bulletproof helping Invincible Inc. Mark allows Bulletproof to keep the Invincible costume and flies off to Dinosaurus's base in his other one. Dinosaurus says that while Mark lost his powers, Dinosaurus had a plan to stop the effects of global warming and famine. He informs Mark that he has placed a bomb in Los Angeles. Mark rushes to Los Angeles to find the bombs. He calls Cecil so that he have the Guardians assist him. After the Guardians arrive, Dinosaurus arrives to the scene and gets into a brief argument with Mark. Dinosaurus mocks Mark for saving Los Angeles when billions matter more. Dinosaurus also reveals to Mark that Los Angeles was a distraction and that he placed a bomb in Greenland, which subsequently detonates. Mark flies up to the air and sees that the effect flooded many major cities around the world.[93]

Mark becomes angry and grabs Dinosaurus to crash him into the ground. Dinosaurus attempts to reasons to him but to no avail. Mark continues to attack him until Dinosaurus launches him. Dinosaurus tries to get Mark to see the "bigger picture" but Mark punches him. He demands Dinosaurus to hear his side and declares that Dinosaurus must die.
Invincible Vol 1 99 003

Mark battles Dinosaurus after realizing he was foolish to trust him.

Dinosaurus defeats Mark and declares that he must die instead. Dinosaurus supposedly kills him by smashing his head in, and dismembers him for the world to see.[94] However, it is revealed that Dinosaurus put Mark in a coma, utilizing Mark's vulnerable ears, and instead killed a depowered, hastily made clone of Mark.
Invincible Vol 1 100 001

Dinosaurus tears Mark's clone in half on live televesion

Invincible Vol 1 100 004

Mark speaking into his subconscious

Mark explains that though Dinosaurus is getting rid of a problem, he caused more harm than good. Dinosaurus realizes that Mark is right and frees him from his coma.

Dinosaurus stated that he developed a god-complex and that he was only trying to save people. Mark asks Dinosaurus for help, but he refuses. Dinosaurus says that there will be some good that comes from his flooding the cities. Hoping to atone for his mistakes, Dinosaurus asks Mark to kill him. Mark walks out of Dinosaurus's base with blood on his clothes, signifying that Dinosaurus is dead. Cecil arrives to see Mark. Cecil reveals the casuality rate and Mark asks Cecil to see Eve before he goes to prison. Cecil instead gives Mark a chance to work for him again. He gives Mark the earpiece and Mark heads home to see Eve. He notices his parents are there too and they chat, relieved to hear that Mark isn't dead. Mark and Eve go to talk in private at his home roof. Mark reveals that he is working for Cecil again, much to Eve's shock. Mark goes on to say that he was reckless and he shouldn't make the same mistakes. Eve reveals to Mark that she is pregnant.[95]

Back with the Government[]

Mark is initially in shock but states that he will stand with whatever decision Eve makes. Not wanting to get an abortion again, Eve decides to keep the child. Mark, excited to be a father, embraces her. They find Nolan and Debra kissing one another. The next day, Mark and Eve head to help the Guardians clear debris. Robot asks Mark why he's here due to his apparent death. Robot's drone attacks Mark until Cecil intervenes to take Mark to the Pentagon. Cecil apologizes and Mark informs Cecil that Nolan is back on Earth. Mark also mentions that he will be a father and asks for his assistance. Mark finally asks Cecil to see Dinosaurus to make sure he's dead, noting what Cecil did with Conquest. Cecil provides the corpse, which Mark identifies as true due to a special marking he placed on it. Mark heads home and asks that a superhero consultant named Sherry to check on Eve's fetus. Reluctant at first, Eve allows her to do it. Sherry uses her X-Ray vision and sees that the fetus is fine. However, she states that Eve must not use her powers because it could eventually kill her fetus.[96]

Mark would later attend his father's inauguration as Emperor of Viltrum, after the exile of Thragg, and the discovery that Nolan's father was the original Viltrumite Emperor, Lord Argall. Mark tells Eve about it. Eve uses her powers to make a ring and even before Mark asks her to marry him, she says she will.[97] After they have sex, Eve realizes that her making the ring may have harmed the fetus. Mark calls Sherry and she reveals that the fetus is alive. However, her previous statement was "playing it safe" and that she must not ever use her powers. She reveals that the calories burned using her powers can feed on the fetus in order to give her body energy. While Eve was away, Mark would battle Mauler again, believing him to be dead. After he and the Guardians defeat Mauler, he heads home to discover that Angstrom Levy has taken his fiancee taken hostage.

He rushes to Levy and is sent to the same dimension that Mark supposedly killed him in. He watches in shock and realizes that an alternate version of him has resorted to cannibalism to survive.[98] Not recognizing him at first, the alternate Mark asks him to join in. He then realizes who Mark is and attempts to eat him. Mark attempts to reason with the cannibal Sinister Mark, but to no avail. Another version of Mark, "Mohawk Mark", arrives and offers assistance. Mark assists his alternate version in taking out the cannibalistic one. Mark returns back to his reality and Mohawk Mark follows suit. Mohawk Mark charges into Levy, but Angstrom reveals that he has had a change of heart after talking to Eve. Levy also reveals that many versions of Mark are evil and it should scare him. He surrenders and opens a portal back to the alternate Mark's home reality. Mohawk Mark quickly takes Angstrom with him and the portal closes. Mark asks Rex to scan the room to figure which frequency the dimension is, hoping to find out what happened to Levy.
Mark Grayson (Invincible) 005

Realizing that Levy is still out there, Mark wants to find him to make sure he isn't a threat anymore.

[99] The next day, Mark stops a burglary and asks Robot to keep him posted on the Levy situation. Mark arrives home to notice that his old room is being converted into a room for his child by Eve. Mark would then be visited by his father, and they head to the moon. Nolan reveals that he has exiled Thragg and that he worries more than ever about his family. Mark also reveals to him that Eve is pregnant with his child.[100] Mark and Eve go to the moon base, now the home of Mark's parents. Eve mistakenly reveals that she is pregnant after Nolan asks Mark if she going to tell his wife. The four have dinner and Mark boasts about his newfound strength. After going back and forth, Mark and Nolan arm wrestle. Mark is able to hold his own for a while until he would notice Anissa watching outside.[101] Mark heads into a Magmanite invasion lead by a newly powered Doctor Seismic and Volcanikka. He attempts to kill the giant monster but is stopped by Doctor Seismic. Doctor Sesmic attempts to incinerate Mark but only burns his costume. He throws Doctor Seismic off of him and rushes to the monster, only for it be killed. Mark flies to the sky and discovers that Anissa had slain it. Curious to know why, Mark cites that he noticed her watching his father and him arm wrestle. Anissa rebuffs and says that she was watching Mark instead of Nolan. She kisses Mark, much to his confusion, and flies off.
Anissa (Invincible) 002

Anissa kisses Mark, much to his confusion.

Mark goes home and Eve pleads with Mark not to go to after Angstrom. That night, when Even is asleep, Mark gets a call from Robot stating that he has found a way to get to the alternate dimension Angstrom is in.[102] Mark and Eve head to the space station Rex is at. After a brief argument with Eve, Robot and Mark head to the dimension.

On their way to the alternate Earth, they encounter an alternate version of Conquest. Conquest demands that the duo come with him or he will kill them. They comply and head to the Pentagon to see the alternate reality Mark that took Angstrom. He gets Mark to go with him and the alternate Mark reveals that he is torturing Angstrom in order to get him to expand the Viltrum Empire. Mohawk Mark says that Mark is one of the few good Marks, and suddenly Robot admits a pulse onto the duo, causing them intense pain. It is the same pulse that was used on Mark before. Robot kills the scientists and fires a grenade into Mohawk Mark's mouth, killing him. Robot then kills Angstrom to ensure that Mark has no way of returning back to his home dimension. Robot tells Mark that he doesn't want to kill him and instead decides to leave him stranded there. [103]


Invincible Vol 1 108 001

Mark looks on at the carnage after Robot betrayed him.

Seeing the carnage and an alternate Kregg coming, Mark thinks of a plan. He switches costumes with the dead version of him and rips out his hair to make it look as if he is Mohawk Mark. Mark lies to Kregg and asks that he handle the Emperor duties until he finds a way to get out. He flies to the Teen Team base to see if an alternate version of Robot is there.

At first, the alternate Robot threatens to kill him, but Mark talks him down. He states that he is from another reality and wants his help. Alternate Robot reveals that Mark had killed Eve in his reality. Afterwards, Mark has Robot come into a lab with him to find a way to get him back home. Reluctant at first, Robot offers his assistance despite risking his death. Mark goes out to search for the Mauler twins and finds one that is still alive. Although they had a brief confrontation, Mark reveals to him that he is from another reality and thus didn't kill Mauler's brother. Mauler offers his help and they begin building a cloning machine so Robot could pose as the new Mark.

Mark asks the Viltrumites to not attempt to rescue him so he could cover Robot and Mauler aiding him. Months later, they finish the project and begin the cloning process. The Viltrumites unleash an alternate version of Monster Girl, who is physiologically an infant, because Robot never helped her dilemma. She transforms into an even larger monster, and Mark heads back home.[104]

Mark arrives back at the old Teen Team base and flies back to his house. He arrives and is relieved to see Eve alive. Mark asks where Rudolph Conners is and what he told her. Eve replies that he said Mark was dead. Mark asks if she knows where Robot is, with no response again. Mark then asks about Eve’s well-being. Eve states that she almost lost their child and that Mark being gone for six months caused her to not want to eat. Eve tells Mark what Robot said and Mark states that he lied. Not caring, Eve goes on to explain that raising her child without him was be the best option.

Mark notices that Eve isn’t wearing her ring and Eve says that she cannot allow a child to live through a life, not knowing when or if its father is coming back. Mark attempts to explain to her that she was right about Angstrom, but Eve refuses to listen. Eve tells Mark that their relationship is over, much to Mark's sorrow. Mark begins to cry and Eve explains that his unreliability is the reason why. Mark asks that Eve leave to where she can’t be found by Robot. He flies out of his house, crying and declaring his love for her.
Invincible Vol 1 110 001

Mark's reaction to Eve ending their relationship.

He is interrupted by the appearance of Anissa. She asks Mark where he has been, who does not want to talk to her.

Anissa tells Mark of the Viltrumite mission and how she isn’t performing on her part. Mark attempts to leave but Anissa stops him, saying that she refuses to mate with humans, but will settle for Mark because he has Viltrumite DNA. Mark refuses her, flying away, but Anissa stops Mark by attacking him. Mark, not wanting to fight, asks her to leave him be. Anissa says she doesn’t want to fight either, but cannot stall the mission any longer. Anissa attempts to seduce Mark, but he refuses her. Losing her patience, Anissa headbutts Mark and continues to assault him. Mark asks her to leave him alone, but she ignores him. Mark attacks Anissa, hoping to sway her away. However, she is enjoying their conflict. Anissa catches Mark’s next punch, complimenting his strength. Anissa uses her superior strength and they land on unknown farm, with Anissa on top of Mark. She holds Mark’s arms back, demanding that he stop resisting. Mark attacks her, demanding that she leave him alone. Anissa puts her elbow on neck, saying that she doesn’t care.

Mark attempts to push Anissa off of him, but is unable to. Anissa tears off both of their costumes. Anissa then rapes Mark. Traumatized by the event, he begins to cry. Anissa demands that Mark “man up” and says that it will probably take a few more times, implying she will come back. She flies away, leaving a traumatized Mark to reflect.[105] Mark receives some clothes from a farmer and flies off to the Pentagon.
Mark Grayson (Invincible) 006

Mark wallows in sorrow, moments after Anissa raped him.

Mark asks Cecil about Robot’s location.
Invincible Vol 1 111 001

Mark witnesses a helpless and pregnant Eve get her leg dismembered, unable to do anything because of his inner ear weakness.

Cecil reveals that they don’t know and questions Mark. Robot arrives, and attempts to lie to Cecil, saying that Mark was killed. However, he sees through it and Robot transmits a pulse to de-power Mark for a bit. Robot slits Cecil’s throat and crushes his skull. Mark, despite being in pain, destroys Robot’s drone. Robot asks Mark to come to Mark's house. Mark flies there and notices that Robot's new drone is with Eve. Mark attempts to attack Robot’s drone, but is blocked by another pulse.

Mark hits him, which only hurts himself in the process. Robot dismembers Eve’s leg, after attaching a latch onto her. Mark bandages her leg and Robot fires a grenade. Mark escapes just in time to save Eve. Eve, after destroying Robot's drone, creates a force field to protect her from the vacuum of space, and the duo head to the Viltrumite Warship.[106] Eve tells Mark worriedly that their baby might be in trouble now, and becomes unconscious. Mark asks his father to help him and Eve is put into surgery. Meanwhile, Rex kills multiple superhumans and takes over the world.

All Hail Rex[]

Mark falls asleep, and awakens to see Sherry holding his newborn daughter. He grabs his daugther and holds her, crying. Sherry tells Mark that Eve won’t have a human leg anymore. Mark says that he is happy that she is alive. After her surgery is over, Mark heads to see Eve, who asks to hold their child. He leaves to talk to his father and learns that Monster Girl is in surgery after attempting to fight Robot. Their conversation is interrupted by Anissa reporting to Nolan about Robot’s drone. Mark shakes at the sight of her, and she whispers to him that she “missed him”. Mark offers to help his father fight Rex, but Nolan suggests that he tend to Eve. Eve, having lost the weight gain immediately after childbirth, uses her power and rebuilds Mark's Invincible costume, and tells him to save the world.[107]

Mark rushes to Robot’s drone, but stops and wonders why the Viltrumites aren’t attacking it. Anissa offers to help him up, but Mark smacks her hand away. Nolan intervenes and tells Mark that the Viltrumites have negotiated with Rex. Mark rushes to the Pentagon and confronts Rex in person. Rex attempts to reason with Mark for a long while. Rex finally gets through to Mark, who heads back to the moon. Mark informs Eve that Rex has actually won.[108]

Mark heads to William and Rick’s dorm, and William tells Mark all the good things that have been happening since Rex’s takeover. After, Mark takes Eve to her parents' house and they have dinner with them. They meet Eve's daughter. The next day, Mark and Eve go to funerals of Black Samson, Knock-Out and Kid Thor, and Cecil’s. Mark flies in the sky, only to be interrupted by the Immortal. The Immortal asks for Mark’s help in stopping Rex. Mark goes on to say that Rex is doing the right thing, logically, no matter how evil it may seem. The Immortal points out that the world doesn’t make sense, it never has, and it needs to stay that way. Touched by his word, Mark asks his father for help again. Nolan refuses again. Mark looks behind him and notices that Anissa is there. He grabs her throat and tells her to back off. Anissa tells him that she is enjoying this and says that it makes her want to “speed up their next encounter.”

Mark lets her go and goes back to his house. Mark starts to daydream, but Eve gets his attention. He realizes that he won’t be able stand aside and let Rex take over, but also takes into account that he is a father now. He suggest that they leave Earth instead so their child won’t lose their father.[109] Mark heads to the comic stores and buys some comics for the last time. He notices Amber Bennett, happy with another man. He smiles and leaves to find Rampage attacking. He saves the people in the vicinity and Rex’s drones intervene. Rex attempts to reason with Mark and asks him to work with him. Mark flies off and meets D.A. Sinclair unexpectedly. Sinclair tells Mark that Rex isn’t popular with the Global Defense Agency, and they might be able to fight Rex.

Mark heads to see The Immortal and Dupli-Kate at a safe-house. Believing Mark and Eve were aiding them, Immoral gets into an argument with Mark. Mark and Eve leave to go see a movie with William and Rick. That night, Eve would attempt to seduce Mark, but Mark refuses, still guilty over what happened with Anissa. The next day, Mark goes to eat with Art and Nolan. Afterwards, Mark says his goodbye to Nolan and goes to the moon to see his mother. Mark says his goodbye to his mom, and goes with Eve to the transport ship. During their journey, Eve decides to give their daughter a name, Terra. Mark agrees to it, saying it’s a beautiful name, making another step to fatherhood.
Invincible Vol

On their journey to Talescria, Eve and Mark decide on the name, Terra, for their daughter.



Mark, Eve, and Terra arrive in Talescria. The trio is greeted by Allen, with two bodyguards beside him. Allen gets a closer look at Terra, commenting that she is cute. Terra punches Allen's eye and his bodyguards attempt to intervene. Eve puts up a force-field, but Allen stops his men from attacking first. Allen remembers that he has duty to attend to, and that someone else wants to meet them. Oliver arrives on the scene with a new appearance, and being much older. Oliver offers to cook dinner with his girlfriend. Allen leads Eve and Mark to their new house, and then leaves to resume his duties. While Eve changes Terra's diaper, Mark goes to ask Eve where to put her clothes. Afterwards, the two fall asleep with Terra. Eve wakes up to put Terra in her crib and attempts to get intimate with Mark. Mark panics and flies into a wall. Eve asks Mark if there's something wrong, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Oliver and his girlfriend, Haluma. They bring groceries in and Eve directs to the kitchen.

Mark and Oliver go to talk about Haluma. Oliver comments to Mark that her lobster-like appearance may seem strange, but that's what he's attracted to. Mark comments that he's happy for him. The four sit down for dinner and Oliver asks Mark to try the food. Mark takes a bite, surprised at how much he enjoys it. After dinner, an exhausted Mark falls asleep on the couch. The next morning, Mark goes to the bathroom to defecate what he ate. Eve knocks on the door and asks him if he's okay. Mark attempts to flush, but to no avail. Eve arrives with Mark, believing he broke something. Eve finds a button on the side and flushes it down. Mark heads to a window and Eve follows him. She holds his hand and they kiss. As they get intimate, Mark begins to cry, and a worried Eve wonders what's wrong again. Mark sits down and, with enough persistence from Eve, finally reveals that Anissa raped him. Mark goes on to say that it happened after Eve broke up with him.

Eve attempts to comfort him but Mark pushes her away. Mark goes on to say that he refused her, and him holding back may have allowed it to happen. Mark ponders on the question and Eve begins to cry. Eve noticed that Terra had stopped breathing[111]. Mark and Eve rushed her to a nearby hospital. They arrive and are asked to sign paperwork.
Invincible Vol 1 119 001

Mark flies Eve and Terra so that he can find a hostipal to find out what's wrong with Terra.

The doctor arrives and scans Terra, asking what species she is. Eve tells her that she is a Human/Viltrumite hybrid, which makes the doctor want to refuse her treatment. Mark demands that he does it anyone, and the scared doctor complies. They ask to go with him, but the doctor insists that they'll only be in the way. They wait in the lobby and Oliver arrives with Haluma.

Mark begins blaming Haluma's food. After a heated discussion as to the source of Terra's illness, Mark began crying in grief over the thought of losing her. Eve comes back from the emergency room to tell Mark that Terra is fine. The doctor tells them that the food she ingested caused her to be oxidized and since Viltrumites can hold their breath a long time, she didn't need to breathe. However, the doctor said that her not breathing caused the oxygen to not rush to her brain. Mark goes to Allen's office, who asks him if his superhero duties are over. Mark says yes, but Allen says that he must make some form of payments, since it exhausts Coalition funds. Allen remarks that he would let him stay here free of charge, were it up to him. Allen offers him a job as a spy for the Coalition. Mark is hesitant, but accepts. He arrives home and finds Eve cooking. Eve tells him that she must eat Geledarian food in order for Terra to be healthy, since the similarities are close to human food. After cleaning and eating, Eve finally talks to Mark about the Anissa situation. Eve asks that Mark doesn't blame himself about it and that they'll work through it together. Eve attempts to kiss Mark, but Mark backs away. They hear a knock on the door and Allen reveals that he doesn't think Battle Beast will win and ask Mark to finish Thragg off while he's weakened. [112]

Mark and Oliver examine the aftermath of the battle between Thragg and Battle Beast on Thraxa. They cannot find either of them, but a local informs them that the flesh of Battle Beast was burned in a massive celebration. They return to their ship and later find Thresha, Battle Beast's girlfriend, and Space Racer floating around in a debris field in space. The two are given medical attention. Thresha breaks out of her stasis field and attacks the members on the ship, in a fit of rage over Battle Beast's death, but is eventually subdued. Mark returns home where he discusses the recent events with Eve. As the two get ready for bed, Eve claims that she wants to do more than just go to bed. She tells him that it's okay if he doesn't want to, but Mark says he wants to try.

Mark is awoken by Terra crying, and he goes to care for her. They spend a lot of time together, with Mark doing fatherly things like feeding her, getting thrown up on, playing with her, and reading to her. Mark tells him how much he cares for her, and that she is the best thing that has ever happened to him. He also tells her that if she comes home drunk, or destroys their vehicle that he will scold her, because that's his job. Eve wakes up to see Mark and Terra having some father-daughter time. Mark suggests they go out to eat and see the world. While walking in the park they see a young alien girl trying to get her "cotha" out of a tree. Mark saves the cotha, and the girl eats it alive. Mark tells himself and Eve that it's an alien planet, and Eve says that it won't let them forget. Mark hopes that Thragg got sucked into a black hole, unknowing of Thragg's actual condition.[113]

Over the next few weeks, Mark spends time with Eve and Terra as they adjust to life on Talescria. Mark and Oliver go on a job for the Coalition and find an illegal Kanslok farm. They fight a creature known as a Rynax. After defeating it, they report back to Allen, who tells them that Thragg has probably killed Space Racer.[114] Mark, Oliver, and the Coalition decide to move in on Space Racer's last known location. When they arrive however, Thragg was gone. They start searching the planet. Mark enters a cave where he finds a creature emitting a blue light. Upon touching it, a flash of light blinds him, and the next thing he realized is he was sitting on the toilet, reading Science Dog, the same way he was before he had his powers.
Invincible Vol 1 123 004

Mark touches a light and is thrown back in time.



Mark progressed through the day with knowledge of everything that would happen. He approached Atom Eve and asked her about the Teen Team. She hadn't met him before and was shocked that he knew her secret identity. She dragged him to meet with the others. They were all in disbelief that he knew so much about them, yet they had never met him before. Over the next week, he told them how to win all of their future battles with David Hiles, the invading Flaxans, and the Mauler Twins.

Soon, Nolan noticed that Mark seemed depressed. He asked Mark what was going on. Mark took him outside and revealed that he had his powers. Nolan was elated. However, Mark told him he needed to promise that he truly loved him. Nolan said he did, of course. Then Mark asked him not to turn evil and invade Earth as he was secretly planning to.[116] Nolan became angry and immediately attacked Mark. Mark led him to Utah where he tricked Nolan into smashing into the Guardians of the Globe headquarters. He revealed Nolan's plans to the Guardians and they subdued Nolan before he could kill them. Cecil Stedman soon arrived and brought Nolan back to the Pentagon to restrain him. However, upon waking up, Nolan pleaded that he was sorry, and that he felt regret for what he had done.[117]

Later, Mark continued to save countless lives by knowing when the bad guys would strike and how. He saved Eve several times, but had to keep his distance as she was still dating Rex in the present timeline. One night Mark is once again approached by the mysterious entity. It offered him a chance to stay there and save lives, or return home. He decided to return home, as he couldn't bear to be away from his daughter. The entity was confused that he would trade countless lives for for one, but Mark confirmed his decision. Mark was brought back to his original timeline.

The New Status Quo[]

Mark learns that five years has passed since he experienced the "reboot". He flies back to Talescria, and discovers that Terra was now a small child instead of a toddler.[118] Mark begins to weep about having lost precious time with his daughter, and asks for her forgiveness. She forgives him and they embrace. A sad Eve embraces him too. After putting Terra to bed, Mark and Eve discuss what happened during Mark's venture in time. He cries as he says that the many lives he saved are lost due to him choosing his daughter over them. Eve comforts him. They take Terra to school, and later they go to meet Allen. Allen embraces Mark and is joyous to see him. Mark asks about Oliver and Allen says that he is fine. Allen asks for Mark's help again to stop Thragg and Mark blatantly refuses. He goes to a party at Allen's house later and talks with Oliver. Mark watches the sky while others are mingling. Oliver asks how he is doing with Mark not recognizing him at first. Mark starts to cry and Oliver conforms him. The next day, Mark and Eve go on vacation with Mark being happy to have his family back. They arrive and Eve reveals that she was seeing someone while Mark was gone.[119]

While talking with Eve about it, he says that he understands. Later, he tries to take Terra flying, but she gets scared. Mark later reads Terra a story. After they relax throughout the day, Mark and Eve think about what's happening on Earth since they haven't heard from Nolan in a while.[120] They later visit Allen in the hospital after his attempted assassination. Later, Mark, Eve, and Terra visit Nolan and Debbie on the Moon, where Mark learns that Nolan and Rex have become friends. Anissa, having heard that Mark is back, tries to talk with him, but gets attacked by Eve and sent away by Nolan. Mark tells Eve later that he doesn't want his parents to know what she did to him.[121]

Mark briefly goes to Earth where he and his father meet up with Rex. Rex tells Mark all the good he has accomplished in the last five years, and how everyone but Monster Girl and Monax are on his side. Rex has even managed to sway some villains, such as the Mauler Twins, by just giving them what they want, if their desires are reasonable enough. Mark talks to his father privately in outer space, where he says that he still cannot trust Rex after everything he's done. Nolan tries to convince Mark that Rex's leadership is a good thing, but to no avail. After saying goodbye to his parents on the Moon, Mark and his family leave. Mark reflects on how strange his life has been, which Eve misinterprets as him passing judgement on her affair with Kubian. Mark apologizes, even though Eve says that she should apologize because she was the one who did something wrong. When they get back to their new home planet, Mark asks Eve if she wouldn't mind hiding out there forever.[122]

Mark and his family are then attacked by Onaan and Ursaal, two of Thragg's new Thraxan-Viltrumite children and the only documented pair of Viltrumite twins. Onaan threatens Terra so Mark attacks him, while Eve takes off with their daughter. Mark then sees them being attacked by Ursaal, so he quickly takes down Onaan and flies to punch out the sister. Eve convinces Mark to take Terra as he can fly faster. Mark asks Terra to be brave while they fly very fast to get away from Onaan. Terra starts to have trouble breathing, so Mark is forced to slow down and fight Onaan. Onaan manages to get Terra away from Mark and drops her.[123] After she falls out of sight, Mark manages to break away from Onaan and finds Eve fighting Ursaal. Mark knocks her into the ground, and Eve tells Mark that she thinks Terra is still alive. They manage to capture Onaan and find her next to Oliver's dead body and Thragg. Mark asks Thragg to let her go, and Thragg calls his bluff, saying heroes don't kill. Mark surprises Thragg by killing Onaan instantly, and in a blind fury Thragg rips Mark in half. Ursaal returns to severely injure Eve, before Thragg tells his daughter to let them die slowly. Once the two fly away, Eve uses her powers to heal both herself and Mark. Mark sees Oliver's dead body and changes his mind, saying he wants to defeat Thragg once and for all, and Eve agrees with him.[124]



  • Human/Viltrumite Physiology: Mark is a Human/Viltrumite hybrid and this gives him access to Viltrumite powers. Because humans are biologically similar to Viltrumites, this gives Mark the potential to become as strong as any pure-blooded Viltrumite. As Mark pushes himself, he can become faster, stronger, and more durable than he was before. Because of his Viltrumite heritage, Mark has the following powers:
  • Superhuman Strength: Mark has strength beyond human levels. He was able to destroy planet Viltrum with assistance from Nolan and Thaedus.[125] Upon first getting superpowers, he was able to throw a trashbag from the United States all the way to England.
  • Superhuman Speed: Mark is capable of at moving at speeds beyond Human levels. Mark was able to transport David Hiles from the United States to Antarctica in a few seconds [126]. He is able to get into orbit within a few minutes. He was able to move from the Pentagon and get to his house with a few moments [127]. His reflexes are lighting-fast, he can even automatically dodge or intercept bullets.
  • Superhuman Stamina: Mark has stamina much greater than normal Humans. Mark has been able to exert himself for hours upon battling his father.
  • Superhuman Endurance: Mark's endurance is greatly enhanced beyond human levels. He was able to survive disembowelment, survive in the vacuum of space without needed to breath, and withstand blows from Thragg, who was said to be the strongest Viltrumite.
  • Flight: Mark has a complex balancing system in his inner ears that gives him the ability to fly [128].
  • Interstellar Travel: Mark can survive, move, fly and comfortably function in outer space without aid.
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity: Mark has a lung capacity to hold his breath for weeks at a time.[129]
  • Invulnerability: Mark is virtually immune to any/all kind of damage. Only beings of similar strength can actually inflict damage on Mark or even pierce his skin. Mark has been shot with bullets and none were able to pierce his skin. Mark has survived a nuclear bomb being blown in his face with no damage[53]. Mark has survived the explosion of several hydrogen bombs with him minimal injuries[130].
  • Enhanced Healing Factor: Invincible is immune to all diseases, disorders, imperfections, and can heal and regenerate from any injuries, even those that would normally kill Humans. Depending on how severe his injuries are, some injuries he's sustained can heal from in weeks and others take longer. After his battle with his father, he healed in 2 weeks. After his battle with the Viltrumites on Thraxa, he didn't make a full recovery until a month later. During his first battle with Conquest, Mark broke his radius and his femur and three days after had bruises and required crutches to move. In a few months, he healed in a few months. During his second battle with Conquest, he was disemboweled and took him a few months to recover. Like all Viltrumites he adapts to any bodily harm as he regenerates.
  • Decelerated Aging: Mark's aging process is slower than the average Human, as he gets older his aging process will exponentially slow down further, eventually he'll stop aging. Mark can potentially live for thousands of years and will still be in his physical prime [131].
  • Dominant Genetics: Due to to his Viltrumite heritage, Mark's human genetics were overridden when he was conceived, making him more pure-blooded Viltrumite like Nolan, than human. [132]


  • Indomitable Will: Mark has been severely injured and still continued fighting, despite the pain. Mark continued fighting after his leg and arm were broken, and he was disemboweled. Mark fights for what he believes is right.
  • Genius Level Intellect: Although not usually stated, Mark is capable of fully memorizing and understanding complex ideas and skills, learning and adapting to any situations and environments instantly.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Leadership:


  • Vulnerable Ears: In order to achieve flight, a Viltrumite's equilibrium must be balanced. This system is located in their ears and thus anything that disrupts their inner ear function can disrupt their flight. This does not include loud sounds, but much rather certain pitch pulses. It can cause Mark's ears to bleed and possibly kill him if down for too long. This weakness has only been demonstrated on Mark, but it is implied that other Viltrumites share it. [133]
  • Short-Tempered: Mark has lost his temper quite a few times, notably resulting in the apparent death of Angstrom Levy. [134]



  • His uniform


  • Invincible was first previewed in Tech Jacket #1 (October 2002). He then made a cameo appearance in Noble Causes: Family Secrets #3 (November 2002).
  • Mark is an avid comic book fan as he is seen in some issues going to comic stores to buy comics [135] [136].
  • Either through better art or changes, Mark's physique would grow slightly larger and more toner than his start as a superhero.
  • Outside of Image Comics, Mark has made guest appearances in Marvel Team-Up (Vol. 3) #14 and The Tick #100.

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