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  • Mr. Sloan (First Appearance)
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  • Japanese Flight Attendant
  • Rex’s assassination targets (Death)




  • Rex's implant


  • Rex’s moped.

Plot Synopsis for "Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode 1 of 3"

Invincible Presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode Vol 1 1 001

Rex being prepped for surgery.

During the time of Christmas, Rex manages to steal food from a local market. He heads into an alley as he manages to escape. He is hit by a grenade and a man approaches him, asking he is stealing. Rex surrenders, believing the man had come to arrest him. The man rebuffs, wanting to know why he’s doing it. Rex argues that his family is starving and that he needs to do it to survive. He asks how Rex’s family feels about it. Rex sarcastically asks who do you think sent them. The man laughs as he leaves the ally. Rex apologizes for not getting better food. That same man emerges, greeting the family. He gives them steak and introduces himself as Radcliffe. He offers the duo a lot of money and a chance to come out of poverty. Mr. Sloan asks what will Radcliffe want in return. Radcliffe looks at Rex and Mr. Sloan realizes what he wants. He happily offers Rex and the duo shake hands.

Rex and Radcliffe go to his facility disguised as a mansion. He shows Rex his luxurious room to him. He asks if the men around the facility work for him. Radcliffe assures him they do. Over the years, Rex would be trained in Acrobatics and Martial Arts such as kickboxing. He would also be given chemical enhancements to enhance his strength and invulnerability. He would also be prepped for surgery and Radcliffe wishes a worried Rex luck. His wrists would be cut open so that implants. His tendons and muscles would be moved to help with placing the implants. A surgeon reveals that the implants are going well.

Invincible Presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode Vol 1 1 002

Rex on his first mission

After the surgery, a worker reveals to Rex how the implants work. He reveals tha the implants don’t work on objects with carbon in them, stating that it only works on inorganic orbjects. He also reveals that the implants only accelerate the molecules with potential energy, similar to how Marvel character Gambit’s work. He says that Rex must put kinetic energy into it in order for it to explode and that his chemical enhancements have made him durable enough to withstand his own explosions. He touches his head and sets it on fire by flinching his wrist. Radcliffe emerges and says that he will be mission ready soon.

He performs a retrieval mission and destroys the house he had assigned, killing many guards as well. Rex returns from his mission and Radcliffe congratulates him. He goes on to say that he has another mission. He gives him a passport with the name “Rex Radcliffe.”

He asks if what they’re doing is right and Radcliffe argues that the world is starving and that the people he’s assigned to kill are “cup noodles.” He leaves to go on another mission in which appears to be Florida. He utilizes his Stealth skills and rings the door, charging a baseball with potential energy. The man finds the baseball and throws it. The kinetic energy causes an explosion, making it seem the house exploded by arson. Rex goes back and Radcliffe gives him a moped for his birthday. A happy Rex mentions that his own father didn’t remember his own birthday. Radcliffe argues that he’s there because Rex’s father sold him for steak.

Samantha Eve Wilkins(Invincible) 003

Rex's first encounter with Atom Eve.

Rex goes on a flight and arrives in Japan. The attendant checks his luggage as he only has baseballs. He begins his assassination missions and blows up the entire house and hideout. He returns back to the United States and receives a mission from Radcliffe to destroy the Pentagon. Radcliffe reveals that the new director of the Global Defense Agency has gone rogue. He says that even though the target is one man, he wants it all destroyed. A worried Rex heads to Washington, D.C. and sees Eve fighting Killcannon. He grabs a rock, mistaking her for an enemy.


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