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  • Rex’s moped.

Plot Synopsis for "Invincible Presents: Atom Eve & Rex Splode 2 of 3"

Invincible Presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode Vol 1 2 001

Rex accidentally kills Radcliffe from their brief dispute

Rex drops the rock and talks with Eve reveals herself to be superhero. Rex asks for advice about a decision he will make. They are interrupted by Killcannon, but Eve gets Rex away in time. Rex throws a pebble at him and then throws a charged brick on him. This causes him to vomit and the duo continue where they left at. Rex asks for her advice in wondering he should complete his mission and kill his target in the Pentagon. Eve says that he shouldn’t do it and she offers him a place to stay while he figures out. That night, Rex goes and leaves Eve a note with her hoping that Rex makes the right choice.

Invincible Presents Atom Eve & Rex Splode Vol 1 2 002

Rex destroys to the facility in a fit of panic

At the Pentagon, Cecil opens a suitcase, revealing that Cecil was his target and that he decided to spare him. Rex begins packing up his stuff to leave Radcliffe’s mansion. He walks through the hallway and notices many photos of Radcliffe with people including President Ronald Reagan. He notices a man with a star tattoo on his hand in one of the photos. This reveals that it was his father. Radcliffe yells for Rex and he reveals that the pictures were from the 1980s black ops mission. He also demands to know why he didn’t complete his mission. He slaps him in anger and asks why has he done this. Rex calls him a liar, citing that he knew about his father’s poverty. Radcliffe argues that he gave him a new life and power, stating that he only asked for loyalty. The struggle between the duo causes him to touch Radcliffe’s glasses, charging it with potential energy. Radcliffe accidentally touches his glasses, causing his head to explode. Stressed and panically, Rex grabs some rope and lights it with a charge. He throws it and causes the entire facility to explode.

He goes back to Eve’s room and talks to her about it, saddened by the situation. Eve asks if he had destroyed the entire facility. She mentions that Radcliffe has hard drives, notes, etc. He begins to panic as the government will likely salvage it

Meanwhile, a scientist confirms that Radcliffe had died there and Steven Erickson smiles sadistically as they attempt to salvage what information they can.


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