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Elias Brandyworth hurries to transport a pregnant woman. He asks that the ambulance transport her carefully so that the fetus isn’t damaged. He speaks angrily with Steven Erickson, arguing that a military facility is too far for the baby to receive medical attention. He stresses the nurse more about the importance. The woman’s eyes begin glowing pink and she begins to give birth. Erickson arrives with military police and they find Brandyworth. A sad Brandyworth reveals that the child is dead.

A sad Betsy Wilkins and Adam Wilkins cry as she had gave birth a stillborn baby. A nurse returns with a baby, though they are confused. The nurse details that the baby needed intensive care to be ready. The duo look at her in joy as they name the child Samantha Eve Wilkins. The duo go to see a movie with Eve and she sees Brandyworth, reaching out for her. A few months later, Betsy feeds Samantha and she prepares to say “apple.” She calls in Adam and she ironically says that chemical composition of apple, “CH2OH.” This showcases her understanding of atoms at even in early age.

Years later, a boy babysits Samantha while doing his homework. He questions why Mercury is a liquid, but with solid metals. Samantha demonstrates even further her scientific knowledge of atoms and molecules. She reveals that it’s surrounded by solids because 5Dio6S2, making its outermost electrons in symmetric and stable quantum state. She goes on to say that 12 Sulfur electrons aren’t likely to make chemical bonds, making it a liquid. He offers her cookies if she can help.

Years later, Samantha’s talent in science would be noticed by Dean Echeverria who offers financial aid while Samantha is admitted there. He goes on to say no lagging behind would be tolerated. Samantha sees Brandyworth outside and he waves, smiling. More time passes by and she gets into an argument with her father about being kicked out.

She argues that she only excelled in science, contrary to other academics. She storms out in anger after saying she wished “was adopted.” Betsy knocks on the room and leaves her dinner. She gets chicken, much to her anger. Wishing for a cheeseburger, she discovers her Transmutuation powers by accident. Later that Christmas, she would get an outfit that she didn’t like and change it using her powers. She would constantly practice her powers so that she would get better. Next, she would fight crime for the first time against dog thieves.

She would change the cages into dog treats and Brandyworth witnesses it. Brandyworth reveals to her that he is her real father and reveals to her that he created her. He reveals that the government used his work to make her a human “atom bomb.” He details how he made a mistake and he fell in love with her mother. She becomes happy knowing that she was adopted. Brandyworth reveals that the Wilkins stillborn baby was traded with her to protect from the US government. He asks that she stop using her powers or the US government would notices. By mid-adolescence, she would begin her crimefighting debut as Atom Eve. She would fight Killcannon whom she would easily beat. Brandyworth would emerge, reminding her not to use her powers. She argues that she’s using a mask to protect her identity.

Under the Pentagon, Erickson, Donald Ferguson, and Doctor Rodgers meet. An angry Erickson argues that the branch will be shut down if they can’t get better super soliders. Donald argues that they have Brit and Erickson mentions that Brit is outdated. The trio go out and see the disfigured four creations. He asks that the creations be destroyed. A team member directs Erickson and sees Eve on TV exhibiting traits from Brandyworth’s subject. He tells Donald to halt the destruction as he may have use for them.

Eve sees Brandyworth an alley after studying his habits of watching her. He wishes her a happy birthday with Eve mentioning that her adoptive father didn’t remember it. He reveals to her that he was there and she notes that she doesn’t know his name. He reveals his name to her and that he used to be an assistant director at the Pentagon’s superhuman development. He talks to her about his hiding and how he was homeless. She offers to get him coffee and he agrees. She asks how his mother was and asks if she was his assistant. Brandyworth remembers how she was a homeless woman, meaning that he likely asks her to be Samantha’s mother. He cries thinking about it and he lies about her true origin. They are interrupted by a police car and Eve prepares to go to the scene, despite Brandyworth’s pleas not to.

Invincible Back Story

At the Grayson House, a much younger Mark reads a book while Debbie prepares dinner. Nolan arrives home, asking if he has his superpowers. Mark says no and he says he will get dressed for dinner.


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