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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Eve flies and changes into costume. He arrives at the scene with Bolt being there. The police officer says that there looking for a girl with Eve’s description and that they are holding people hostage. Eve enters and Phase II speaks with her. He promises to keep the hostage alive as long as she doesn’t fight. He reaches for Eve but she puts a force field up and it cuts his hand. He becomes angry and talks about how he wasn’t able to compete with Eve.

He goes on to say that she is perfect and he hates her for it. He talks about how the other Phases hate her too since they haven’t been out of their tubes long. The other four begin attacking her and they manage to overwhelm her. She builds a barrier and drills a hole so that she can escape. The five of them notice and Phase II charges. She hits him with a pipe, confused on why he’s attacking her. He states his name as Phase II, “Second try”, and “get back in the tube, boy! You make me sick.” He melts the pipes with by turning his hand with a molten rock. Another Phase begins throwing plasma shoes at Eve, but she easily stops them. She opens a hole into the wall and closes it behind her.

Phase II breaks a hole into a wall by morphing his hand into an anchor. The five Phases capture Elias Brandyworth. A sad and enraged Eve manages to get her released and she seals a hole. Brandyworth reveals that Mental Blocks have been installed into her brain so that she couldn’t use her powers on living matter. He also reveals that if she were to do that, she’s be close to Omnipotence. Eve morphs the matter around her into armor and kicks Phase II, causing his jaw and neck to twist in an inhuman motion.

He morphs his hand into concrete. She asks why are they are doing this. Phase II says that this is their purpose and to die. They begin melting away into an ooze and Phase II says goodbye and that it was “nice to meet her.” A sad Eve looks at the scene and Brandyworth comes to her. She asks if she’s her real father. They are interrupted by the emergence of Steven Erickson. He demand that they come to the helicopter with him. They comply and he threatens to kill Brandyworth if Eve tries anything. Erickson reveals that he killed those kids to get to Eve.

They arrive at the Pentagon and Eve surrenders herself, but asks that Brandyworth be released. Brandyworth asks they release Eve as he doesn’t have much to live for anyway since they killed her mother. Erickson rebuffs and shows the duo that her mother is alive and that she was the surrogate of the other five children. An angry Brandyworth attempts to grab hi, but Erickson easily deflects. He then kills Eve’s mother, much to Brandyworth’s anger. Through a struggle, Erickson manages to kill Brandyworth too by shooting him in the head.

He fires Brandyworth again to make sure he is dead. Doctor Rodgers warns Erickson that the mental trauma may override her mental blocks. Erickson attempts to kill Eve, but his gun is turned into snakes. She breaks free of her restraints and begins crying. She goes on to say that the duo deserve to die, and the kinds of feats she can accomplish. She goes on to say that she can create a new personality by rearranging their brain cells. She takes off her mask, feeling no need to hide her identity. She instead uses the moment to erase their memories of her.

A stressed Eve looks at the corpse of Brandyworth and her mother, regretting that she didn’t bring them back to life. She flies back home and sees that her mom and dad. An angry Adam asks where he has been. She argues that it was her birthday and she could have spent without her “stupid family.” Adam argues that they are the only family she has. She leaves in anger transmutates a picture of the three into a picture Brandyworth, her mother, and her other children.

Appearing in the 2nd Story

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Plot Synopsis for the 2nd Story

Nolan begins fighting the Magmanites though their lava cannot eve pierce his skin. An annoyed Nolan hopes Mark gets his powers soon.


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