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  • Brandon Barker
  • M. Martin Matheson
  • Knuth
  • Rolf


Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Invincible Universe Vol 1 10 001

An angry Matheson asks what can he do with a picture of Knockout in her wedding dress

A young man by the name of Brandon Barker is seen talking with a woman named Betsy about his boss, M. Martin Matheson. An angry Matheson asks what Brandon’s job is and he reveals it’s to take picture. He asks him what is supposed to do for the superhero tabloid with a picture of an angry Knockout in her wedding dress.

Before at Black Samson’s estate, Outrun puts a flower on Kid Thor’s hammer, much to his annoyance. Brit assures him that it is necessary. Bolt comes over and congratulates him. Bolt notices that many people are in costume there. Bolt looks back at the paparazzo, angered that he had taken photo of Bolt before in a nightclub. Barker argues that Kid Thor and Knockout invited them to take photos. Now, Matheson asks for other photos and Barker tells him to keep looking.

Back at the wedding, Bolt sees a happy Knockout and hugs her. Bolt talks how he thought the duo didn’t like each other at first. While Amanda puts on her wedding veil, she talks about how they being themselves helped with the process. Kid Thor and Brit walk. Francisco Vasquez talks with Black Samson. Francisco declines an offer for a drink. Knockout looks in horror to find that Kid Thor’s brothers, Knute and Rolf have arrived.

Mark and Zandale Randolph stand guard while Claire Voyant, Captain Cosmic, and Brit stand guard. Kid Thor reveals that they are his younger brothers and they tease him. Matheson remarks that he likes them. One of them asks for Kid Thor to show them to the bar and the duo chunk on beer. Donald Ferguson and Brit observe.

Francisco calls his contact for Alcohol Anonymous and says that he feels like drinking. He asks him to meet him in a church basement for the meeting. Francisco looks a drink, contemplating whether to drink of not.

The priest begins to start the ceremony, but Kid Thor asks for his brother first. He notices them fighting Yeti, believing him to be a Frost Giant. Kid Thor stops them, but Yeti reveals that he is indeed a Frost Giant, Jotunn culture rejects it. One dive into him, but Yeti throws him in the pool. Minotaur grabs Knute, stating that he ruined his date’s dress, which happened to be Versace. A drunk Bolt grabs him and he punches him.

Titan arrives before a diner asking for Francisco. The cashier reveals that he was drunk and gives him the note card with a message on it saying “sorry.”

The various Invincible universe heroes get into a brawl and Knockout becomes angry. She puts on her boxing gloves and breaks up the battle. Ms. Popper offers her wedding present and teleports the duo.

Now, Matheson says that he can make good work off the pictures, much to Brandon’s happiness. Before, Ms. Popper arrives with the duo in Las Vegas. A happy Knockout prepares to marry a happy Kid Thor.

Titan finds Francisco and Francisco talks about how he blew six months of sobriety after seeing the duo marrying since it reminded him of his wife. He asks Francisco to come with him, but Francisco yells in anger for him to leave him alone. He strikes Titan, but his Claws have no effect on his Rock Armor. He knocks Francisco out with one strike and carries him away.

In a Lizard League secret facility, King Lizard, Komodo Dragon II, Iguana, and Salamander observe as they infect the Lizard League with a virus to enhance their capabilities.


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