Appearing in the 1st Story

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters

  • Several unnamed Baltimore children
  • Malia
  • Terrell (Mentioned only)
  • Brandon Barker




  • Kid Thor’s hammer
  • Knockout’s boxing gloves


Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

In Switzerland, Two G.D.A. operatives infiltrate Dinosaurus’ Lair until they are infected by Lizard League minions.

Meanwhile in Titan’s safe house, Francisco Vasquez sees himself in costume. He contemplates his worthiness of being “El Chupacabra.” He kicks the door he’s locked to see Titan there. The duo commence battle as they know what comes natural.

In Balitmore, Maryland, Black Samson plays football with many neighborhood children at the cookout he organized. A woman named Malia approaches him. She happens to be a son of a child he knows, Terrell. She begins barking about how he beats up African-American men trying to earn a living through crime. Samson argues that he cannot punch racism out of the US and that those men were working for a man who threatened to hold Chicago hostage. He offers to buy her a burger so that they can talk more.

In Las Vegas, Knockout and Kid Thor enjoy their honeymoon. The crowd starts in awe upon seeing and Brandon Barker manages to get a picture of them kissing.

At Dinosaurus’s Lair, King Lizard stands with Komodo Dragon II observes the news of the superhero world, seeing the Guardians of the Globe rescue miners from Potosi, Bolivia. He goes on to say that he has learned from his several defeats by the Guardians. He remarks that the Guardians with be united among him.

In the Guardians’ Orbital satellite, a man speaks with one of the operatives who has been infected with a virus and now bares resembalance to a reptile. Cecil calls most of the Guardians to have to them deal with the Lizard League, much to Knockout’s annoyance. They open a teleporter and Brit leads the charge. He asks that they go easy on them since they may be under Mind Control. Outrun charges and knocks down a few of their minions and Daniel throws boomerangs.

Invincible Universe Vol 1 11 001

King Lizard reveals to the Guardians their new transformed teammates.

A cocky Knockout charges for Komodo Dragon, despite Brit’s pleas not to. Many minions pile on top on Knockout and Le Brusier. An angry Kid Thor knocks them off, but Knockout and Le Brusier have disappeared. Black Samson attacks Salamander and gets greenish blood on him. It begins to affect his mind and he attacks his teammates.

Outrun chases after King Lizard, but is capurted. Komodo Dragon knocks out Daniel while Best Tiger fights Iguana. As the duo are equally match in Martial Arts. Iguana manages to use her elongated tongue. Amanda and Zandale attempt to restrain Samson. Amanda throws Zandale and Samson and they disappear. Brit asks for the big guns and Mark and Immortal arrive. The Lizard League emerges with the captured teammates, revealing them to mutated to look like reptiles


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