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Mark and Eve panic at the sight of seeing Terra not breathing. Eve transmutates a bubble and Mark grabs her to fly the duo in their attempt to find a hospital. He would go across several places and would eventually be led there. He arrived and demand treatment. The doctor asks what her race is and Eve tells him that she is a Human/Viltrumite hybrid.

The doctors tells her that he cannot treat a Viltrumite since it wouldn’t be ethical. Mark becomes angry and demands that he does so. He asks the duo to stay in the lobby, but Eve insists that she will go. He tells Mark to wait and he does so. While Mark is waiting, Oliver and Haluma arrive, worried about Terra. Mark demands to know what Haluma feed them, as he believes it was likely passed on to her via breastfeeding. An angry Haluma argues that her food couldn’t have hurt her. She demand that he think about the baby being a foreign environment different from Earth.

Mark slaps her hand away and calls her a “bitch.” Oliver restrains the two and Mark apologizes for the way he was acting. Eve goes to get Mark and tells him that Terra is fine. Mark embraces Eve and Haluma comments that Mark is a “jerk.” Eve takes her to the doctor, calling the child “lovely.” The doctor reveals that her blood became oxidized after ingesting from Eve’s breast milk from the food Eve ate. He also reveals that since Terra didn’t need to breathe, she lose consciousness, showcasing that she will likely have Enhanced Lung Capacity. He asks that Mark and Eve check in with a nutrition expert to know which food they can and can’t eat.

Meanwhile, Thragg and Battle Beast continue their fight. Allen is baffled at the fact that it’s been days since their battle had begun and they are still fighting, showcasing the duo’s Superhuman Stamina. He talks to Space Racer who is unable to keep up with them moving at such fast speeds. Mark enters Allen’s office and Allen asks how life is for Eve and Terra. Mark comments it is strange being in an alien civilization. Allen then asks Mark about his retirement. Mark says that he’s done with fighting and Allen remarks that he would let him live in Talescria for free, but says a bureaucrat would question why. Allen offers him a job that would require him not to fight.

He states that Mark’s Superhuman Strength, speed, and Invulnerability would be useful in getting information from other planets.An amused Mark compares it to being a spy and Mark accepts. Before Mark leaves, Allen offers Mark Kanslok, his favorite snack. Mark takes a bite and enjoys the taste. Mark flies out of Allen’s office and looks around the environment, commenting that it will take some getting used to.

Mark arrives home and Eve asks how his meeting was with Allen. He comments that he may have a job and Eve reveals that they must eat Gelederian food since it bares similarity to the food on Earth. She also reveals that Mark can eat almost all food as a Viltrumite hybrid, but the reason why Mark had bathroom issues due the food being prepared improperly [1]

The duo eat dinner while Eve breastfeeds Terra. After putting Terra to bed and washing the dishes, Eve asks why Mark blames himself for what Anissa.[2] Mark comments that he should have fought harder and Eve comments “bullshit.” A confused Mark asks and Eve talks about how thought he wanted part of what happened, and how she sees it as “bullshit.”

She goes on to say that she’s had a lot to think about and says that Mark shouldn’t blame himself for what happened. She goes on to say that they’ll work on this together and the duo declare their love for each other. Eve goes to kiss him, but Mark backs away. Eve says that it’s okay and says that everything will work itself out. Mark thanks her, and the duo get a knock from the door. Allen says that he knew what he said before about Mark not fighting, but says that he doesn't believe Battle Beast would win. He asks Mark to go in and finish Thragg off while he's weakened.


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