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Appearing in the 1st Story

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  • Thragg (Mentioned only)
  • Thragg's kids (Mentioned only)

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  • Talescrian warship

Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Mark and Eve talk before Mark has to leave to find Thragg. She talks about how she isn't adjusting to life on Talescria. As she stresses, Mark decides to let her relax while he takes care of Terra Grayson. She would go to see the sites around the planet while Mark played and took care of Terra.

The Coalition deploys to find Thragg

As the duo cuddle, Mark suggest that they find a planet similar to Earth, but Eve says that she wants to adjust to Talescria instead. The duo cuddle one last time before Mark has to go off.

Early that morning, The Coalition forces prepare to deploy and Mark says his goodbyes to Eve and Terra. Oliver Grayson arrives as he is excited about the mission. Mark reminds him that Thragg had severely injured him previously [1], much to Oliver's annoyance. Allen the Alien walks up to Eve and asks her to call him if she needs help with life on Talescria.

The Coalition arrive to the planet

After touching the mysterious entity, Mark's consciousness is transferred to his younger self before he got superpowers.

The Coalition deploys and the two brother go as well. Mark worries over Oliver as Oliver stresses that he'll be okay. Mark declares his love for his brother and worries over the possibility of Thragg's children becoming stronger.

They arrive at the planet and are in shock that it appears that they were never there. They find the spy and he reveals to not know where Space Racer and Thragg are located. The Coalition search for the planet with sign of him or the Thraxans. Mark descends into a cave and sees a mysterious blue entity. He talks to it and touches it. A sudden flash of light blinds him.

He wakes up in the exact same place he was before he got his powers and with his current memories intact.[2]

Solicit Synopsis

Loose ends are tied up, conflicts are brought to a resolution, a door is closed… so that a new one can open.


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