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** {{a|[[Gray Wolf]]}}
** {{a|[[Gray Wolf]]}}
* {{a|[[Tech Jacket (Zack Thompson)]]}}
* {{a|[[Tech Jacket (Zack Thompson)]]}}
* Who Robot Killed {{Mentioned}}
* Who Rex Killed {{Mentioned}}
** [[Alternate Mark Graysons|"Mohawk Mark"]]
** [[Alternate Mark Graysons|"Mohawk Mark"]]
** [[Angstrom Levy]]
** [[Angstrom Levy]]

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Quote1 I don't trust him. I will never trust him. That's why we left before... that's why we have to leave again. Quote2
-- Mark Grayson

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Solicit Synopsis

Mark didn’t want to ever return to Earth… but now he finds himself face to face with Robot, and no matter how hard he tries he just can’t forget all the evil he has done. This could get ugly.


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