Quote1 Why did you have to fight him, Mark? Why did you did you have to drive him away? Quote2
-- Deborah Grayson

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Invincible Vol 1 14 001

Mark, Eve, and the Guardians attempt to fight off an Flaxan invasion.

Invincible and Atom Eve fighting against a Flaxan alien invasion with the Guardians of the Globe. Robot is concerned that the aliens' accelerated aging hasn't started even though they've been fighting for over two hours. The Flaxans' leader comes out of the portal and Invincible flies to take him out but gets zapped by a Flaxan weapon. The leader recognizes Invincible as the son of Omni-Man. The Flaxans consider the two of them the scourge of their empire. He explains that the destruction Omni-Man caused to their home world when escaping their capture has taken centuries to repair. He tells Invincible that they spent those centuries studying tapes of Omni-Man and his clothing, learning the language, and developing chronobands to counteract the accelerated aging. At this point, Rex Splode hits the leader's wristband and he immediately starts rapidly aging. Once the heroes see how to defeat them, the fight is quickly over and the aliens retreat back through the portals to their own dimension.

Invincible arrives home to find The Immortal waiting for him. The Immortal tells him that he's not convinced that Cecil is right about Mark being one of the good guys. That he'll be watching over Invincible and will take him out if he shows signs that Invincible is following in his father's footsteps. Mark's not too worried since he at least held his own for a little while against Omni-Man which is better than The Immortal did. He mentions that Cecil has it on tape that he fought against his father but The Immortal is still skeptical.

Mark heads inside his bedroom to find Cecil waiting for him. Cecil is there to give him a heads up about a problem. Someone from the Global Defense Agency leaked the audio footage from Invincible and Omni-Man's fight to the news. Cecil is mostly concerned about the effect hearing all this will have on Debbie since she was in such bad shape when the fight first happened. Cecil then uses new technology to teleport away which Mark thinks is very cool.

Art arrives at the house with a bottle of alcohol thinking Debbie could use a friend after the news coverage. He turns out to be correct as she's watching the news and crying.

Mark goes back to school the next day for the first time since the fight with his father. As he walks in he sees Derek fighting a bunch of jocks. His shirt is open to show his metal torso and he's mad because they appear to have called him a freak. A teacher and the principal break up the fight and then Principal Winslow tells Mark he wants to speak with him. Eve and William greet Mark and give him condolences over his father. Then Mark is surprised to find out that they have started dating. William reveals this to him in an insensitive way, basically thanking him for the fight between Mark and his father. Mark walks off kinda mad and mutters "William....and Eve?" It's hard to tell if he's a bit jealous or just surprised.

Just then Amber comes running up and gives him a big kiss. She tells him that she was worried about him and missed him while he was gone for so long. He explains that the funeral for his father was out of town.

Amber asks if she can come over later but Mark's not sure that his mom is up for visitors. Mark heads off to meet with Principal Winslow who assures Mark that the school will support him and give him time to make up the work that he's missed.

After school Mark heads over to Burger Mart to meet up with his friends. William apologizes for coming across like a jerk and Mark tells him it's OK. Then Mark's former manager walks up and starts giving Mark a hard time about quitting on him. William jumps up and tells him to back off.

Meanwhile, the Guardians of the Globe are gathered at the original team's headquarters. Donald is explaining to Robot that his team is not being nearly effective enough. So they've decided to expand the team and are starting by adding Bulletproof to the team (Monster Girl is particularly appreciative of the attractive new addition). He's fast and strong and Donald believes the fact he can fly will be especially helpful to the team. Donald explains that between the new member and being able to move into the old team's base will greatly help their performance.

Robot is curious as to how they got access to the base. Cecil arrives at this point with The Immortal and explains that it was the influence of The Immortal that was responsible for that. Cecil explains that The Immortal will now be consulting with the team. Robot wants to know if this means he's being demoted and Cecil tells him that he isn't yet, that he's still in charge but that he would do well to listen to what The Immortal has to say.

Later that night Mark arrives home to find his mom on the kitchen floor. She's drunk and crying. As Mark goes to help her up she asks him why he had to fight his father and drive him away. This leaves Mark nearly in tears.


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