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-- Invincible (Mark Grayson)

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  • Guardians of the Globe Floating Vehicle (First Appearance)

Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

After completing their mission, one of the astronauts returns to his apartment. The man looks for the apartment mail to be Rus Livingston. He opens his deposit using shapeshifting then checks his mail while looking for his apartment. While attempting to relax, it is revealed that a Martian has taken Rus’s appearance and living as him.

Meanwhile, William has Eve sleep over at his house. However, Eve is sleeping on the couch. William goes to say to see Eve and says that she could have slept in his bed. Eve makes an angry face with William apologizing. Eve then reveals that William that he may be fun, but she wants to break up. Mark arrives homes, surprising his mother up his mother. Upset that she has alcohol, Mark asks her about it. Debbie defends herself and says that it helps her relax. Mark then tells her that he has a lunch date with Amber and leaves.

Amber arrives late and Mark tells her not to worry about it. Amber then questions him about his lateness with Mark receiving a message from his beeper and leaves, much to Amber’s confusion. Mark then then informed by Cecil that a superhuman is demolishing old buildings. Mark arrive to see that it’s Titan is prepares to fight. Titan stops and says that he needs Mark’s help to take down Machine Head. Mark not knowing who he is has Titan explain. Mark thinks about it and asks Cecil if it’s ok and gives him permission. He takes Titan from under his arms and transports him. W hile transporting Mark, Mark suggest that Titan join the Guardians and Titan declines as they will not lucky give him a second chance. Titan tells Mark about how uncomfortable carrying him is and he switches him to a position where he carries his legs and back, much to Titan’s annoyance.

While Machine Head is viewing revenue reports, Mark and Titan crash through his building. Knowing that Titan would betray him, Machine Head reveals that he has hired henchmen to take care of them. He introduces Battle Beast, who is called Scourge of Twin Galaxies. Second, Magnattack, a villain with magnetism powers. Third, Kursk, a Russian supervillain with electrokinesis powers is introduced.

Fourth comes Furnace, a villain in metal with magma generating power. Fifth is Magmamaniac who powers are similar to Furnace. Last is Tether Tyrant, a villain who can control an unknown substance attached to his harness.Tether Tyrant attacks Mark and Titan puts on his rock armor. Magmaniac melts himself through the floor, much to his surprise. Mark uses his momentum to pull in Tether Tyrant and attack him. While he fights Battle Beast, Kursk, and Magnattack.

Machine Head introduces 6 mostly new villains to the Image Universe.

Mark is attacked by Furnace. Furnace fires a magma blast in Mark’s face though it has no effect. Magnattack repels Titan but knocks back Kursk and Tether Tyrant, back into Furnace, destroying his metal suit. Battle Beast charges for Mark, but Mark attacks him with it having no effect on Battle Beast. Battle Beast easily defeats Mark and Magnattack defeats Titan. The Guardians arrive soon after Cecil informs Immortal of Mark’s task. Isotope uses his teleportation power to leave the building, much to Machine Head’s confusion.

Kate and Rex easily defeat Kursk while Bulletproof and Black Samson fight Battle Beast. Monster Girl and Robot easily defeat Tether Tyrant and Shrinking Ray defeats Magmamaniac. Immortal defeats Magnattack with one punch. After the chaos ends, it is revealed that Battle Beast easily defeated Bulletproof and Black Samson, nearly killing the duo in the process. He goes on to say that he could easily kill the Guardians but it wouldn’t prove anything.

Disappointed with their performance, Battle Beast leaves through a teleporter to an unknown location and Immortal finds Machine Head hiding under his desk.

Battle Beast easily defeats Bulletproof and Black Samson

Machine Head is taken into Guardian custody while Cecil debriefs Mark on the situation. He revealed that Titan is plotted the Idea. Mark can't be a supporting character if he's not in space fighting in the prisoned for his crimes and that his record is surprisingly clean for a criminal. Cecil reveals that Samson and Bulletproof’s injuries are severe and will take weeks to heal while Mark’s were minor.

Mark arrives to his room to find Eve there, much to his surprise. She reveals that she and William broke up and wants to talk to Mark about something. Meanwhile, Isotope teleports back to Machine’s Head tower, talking to someone. It is soon revealed that Titan used Mark and the Guardians to take down Machine Head to take over Machine Head’s organized crime syndicate, becoming its leader.


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