Quote1 Man -- That Was a Great Flick. Quote2
-- Rick Sheridan

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Plot Synopsis for "Man--That Was a Great Flick"

The issue starts with Mark, William, and Rick Sheridan finished watching a movie, hoping to get to know Rick. Mark then remembers he has to be somewhere and he leaves while William drives Rick to his dorm. Meanwhile, Amber Bennett had finished hanging out with her friends. After departing with them, she is surprised to see that Mark is in her room. Mark says that her window wasn’t locked, but they are third floor, which Mark comes to explain. He attempts to reveal his identity to her and make up for leaving the scene to fight the Reanimen. However, Cecil interrupts to tell Mark get into action. Mark refuses and asks that he calls someone else. Cecil rebuffs him and says that he needs to go there now. Mark leaves a confused Amber to deal with the situation. William drops off Rick and Rick heads to his dorm. He enters only to be knocked unconscious by an unknown assailant.

Meanwhile in a desert barren area in Africa, Eve comes in and transmutates the area, making a forest with trees and fertile soil.

The Mauler have successfully completed the memory transfer device and tell Angstrom to have his duplicates come the next day. Angstrom thanks them and heads into another dimension. After Mark left the room, Amber calls her friend, Bridgett to discuss what to do. Since Bridget was in a two year relationship, Amber asks for her input. Amber explains to her how he had a crush on Mark and worked up the guts to give him a note. Afterwards, they would click and date one another. However, she goes on to say that since Mark’s dad “died,” she began to believe he was becoming distant. Bridget believed that he was selling drug as Amber did too. The duo leave to a diner to continue

While at Art’s clothing shop, Debbie and Art start drinking to discuss Mark going to college. Debbie goes on to say that she misses Mark and Art asks if she misses Nolan. She says she does but isn’t sure the way Nolan acted was real. Art goes on to say someone can’t act as Nolan has and fake it. In Utah, Robot is fixing Black Samson’s suit so that Monster Girl can wear while Samson recovers from his coma. Robot goes on to say that it’s the only solution to combat the reverse aging side effect of her transformation powers. Monster Girl sees that he is acting stranger than usual.

Meanwhile, Amber continues from where she left off and tells her how Upstate University was attacked by the Reanimen and says that Mark disappeared, for the monster to be beaten by Invincible. Bridget jokingly says that Mark must be the superhero. Amber looks at her in shock and uses clues from how Mark acted. She goes on to say how Mark got to her dorm and how he was talking to someone on an earpiece. She goes on to say that Mark’s battle with Nolan happened around the time that Nolan was “hit by a car.” She then realizes that Mark is Invincible and she leaves. Cecil then asks for an update on the Mauler twins and the person monitoring reports nothing.

Meanwhile, a Martian changes back into the shape of Rus Livingston goes to his presentation. “Rus”’s boss then asks him to give a presentation with Rus saying he doesn’t have it. He then has his employment terminated with Rus confusing it for Martian execution. In Amber’s room, Mark sneaks in and attempts to touch Amber. She then grabs his hand and demand that he tell her that he is Invincible. Mark then confirms and Amber then becomes joyed to know that Mark isn’t a drug dealer, much to his confusion. She asks him to prove it and he uses his super speed to change into costume. Meanwhile in one of the buildings of Upstate University, it is revealed that D.A. Sinclair created the Reanimen, planning to turn them into weapons for the military. It is soon revealed that Sinclair kidnapped a traumatized Rick Sheridan, dismember his left arm to replace with a robotic one.


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