Quote1 If one Viltrumite has abandoned his post, so too, it stands to reason, could others. If Viltrumite offspring born on alien worlds have no loyalty to the Viltrum Empire -- we must discover if there are more. The Viltrumites' current tactic of spreading their forces throughout the universe in hopes of individually conquering multiple planets at once may be proven folly. If that be the case, we must learn to exploit this weakness. Quote2
-- Thaedus

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Mark and Amber are kissing. Mark asks if Amber wants to back out on having sex with him. Amber then asks Mark to turn off the lights and Mark uses his superspeed to turn them, living them some privacy.

While Allen is flying back to his home Allen the Alien’s origin story is revealed as well how the Unopan became part of the Coalition of Planets. The Viltrumites destroyed their home planet Unopa and easily conquered them in a few days. The Unopans left the planet in search for a place to live. There they would establish breeding camps to ensure their survival. However, family structure would be removed.

They would then be invited to join the Coalition and would devise a plan to combat the Viltrumites. The head Coalition leader approve. Some Unopans would have deformities, but Allen would be only one with improvements and no deformities. Allen would train from birth and become strong. He was sent to fight the Viltrumites, but was not successful. Seeing the program as a failure, the breeding program is shut down. However, Allen would be given a job to test the cosmos for people strong enough to beat him. From there, he would battle Nolan Grayson many times.

Allen finally arrives home to Talescria, capital of the Coalition of Planets. Going to their headquarters, it is revealed that the government is ran by a high council and that the representatives are equal in vote.

Allen reports to a man named Thaedus about his revelation of Nolan, A Viltrumite, abandoning his post and his son, Mark being sympathetic to their cause. Also, Thaedus requests that the newly added council member, the Gelederian emperor speak. He goes on to say how the Kresh were conquered by the Viltrumites and how they attempted to conquer Gelederia. Allen then believes that the son of Nolan, Invincible will help them if they stop Earth from being taken over. Thaedus then thanks him and dismisses him.

Allen then arrives to his girlfriend, Telia’s apartment. Allen then tells her how much he misses her with her feeling mutual. She attempts to seduce him, but Allen tells her about sex is forbidden among Unopans, especially with different races. Telia refuses to listen and manages to convince Allen to have sex with her.

Afterwards, the duo leave for a breakfast for Allen to eat Kanzlok, his favorite snack. Allen is then attacked by A Viltrumite, interrogating him about Nolan abandoning his post and his son. Allen confirms and makes fun of them. The Viltrumites pummel, break his back, disembowel, dismember, and punch Allen’s eye out the socket and leave.

Hours later, Allen’s body would be recovered and put into medical care. He would have his intestines recovered and replaced. His eye would be reattached and his arm as well. His bones will heal and he will make a recovery. Thaedus comes to visit and sees a grieving Telia. Thaedus goes to see Allen, knowing that he can hear him. He reveals that there is a spy in the Coalition, hence why the Viltrumites attacked Allen.

Meanwhile, Mark and Amber cuddle afterwards. Amber tells Mark to leave. Before Mark goes, Amber tells her about how it was fun to be with Mark. Mark then leaves Amber’s dorm with a huge smile on his face.


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