Quote1 I understand that, truly, I do, but it doesn't change the fact that I need your help. The Viltrumites are coming for me. They could be here at any moment. You arrived just in time. Once they find your brother they will kill him. If I'm defeated I will be taken back to Viltrum for execution. I need your help in defending this planet. Quote2
-- Nolan Grayson

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Meanwhile on Earth, A being by the name of Omnipotus threatens the universe with his power. This event sparks many superheroes from various Image comics including Brit, Tech Jacket, Capes Inc, etc. Cecil then sends in more heroes along with Donald Ferguson to fight. Many of them attempt to attack him but he easily overpowers them. Donald loses his cybernetic arm after attempting to shoot him. Omnipotus throws Bolt off of him and Rex throws a baton at Omnipotus, with the latter having no effect.


Omnipotus then uses his reality warping powers to collapse two buildings and make them into makeshift giants of debris. He then attempts to gather more energy as he is weakened before. Eve saves Rex from a fall, wondering why she is out of retirement. Eve then tells Rex that he knows about what happened with Kate and Immortal. Eve charges in and Tech Jacket (Zach Thompson) charges to shoot lasers.

Immortal crashes through one of the makeshift giants while Eve and Tech Jacket destroy another. Monster Girl fires at Omnipotus, but becomes angry after she calls her attack “tickle rays.” She transforms to monster form and charges.

While he’s distracted, Tech Jacket and Robot construct the warp-key, what Omnipotus used to get their universe. He fires and ready the portal. Cecil then teleports Black Samson, who was in a coma for months. Due to his near death experience, his powers were returned and he is overloaded with energy. He launches Omnipotus back to his universe and he destroys the warp-key so that he can’t come back. Afterwards, the events return to normal as if it never happened.

Meanwhile in space, Nolan reveals that he had a child with Andressa and that he is very happy. Mark points out his hypocrisy during their battle as the insectoid have lesser life spans than Humans. Nolan tells Mark that his time on Earth has made him have a change of heart. He then points out his son’s purple skin as it is a genetic flaw since Thraxans are as compatible with Viltrumites as Humans are.

He also goes on to say that he is only three weeks old and that his Viltrumite DNA hasn’t caused his aging to slow, but it will soon. Mark then asks how long will he live with Nolan saying that he will likely live for centuries or thousands of years, but says he would be executed for this flaw by Viltrumites. Those who killed weak children would be rewarded for strengthening the empire. He then asks him to explain why his child hasn’t got a name yet and Nolan explains more about Thraxan culture. When a Thraxan becomes an adult, which is about 5 Earth weeks, they choose their own name. Mark then learns

Nolan’s name is Nolan. Nolan then tells him that Viltrumites don’t have last names and Grayson was adopted. Nolan then apologizes to Mark with Mark saying that it isn’t good enough. Nolan then says he understands but says he needs his help defending the planet as the Viltrum Empire knows he’s there. Mark then panics of the thought of fighting an army of Viltrumites. Nolan assures him there will send only about 4 or less.

He also says that they don’t know that Mark is his son. A Thraxan interrupts tell them that the Viltrumites are here. Three Viltrumites wreck havoc upon the planet, destroying many structures. Nolan then asks Mark to take Andressa and their son to the caves. She then guides them to the caves. She tells him the significance of the cavern, calling them the “Caves of Roclaine.” She goes on to say that their purpose was for their people to hide when lightning storm that happens once in a generation, before the planet was ruled by a monarch. They are interrupted by a Viltrumite after he learned that Mark is Nolan’s son. He goes on to say that if Mark is fit to survive, he will fight alongside the Viltrumites, but will die if he proves to be weak.


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