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Mark has Andressa move to the cave opening. While the Viltrumite is distracted from seeing that Nolan had a child with a Thraxan. Mark punches him and uses the chance to escape. The Viltrumite identifies himself as Lucan and tells himself not to turn his back on enemies or he’ll never advance in rank. Mark then keeps flying and asks that Andressa keep an eye on him. Lucan gets close to Mark while attempting to grab him, declaring that he will kill Andressa and her child before he fights Mark. Nolan then intervenes by striking Lucan to the ground. Mark then lands with the duo, panting from exhaustion.

Meanwhile in the Guardians’ base, Immortal goes to visit Black Samson after his battle with Omnipotus. Immortal asks how he’s feeling and Samson says that his near-death experience caused him to regain his powers and the coma cause his powers to overcharge. He goes on say that his powers return to normal.

Immortal states that he’s glad that Samson’s back and Samson argues that Immortal doesn’t care, citing that Immortal never visited him. Immortal confirms this and argues his point. He goes on to say that his long life span has made him distant towards people, as he would get attach to people, and they would die. After his wife, Grace, he let no one close to him. He then talks about how he comes to regret not getting close to the original Guardians now that he and Samson are the last remaining.

He says that his relationship with Kate has made him see the world through a different light and says that she’s makes life interesting. Samson questioning the big age difference between the two. Mauler then clones himself again after his prior clone was incinerated by the explosion of the machine they built Angstrom Levy.

Amber then has Bridget come in with her question where Mark is faithful to Amber, citing that he hasn’t called her.

Debbie looks into old pictures of Nolan and her, including their wedding, Mark growing up, and time spent together. She cries as she see them and then goes to sleep after drinking. Mark then readies himself to take Andressa and her son to mines and Nolan returns, covered in blood, to say that they’ll be going back to the caves.

Nolan reveals to have killed Lucan and says that he’s the only one that knew about the caves. Nolan then notices Mark’s fatigue from flying and tells Mark to push himself to become stronger and faster. He then drops off the duo off and heads to the city to meet with Nolan. Mark sees the carnage as the Viltrumites have slain many Thraxans and lay their main capital city to waste. An enraged Nolan begins to cry after seeing it.


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