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Invincible Vol 1 29 001

An enraged Nolan charges for the Viltrumite

Nolan wipes away his tears, realizing that he cared for the Thraxans, though claiming them to be inferior. Mark attempts to comfort Nolan, but Nolan tainted with rage, grabs Mark neck. Mark asks him to let him go and The two remaining Viltrumites see this as it reminds them of the Viltrumite Nolan. An enraged Nolan charges for one, grabbing his neck and knocking the other aside. Nolan demands to know why they killed the Thraxans and the nameless Viltrumites says to aggravate Nolan.

Mark intervenes but was easily swept away. Mark is then taken captive by a Viltrumite who attempts to suffocate Mark. Mark attempts to get him to let go, but his punch has little effect on him. Nolan knocks his opponent to the Viltrumite and tells Mark stop thinking and act instead. The duo began to fly towards Mark and Nolan

Invincible Vol 1 29 002

Mark and Nolan continue their brutal battle against the Viltrumites

On Earth, the disfigured Mauler is poisoned by his clone and plans to clone himself. From evening until morning, Mark and Nolan would battle the two Viltrumites. Nolan manages to beat his opponent by smashing his temples with his fists. He goes over to help Mark and grabs the Viltrumite’s throat. Nolan headbutts him, causing his eye to pop out the socket. It is revealed that Lucan survived his ordeal with Nolan, but not without being disemboweled. He ambushes Nolan, breaking his spine while he manages to hold his intestines together. Lucan succumbs to his injuries and loses consciousness. While the four are unconscious, a Viltrumite informs his superior that “it’s done.”

Invincible Vol 1 29 003

Lucan breaks Nolan's back, revealing himself to be very much alive.

Nolan is then taken into Viltrumite custody and the four have their injuries tended to. Before he leaves, he tells Mark to read his books. The Viltrumite tell Mark that he has proven himself worthy and he will act as the Viltrumite agent for Earth, taking Nolan’s position. The Viltrumite goes on that Mark has a century deadline to take over Earth and if he doesn’t complete this task, he will be killed on sight.

Mark then uses to time to rest. Mark goes back to the cave where Andressa is located. Andressa demands to know where her husband and Mark tells her of Nolan’s capture.


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