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After two months of healing, Mark helps the Thraxans rebuild their destroyed city from Nolan’s and Mark’s battle with the Viltrumites. He starts by putting in a giant support beam for the palace. Because of Nolan’s capture and the slaughter of many Thraxan, Andressa is likely the oldest and becomes queen. Andressa thanks Mark and a Thraxan informs her that there is a space ship that will take Mark back home. Andressa tells them to prepare immediately before their suns set.

The Thraxan leaves and Mark volunteers to assist more. Andressa then tells him that he must leave because she reminds him of Nolan, whom she believes is dead. Mark refuses to believe that Nolan died and Andressa asks Mark a favor. Andressa then asks Mark to take his brother with him because Andressa is aging too much, he will likely have no one to raise him.

Mark then leave for Earth with his brother to the Grayson Household. Meanwhile, Debbie gets a call from Samantha Eve Wilkins who she mistakes for Amber Bennett. He enters her house and sees Mark there.

She embraces Mark and Mark tells her that she saw Nolan, much to shock. Mark then tells her that he ruled the planet and they let him take over. He explains that he was sent to help defend the planet against Viltrumites. Debbie points out that he fought Mark and Mark reveals that he had a change of heart.

She asks if she mentioned him. Mark then states that Nolan refused to talk about her. She goes to get a drink. Mark then reveals that he brought his brother with him, much to Debbie’s shock. Shocked that he called her brother, Mark then reveals that he started a new life. Mark then tells her that their low life spans make it unable to for him to stay.

Meanwhile, the Mauler clone then clones himself. Because they are low on money, they decide to do same time jobs using their genius level intellect. They are interrupted by Robot who offers them a chance to make money, much to their shock. Meanwhile, Mark attempts to convince Debbie to take care of his brother. Mark then gets call from Cecil to head to The Pentagon. Mark hands him to Debbie and she smiles.

Mark arrives at the Pentagon and tells Cecil that he is given the position of taking over Earth. Mark calls them arrogant as they believes he will change. Cecil then tells him that they can take care of his brother by making fake adoption papers and hologram his skin to make it less purple. He goes on to say that he will have a private tutor since his changes would be too noticeable in public school.

Cecil then reprimands him for living the planet and they could have used his help in the battle against Omnipotus. Cecil then becomes angry and says that Mark didn’t do his job. Mark then argues that he isn’t a soldier who takes orders without asking questions and that he does what he thinks is right. Mark then flies away, upsetting Cecil.

Mark then goes to his dorm and sees William. Mark asks him about Rick Sheridan and he says that he’s still missing. Mark then changes his clothes to see Amber. Mark knocks on her window and she invites him in. Amber begins to cry as she was worried about Mark being gone. Mark argues that he was in space and his superhero gig keeps him gone. Amber then tells Mark that she’s not happy with the deal. Mark looks at her with a sad face. Amber then hugs Mark and says that she still wants to be with him, citing that she’s just upset. Mark then responds with “yeah.”


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