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Three hours after Mark finished talking to Amber, he arrives home to see his mother taking care of his brother. Debbie then decides that she will take care of him. She then asks if he has a name and Mark tells her no as the Mantis people chose their own name. She told Mark that Cecil stopped by and told her what he can do with the adoption papers. Mark then called by Cecil and goes to the situation while Debbie spends time with Mark’s brother.

In an undisclosed location, Robot directs the Mauler Twins to his facility. They are shocked by his grotesque appearance and asks them to clone him a body out of the DNA he got from Rex Splode. He explains that were he to live the stasis pod, his skin would incinerate. He allows them to name their price and they accept. M eanwhile, the Guardians of the Globe begin to fight a villain by the name of Mastermind. He manages to control an entire mall of people. Immortal manages to hold them off, but Black Samson has his earpiece removed. He is now under Mastermind’s influence because the earpiece blocked his mind control abilities.

Samson then removes Immortal’s earpiece. Monster Girl manages to hold some off and doesn’t have her ear piece taken, due to her large muscularity and height. Bulletproof flies towards Monster Girl and tells her to swat him away. Shrinking Ray then attempts to go to Mastermind, but Mark drops a rock on Mastermind’s head, knocking him unconscious. Shrinking Ray then carries Mastermind while Immortal congratulates Mark.

Mark arrives home and learns that Eve gave him a number to call because she is in Africa. Mark then goes to his dorm and sees William stressed about Rick missing. Mark then calls Eve and decides that he will visit her. Mark then heads to Amber’s room to invite her, though she has a test. Mark argues that she can make it up, but she refuses to not take it. Mark then gives her a thirty minute time to meet her and they decide to go. They kiss.

Meanwhile in the clocktower of Upstate University, D.A. Sinclair begins working on more live subjects and has Rick brings another homeless person. Rick begins to cry and Sinclair wipes his tears, citing that he will be help save the work for hundreds of soldiers. Meanwhile in Rus Livingston’s apartment, the Martian posing as him, feeling sorry for leaving Rus at Mars. He also got Rus evicted, though he doesn’t know what that means. He then sees old footage of Martian Man and decides that he will be a superhero.

Mark and Amber finally arrive in Africa with Amber showing signs of exhaustion, as Mark flies fast, it can cause normal Humans to suffocate. Eve welcomes them and the duo head into Eve’s house, which use had built using her transmutation powers.


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