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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

Eve flies Amber back home, but Amber asks that she drop him off by Debbie’s as she is worried about Mark. Mark begins to panic more as he believes he has killed his only way back to his reality. Mark attempts to justify what happened by him mentioning that Angstrom Levy said that he was stronger. Mark then notices that he will likely die of starvation and sees the irony of how Angstrom won.


The Mauler twins finish working creating a clone of Rex in the body of a young child for Robot. The Mauler then asks on why he didn’t choose an adult body rather and Robot then tells him that it is part what he calls “Phase 2”. The disfigured Robot wakes up from his anthtestic coma and asks his clone to kill him. He removes his mask and he dies in seconds. Mauler then brings up their payment and then the Robot clone says that he won’t be paying them, but instead sending them to prison. The duo mock him and he sends a drone against them. They attempt to punch him and he dogdes.

Mark then reflect on what he should do to get out and a dimensional portal opens up. Arriving through are much older versions of Monster Girl, Knockout, Kid Thor, Bulletproof, Eve, and Robot. Eve transmutates Mark’s clothes and Robot tells him of the events that happened in their reality. Bulletproof tells Mark that he killed Angstrom fifteen years in their reality. He then asks what happened to their reality’s Mark.

Eve responds that he was lost to them. Robot then ends there and opens a portal back to Mark’s original reality. Before he can go, Eve then confesses his love to Mark and asks that he tell his reality’s Eve the same or opposite to give her closure.

Robot reprimands her for interfering with the future with her telling him to shut up. He removes his helmet, revealing himself to be a much older version of Rex’s clone. The Mauler successfully destroy Robot’s drone and sends a much larger one to deal with them.

Eve and Amber arrive to the scene and sees the wreckage. Mark arrives to the scene, looking for his family. Amber hugs Mark and gets a call from Cecil Stedman that his family in at the Pentagon. Mark rushes there and Cecil tells him that they covered up the house wreckage. Cecil finds out that Mark killed Angstrom and commends him for what he believe was the “right thing.”. Mark then goes to see his brother and mother.

Debbie gets her arm bandaged and casted while the baby is inspected. Mark apologizes for letting Angstrom hurt Debbie and she says that it’s over now and she’s been through worse.


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