Quote1 Yeah, the things my dad wrote about here are real, they have to be...and it's not enemies of the's about eliminating things that can hurt them...things that can hurt Viltrumites... MY DAD IS TELLING ME HOW TO BEAT THEM Quote2
-- Invincible (Mark Grayson)

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Plot Synopsis for the 1st Story

A woman arrives to the Grayson Household which is under construction after Mark’s battle with Angstrom Levy. While Debbie is playing with Mark’s brother, the woman knocks on the door and introduces herself as April Howsam. She informs Debbie that he will tutoring the child and how she know about her estranged husband producing a child with an alien. She also knows about the instantaneous learning skills he inherited from his mother. April goes to see him and Debbie asks she can manage. She goes into detail about how she had tutored other superhuman children. April asks what his name will be and Debbie decides on the name, Oliver after her deceased father.

Mark finishes fighting Rampage, who has bloodied his knuckles. Cecil dismisses Mark and has an appointment set up with the Guardians of the Globe. Mark leaves for his destintation. Cecil then introduces Robot as the clone of Rex, much to the Guardians shock. Robot explains to his teammates about how his life was before being a clone. Robot then tells Monster Girl that he did for her. Robot goes on to say that how her pleas mirrored his condition. Robot then tells her that he chose Rex as it was attractive to her. He asks for to go on a date with her and she accepts.

Mark heads into Art’s shop to discuss what he learned from the future Eve. Mark then tells Art that he likes them both. Mark brings up the point that he was attracted to her, but didn’t make a move because she was with Rex and he would later get with Amber. He goes on to say that he likes Amber but feels his superhero life interferes with him, citing that he sometimes leaves on their dates. Mark then decides he cannot break Amber’s heart over Eve who was pushing him away.

Invincible Vol 1 35 001

Nolan telling the story about his battle with Space Racer.

Meanwhile at Payton Noble University, Amber is looking for a book for her class and a librarian approaches her. He reveals that that he hid the book and introduces himself as Gary. He then asks her to return the book as soon she can and gives his number to her.

Invincible Vol 1 35 002

Nolan's book telling about the battle against the Ragnar.

Art begins to past that Mark saw Nolan and his time on Thraxa. Art feels relieved to see that Nolan has had a change of heart on his people. Mark then mentions what Nolan said last before he was taken, “read by books.”Art grabs some of his books and Mark starts with The Man With The Invincible Gun. The story tells of the legendary alien by the name Space Rider. Mark reads the book and learns of his gun, the Infinity Ray and its capabilities. It is said that his gun was unstoppable and would go through anything being planets, stars, ship and that the beam never stopped. Nolan would soon find out that this is true as he battles him. Mark then picks another book called Savage Planet, Savage Beasts.

Mark begins to read and learns about the Ragnar and how their planet’s gravity caused to be incredibly strong and how they were able to injure Nolan with ease. Nolan was unable to escape because they were fast and they were small. Nolan would eventually escape and fight through the pain of having his flesh torn apart. Mark then learns that the stories aren’t fictional and that it is Nolan in the story. Mark then realizes that he left a hidden message in the books, telling Mark about Viltrumite weaknesses and how to beat them.


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